FAQ Fridays

What Are FAQ Fridays?

Learn How to Start and Run a Successful Podcast

11.01.19 | How to Start a Podcast | By: Resonate Recordings

How do you start a podcast? Why should you start a podcast? What is the best length for my podcast? What microphones should I use? What’s a hosting platform anyways?

Each week at Resonate we get emails, phone calls, and comments asking us questions like this.

On the surface, podcasting is simple: Just talk into the mic. But in reality, there’s a ton of work that goes on behind the scenes from the moment you hit record until somebody pulls it up on their iPhone.

That’s why we started FAQ Fridays: We want to make podcasting easier.

And if you have a specific question for our team, please drop a comment or send us an email! We’d love to answer your questions in a future video!

FAQ Fridays for Podcasting

We’ve already put out a handful of FAQ Friday videos that you can check out in this playlist below.

Scroll through the series and let us know how we can keep improving our content to help make podcasting easier!