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More than a podcast production company​

We are a collective of audio, creative branding, and podcasting professionals who are committed to making podcasting easier for you. We are trained and educated to use innovative technology to help you create a quality podcast that represents your unique creative expression so it will resonate with your listeners. 

What makes us different?


We have experience in broadcast television, film, radio, music production, and have worked on over 3,000 podcasts.


We are an experienced team of producers, writers, audio engineers, podcast launch experts, and software developers not just podcast editors. 


 Our clients are some of the most successful podcasters in the business, ranging from Fortune 100 – 500 companies, entrepreneurs, influencers, and hobbyists.


We build forward-thinking technologies for the best combination of efficiency and quality. Our podcasting platform is built for simplicity.

Our story

Since 2014 we have been committed to building something bigger than a podcast production company.

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Founded in 2014

Get instant access to the most talented and competent podcasting partner and tools in this industry. We’ve brought together an amazing team of audio engineers, software developers, and branding creatives.

The best services & tech

Get turnkey services and technology, so you can consistently release your best content. Headquartered in Derby City–Louisville, Kentucky–we are committed to developing partnerships, not just performing transactions.

Our team

Meet the people behind the podcasts. Interested in joining the Resonate Recordings production team? See current openings here.

Jacob Bozarth

Co-founder & CEO
Jacob founded Resonate Recordings in 2014. Since founding and growing Resonate Recordings to be a leading podcast production company, Jacob has produced the hit podcast, Culpable and done audio work on many well known podcasts. Jacob also earned a Bachelors of Science in Recordings from MTSU in 2011 and a Masters of Arts from Southern Seminary in 2014.

Mark Minnery

Co-Founder & President
Mark is a co-founder of Resonate Recordings. In 2019, Mark also co-founded Black Mountain Media and produced the hit podcast, Culpable. Mark was previously a telecommunications executive where he founded multiple companies. Mark and his wife Jessie currently live in Louisville, KY with their five children. Mark is a self-described podcast junkie and listens to 4-5 shows per day.

Dennis Cooper

Chief Creative Officer
Dennis is the Chief Creative Officer at Resonate and the host and writer of Culpable, which hit #1 in Apple Podcasts. While his background is in healthcare and telecommunications, his passion for storytelling, music production, and true crime helped him carve out a new lane in the podcast industry. He is bringing his creative experience to Resonate to lead the production of original shows and creative content. Dennis is a Louisville, KY native, and outside of work he enjoys spending time at home or around the city with his wife and kids.

Jon Street

VP of Resonate Originals
Jon joined the Resonate team in 2018 and hasn’t looked back. Jon’s passion for customer experience, leading teams and process development + implementation has helped the Resonate team flourish through its rapid growth. Jon helps ensure that our team is providing our partners great service and a superior product, while spearheading Resonate’s initiatives for creating its own original content. Jon has helped to create and produce many shows with a variety of partners. Originally from the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Jon was a South Florida transplant for most of his life before relocating to Louisville.

Jon Estes

VP of Sales and Marketing
Jon believes that podcasting is a great medium for the democratization of stories, as it allows anyone to share their stories with the world. With expertise in sales, marketing, and business development, Jon is an expert in scaling startups and small businesses. He has a BA from Texas A&M University and has spent his career consulting with organizations around sales teams, marketing teams, and business development teams. Outside of work, Jon enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the outdoors, and running his own consulting and photography firms.

Adam Hendricks

VP of Operations
Adam leads and supports the audio production team while overseeing day-to-day podcast production. With a background in client success, sales, and project management, Adam's areas of expertise include project management, process improvement, and customer experience. He is passionate about the art of storytelling and believes that podcasting is one of the most intimate mediums for that art. Adam's primary goal is to make Resonate a great place to work and empower the production team to create audio they are proud of. When not working, Adam enjoys sports, board games, and spending time with his dog, Atlas.

Dayton Cole

Lead Mixing Engineer
With his extensive experience in audio editing, mixing, and mastering, as well as sound design and music composition/supervision, it is no surprise that Dayton has helped bring six shows to the #1 spot of Apple Podcasts. With a Bachelor's of Science in Music Industry Studies and certifications in Dolby Atmos Mixing, Pro Tools, and iZotope RX, Dayton has worked on numerous award-winning podcasts and received recognition for his contributions. Dayton believes that podcasts have the power to connect people through storytelling, generating new and interesting ideas. In his free time, he enjoys rooting for the Tar Heels with his family, cooking, and baking cheesecakes.

Adam Townsell

Lead Audio Engineer
As Lead Audio Engineer, Adam is responsible for editing, mixing, mastering, and sound design. With an MFA in Recording Arts and Technologies from Middle Tennessee State University, Adam is an expert in audio editing and optimization, and realizing creative visions and vibes. Adam loves podcasting for its endless potential for learning and storytelling, finding that it lends itself incredibly well to both fiction and non-fiction storytelling, as well as providing a place where narrative, music, learning, community, and creativity come together. Adam's goals include launching his own podcast and seeing Resonate expand into more original and creative content. In his free time, Adam enjoys listening to and playing music, dabbling in different instruments, reading, writing, and disc golfing.

Pat Kicklighter

Lead Mixing Engineer
Pat has worked in audio post production since 2013, after graduating from Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. Since then he has honed his expertise in editing, mixing, mastering, scoring, and sound design. He began his career as a Re-Recording Mixer in Knoxville, TN for popular TV networks such as HGTV, TLC, TruTV, and Food Network. He has worked on multiple chart-topping podcasts and was nominated for Best Pop Country Album of 2018 in the Swedish Grammis for his work on electric guitar, recording, and mixing. Pat loves podcasting because it provides a platform for anyone with an interesting idea to share their story with the world, leveling the playing field for great ideas.

Tina Wills

Head of Client Experience
Tina onboards new clients, manages ongoing client relationships, and serves as an account representative for Enterprise Resonate clients. As an experienced account manager with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Central Arkansas, she brings with her a background in branding, account management, and retail management. She loves the opportunity to help others share what they are passionate about through podcasting. When she's not working, Tina enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking.

Heather Baloga

Enterprise Client Success Manager
With a background in music production, freelance music curation, and over 10 years of experience in hospitality, Heather brings her customer service and management skills to her work. She serves as a liaison between the production team and clients, supporting them throughout every stage of production and orienting them to the Resonate platform. Heather loves the art of storytelling and the added degree of music and sound effects that podcasts bring to the medium. She believes that podcasts offer a platform for people of all backgrounds to have honest, insightful conversations and to reach people all around the world. In her free time, Heather enjoys music, yoga, cooking, hiking, concerts, and planning adventures.

Isabella Maxey

Marketing Manager
Isabella brings her deep understanding of the constantly evolving podcast industry to help clients grow and succeed in a highly competitive field. A seasoned public speaker, Isabella has presented at multiple conferences such as Podcast Movement Evolutions and The Podcast Show in London.

Isabella's other professional experience includes working with notable companies such as Disney Pixar, Amazon Studios, and Netflix Studios. The Filipina-American brings her creativity and dedication to every aspect of her work, from brainstorming new strategies to crafting engaging marketing campaigns. In her free time, she enjoys DIY crafts, rollerskating, and reading.

Caleb Melcher

Audio Engineer
Caleb is an audio engineer with experience in music and film production, as well as customer support roles. He holds a B.A in Media Communication with an emphasis in Audio Production from Asbury University. Caleb's work has been recognized with an award for Best Sound at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival in 2019 for the film "Alan and the Fullness of Time." He believes podcasting is the modern incarnation of AM Radio and enjoys helping people tell great stories. Caleb hopes to assist Resonate in creating top-tier content and expanding into larger scale entertainment. In his free time, he enjoys movies, puppies, and good food.

Mandy Bailey

Audio Engineer
Mandy is a graduate of Greenville University, where she received degrees in Commercial Music, Audio Engineering, and English. Mandy continues to hone her passion for audio engineering through podcasting engineering work and music production. Mandy hopes podcasts continue to become more and more creative and bridge the gap between communicating information and creativity. A Louisville native, she describes herself as a Harry Potter nerd and a Taylor Swift enthusiast.

Al Peterson

Audio Engineer
Al Peterson is a skilled audio editor and mixer with experience in podcast production, video editing, and event planning. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication and Media from Florida State College at Jacksonville and is currently pursuing a Master's in Communication Management. As VP of Digital for the Northeast Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists, Al has received multiple awards for his work, including the Art Innovator and Ken Knight awards. He believes that podcasting will continue to grow in importance and reach, becoming a respected form of media in all fields. In his spare time, Al enjoys grilling, watching animated sitcoms, and rocking his favorite Adidas gear.

Katy Mindeman

Audio Engineer
Katy is an experienced audio engineer with a BA in Sound for the Visual Medium from Columbia College. She specializes in audio editing, mixing, and sound design, and has worked on award-winning projects such as the McDonald's "Literacy Store" and Brita's "Sugar Shock." Katy is also a Women In Film Focus Award Honoree for Achievement in Sound Design. Her passion for podcasting comes from being exposed to a wide range of topics and knowledge in her work with podcasters. Katy's goal is to continue to produce the cleanest podcasts for her clients while exploring the value of podcasting in wider circles. When she's not working, Katy loves to cook and try pizza from different places around the world.

Sabrina Seiwert

Podcast Producer
Sabrina is responsible for the creative aspects of podcast production from pre-production to launch. With over 15 years of experience in TV, film, and digital media, she is most noted for her work with The Ellen Degeneres Show, and Oprah Winfrey Network. Sabrina's expertise includes writing, coaching talent, and producing compelling content. She holds a BA in Film Production and Mass Communications from Quinnipiac University, and has a background in voiceover and event planning. Sabrina is passionate about the democratization of creative expression that podcasting offers, bringing like-minded people together to share their stories with the world. In her free time, Sabrina enjoys reading, writing, and outdoor activities with her daughters.

Sean Tippett

Client Success Manager
Sean joined the Resonate team with a background in customer service and information technology. As a long-time listener of podcasts across multiple genres, he is excited about the opportunity to support clients in their production process. A Kentucky native, Sean lives in Louisville with his wife and their two children. Outside of work, Sean enjoys sports, DIY projects, and traveling.

Jessica Ramsey

Production Coordinator
Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree in arts administration and French from Wagner College in 2012 and her master’s in recording arts and technologies from Middle Tennessee State University in 2016. She loves learning about health and fitness, but her favorite pastime is traveling.

Lynn Blue

Audio Engineer
Lynn has been a fan of creating and editing audio for years, from creating commercials for class projects in junior high, to working in radio for over a decade, to earning his Bachelor of Arts in Advertising from the University of North Texas in 2018. He brings an attention to detail and broad experience to his work as an Audio Engineer. When he’s not listening to and editing podcasts, Lynn loves listening to music and playing guitar. He also likes to watch goofy comedies, pronounce GIF with a hard G, and is a supporter of the Oxford comma. Lynn and his wife live in Louisville, Ky and enjoy eating Tex-Mex, and listening to the sound of crickets at night.

Babafemi Arogundade

Web Developer
Babafemi found his way back to Website Development after he earned his first University degree in Building Engineering. Having always loved creative arts: with many paintings, portraits, murals, and other abstract arts to show for it, Babafemi has brought that experience into Website Design and has since worked on several hundreds of Web Development projects. He is the author of the Amazon published book, "How to have Good Success". He is married to Temitope and they both have two boys, Daniel and Marvel.

Mark Broughton

Audio Engineer
Mark graduated with a bachelors degree in music and sound recording from the University of Surrey in the UK. He has worked for several post production facilities and recording studios over the years and continues to work predominantly in music and podcast production. Mark is often joined in the studio by his dog and (somewhat aloof) second pair of ears, Ziggy.

Andy Walker

Andy Walker is a composer, artist, and sound designer from Nashville, TN. A graduate from MTSU in Music Business, Andy has created library content for Splice, scored short films, and licensed music to companies as diverse as Intel, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. When Andy isn’t writing music, he loves reading sci-fi novels and building Legos with his kids.

Ivana Reyes

Video Editor
Ivana is originally from the Dominican Republic, and earned her Bachelors degree at Universidad Iberoamericana in 2013, in Santo Domingo, with a Minor in Audiovisual productions; she has been on the video industry ever since, both on the production and postproduction part of it. In 2016 she earned a Masters in Counseling from The Southern Seminary, in Louisville. She is married to Gabriel, and together with their two daughters, they are currently living in the Dominican Republic.

Alyssa Rae Hendricks

Show Note Writer
Alyssa Rae Hendricks is a Louisville area educator, author, and theatre artist. She has provided arts education to students PreK-12 throughout Kentuckiana and her artistic work can be seen in many local theatres. A passion for people and their stories has informed her work and hobbies. She likes bees, is afraid of cotton balls, and loves the movie Clue.

Megan Heibert

Content Writer
Megan is a senior at the University of Louisville, where her passion for people, writing, and digital media have led her to studying Communications. She enjoys finding new coffee or donut shops, traveling, listening to a variety of music, and watching thriller movies.

Mianna Schut

Show Note Writer
Mianna earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Biblical and Theological studies from Boyce College in 2020. She has since moved to Kansas City with her husband, John, for him to attend seminary. Mianna and John are expecting their very first child in March 2021 and they look forward to this newest part of their journey. Whether it is a construction project, writing, or sewing, Mianna is passionate about all things creative! When she is not enjoying a project, you can find Mianna outside doing any of a number of her favorite physical activities with friends and family. Resonate has offered Mianna a great outlet for continued learning, while using her skills in writing to help others out!

Haley Austin

Show Note Writer
Haley holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Western Kentucky University and a master’s degree in biostatistics from UNC Chapel Hill. She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she works as a statistical analyst. Haley loves listening to podcasts and learning new things. She enjoys hiking, reading, spending time with her friends and family, and playing with her dog, Ollie.

Steve Baker

Remote Recording Engineer
Stephen Baker is a 2020 Bachelor of Science in Audio Production graduate from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL. Ever since childhood, he has had an ear for music and a love for the arts. With over 30 years as a trained drummer, Stephen has played for multiple artists across many genres of music. To complement his artistry, he also has a love for podcasts, in which he has listened to for many years on a daily basis. Currently, Stephen lives in Daytona Beach, FL with his wife and two children. During his free time, he loves to spend time with his family, listen to podcasts and music, and give back to his community.

Callie Youngblood

Show Note Writer
Callie is from Shelbyville, Kentucky and is currently a senior at Boyce College pursuing a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in English as a Second Language. She is passionate about storytelling, podcasts, and writing, and enjoys using these passions in her work at Resonate Recordings. Some of her favorite things to do include traveling to new places, spending time with friends and family, playing with her nephews, hiking, and CrossFit.

Megan Stewart

Show Note Writer
Megan is a Show Note Writer from the Louisville area currently living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She enjoys traveling, gardening, carefully curating her book and movie libraries and long walks in the woods.

Enrique Ferrer

Audio Editor
Enrique is a drummer and audio engineer that graduated from the Master of Fine Arts in Recording Arts and Technologies from Middle Tennessee State University in 2016. He is a freelance audio engineer specialized in drum recording, mixing and mastering for artists, and recently joined the Resonate Recordings team in 2021. When he is off-duty you can find him drinking a latte at the local coffee shop, rehearsing with his rock band or at the record store.

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