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7 years of creative work for world-class brands

We’ve worked with over 3,000 podcasters since 2017, including shows from small businesses all the way to Fortune 500’s.

Notable Shows

We’ve worked on hundreds of shows, including 16 that hit #1 in Apple Podcasts and hundreds that have impacted businesses.

Privately training an engineering team at scale.


Seeking a way to engage team members of an engineering team with long-form content yet low-barrier to consume.


Resonate engineers created a private hosting infrastructure focused on ease and security.


Together with Resonate, Salesforce engineers have increased engagement and connectedness amongst teams and decreased barriers to remote structures.

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We’ve had a great experience with Resonate—
it’s allowed us to create a podcast that we can restrict to a known list of people, while still allowing them to listen in the same way as they do with all their other podcasts. This has been a huge boon to adoption, and Resonate made it possible.

Ian Varley, Principal Architect, Salesforce

Ian Varley, Principal Architect of SalesForce

Trusted by over 3,000 podcasters

Up and Vanished S1 Podcast

Payne Lindsey

Host, Up and Vanished

Resonate has made my life so much easier. We’ve established an amazing working relationship that has allowed us to grow and improve our podcast in a very short period of time. Their unmatched efficiency and dedication to quality sound are what make them stand apart.


Delia D’Ambra-Wheeler

Host, CounterClock

The team at Resonate is made up of some of the most talented audio engineers and producers in the podcasting business.
I’ve built such a good relationship with their staff and appreciate how often they go the extra mile to create content that embodies the vision of the episodes I write.

To Live and Die in LA Podcast Cover Art

Neil Strauss

Host, To Live And Die in LA

Working with the Resonate Recordings team on the podcast was a really great experience. Their experienced team helped make sure that our episodes were mixed and sounded professional. I would work with them again and would highly recommend them for your podcast.


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