Video Production

Although podcasting is an audio-first medium, there is a growing demand for video podcasts. YouTube boasts 2 billion monthly global users, making it one of the largest search engines in the world. There is a growing trend of podcast listeners tuning in on YouTube. If you want to maximize the potential reach of your podcast, you need to distribute it in both audio and video formats.

But video production is complicated to learn and time-consuming to manage over the long run. Our video production services are designed to free you up to focus on the content and not worry about all the technical video work. Simply record your podcast, upload the video and audio to our team, and wait for us to send back a professionally edited video. 

Illustration of a video camera


Record the video for your podcast

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Upload your files to the Resonate app

Illustration of the post-production editing process


We professionally produce your video

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We deliver your episode looking and sounding the best it can

Levels of Service

Basic Video ($199/Episode)

Basic Video Example

Advanced Video (Starts at $299/Episode)

Advanced Video Example

Video Add-Ons

In a mobile-first environment, captioning your video content is a crucial step to take so that your viewers can engage with your content even when their sound if off. Make your video even more engaging by adding closed-captions to your video!

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Buy timestamped closed-captions of your video podcast to upload on YouTube, Vimeo, and other supporting platforms. Closed-captions improve the accessibility of your podcast by being more accurate than the auto-generated captions on platforms like YouTube. They also can boost the SEO performance of your content on YouTube. 


Revise your video podcast until it fits your specific needs. More information on these policies can be found in the Service Detail below. 

Video Editing Process

Video Production Service Detail

An episode credit is equal to 1 episode. Episode credits do not expire and you are free to purchase as many or few credits as you want. Bulk discounts are available starting when you purchase 12 or more episode credits. advance.  

Delivery timelines for our video production services are as follows:

  • Basic Video: 120 business hours
  • Advanced Video and Podcast Video Trailer: at least 120 business hours
  • RAW 60 minutes or more+: additional 48 business hours 

*Delivery of your final video in these timelines is dependent on receiving all necessary materials from you. All necessary recorded and written files must be submitted to our team before we can begin production on an episode. Turnaround time does not include weekends or US holidays.

Our pricing is based on podcast episodes with RAW audio/video length 60 minutes or less. RAW podcast audio that will be edited by Resonate (not including reusable assets such as intro or outro audio) greater than 60 minutes is subject to a $30 charge for each additional 15 minutes of RAW audio/video 

You may request a rushed turnaround of your video production at the time of submission. A rush request is not guaranteed and is subject to Resonate Recordings’ production capacity at the time of submission. If your rush request can not be delivered then the rush fee will be credited to your account. Delivery of an episode master sooner than the standard turnaround time for the production level of your episode will constitute a rushed delivery. Rush fees for audio production are as follows:

  • Basic Video: $75/request
  • Advanced Video: $150/request
  • RAW 60+: $150/request plus and additional 2 business days

Revision requests fees for Basic Video and Advanced Video production are charged based on the number of minutes our team spends on the request(s). We will provide you 10 minutes of revisions without cost. After the 10 minute grace period, the rate will be $2.08/per minute ($125/per hour) spent. Our average revision time is around 18 minutes therefore the cost of the average revision request is around $37.44. A revision requiring 10 minutes would be charged as $20.80 (10 minutes x $2.08/minute). Exceptions to this fee will be edit or mixing issues that you clearly requested at the time of original submission that Resonate overlooked or did not deliver.

You may request that Resonate assists you in posting your final video to your YouTube page, Vimeo page or website. Our team is able to help you learn how to post your episodes to these platforms or we can manually post your episodes for an additional fee of $39/episode or $49 for 2+ platforms.

Learn More About Video Production

There are so many moving parts to running a podcast that it can be hard to know what where to even get started. We’ve written blogs on every part of the podcast production process to help make podcasting easier for you. Learn more about podcasting by reading some of these related resources below!