Pro Podcast Production Services

If you’re looking for professional podcast production services, then you’ve come to the right place. Our services are designed to meet all of your post production audio needs so you can focus on the things you enjoy. When you partner with us you can rest assured your podcast will be edited, mixed, and mastered by our highly trained and experienced team. No matter your podcasting needs we’ve got your back! We use our expertise to help you create a quality podcast that represents your unique creative expression. Also, we offer free podcast production services for your first episode so you can hear the difference our services make

Flex Pricing Options – Podcast Production Services

We understand that every podcast and podcaster are unique, for that reason we offer flexible payment options to best fit your podcasting needs and release schedule. You can pay in advance or signup for a monthly subscription plan for any of our ongoing production services. It is proven that podcasters that release consistent episodes gain and retain more listeners. Commit to 1 episode a week, your first season, or year of our podcast production services and we will help you release consistent episodes, save money, and gain more listeners! We also offer some pretty amazing discounts to help encourage you to release consistent episodes.

Pay In Advance Pricing Options

Buy 12 episodes & save up to $165.40

Buy 26 episodes & save up to $383.40

Buy 52 episodes & save up to $950.20

Monthly Subscription Pricing Options

1 episode a month

2 episodes a month

3 episodes a month

4 episodes a month

Podcast Editing

Our professional audio editors will edit your RAW audio into a seamless and distraction free episode so your content can shine

Podcast Mixing

Our mixing engineers will professionally mix and master your podcast so your listeners are wow'ed by the professional sound of your podcast

Podcast Services

You will have more time to focus on your content and your podcast will sound the best it possibly can so your podcast reaches its full potential

Podcast Production Services | Editing / Mixing / Mastering

Standard Signup
Premium Signup

Podcast Production Services Detail

Standard Production Detail
  • Corrective equalization to ensure the recording sounds the best it possibly can
  • Dynamic balancing to ensure volume levels and ranges are balanced throughout episode
  • Remove dead space at beginning and end of the recording
  • Standard editing: editing up to 3 requested mess ups or spots in RAW audio
  • Background noise reduction to reduce any hisses, buzzes, or other distracting background noises that made it into the recording
  • Mix in a pre recorded intro and outro*
  • Raise or lower the overall level in requirement with audio broadcast standards
  • Optimize sound translation for playback on various playback systems
  • Convert recording to a high quality MP3 format to preserve quality and provide fast downloads for your listeners

*Submitted podcast episodes that have more than 5 RAW audio tracks (combination of mono and stereo tracks) are subject to Premium package pricing.

Premium Production Detail
    • All services listed under our Standard Package
    • Listen through the entire recording and create a smooth flowing conversation so that edits are not noticeable
    • Edit out unwanted parts such as false starts, throat clearing, coughs, sneezes, long pauses, heavy breathing, um’s, ah’s, and other accidental sounds or mistakes that made it in the recording
    • Mix in a pre recorded intro and outro
    • Add pre recorded sponsored messages, shout-outs, commercials, or other sound design you desire
    • Mix in provided music or other sound effects to any part of the recording

*Any RAW podcast recording greater than 60 minutes is subject to an additional $45 charge for each additional 15 minutes of RAW audio (Premium Service Packages only)

New Podcast Launch Packages

Podcast Production Services
Our podcast launch packages provide you with everything you need to start a professional podcast.

We will partner with you to take your podcast idea and make it a reality. Our podcast launch team consists of studio musicians, graphic designers, podcast launch specialists, and audio engineers. There are many technical, creative, and tedious steps to creating a new podcast. When you partner with us you can rest assured that our team will handle every step with excellence. Our new podcast launch packages provide you with everything needed to start a professional podcast. Get started today!


$599one time setup fee
  • Media hosting & RSS feed setup
  • Submission to iTunes and Google Play
  • Equipment recommendations
  • Basic podcast cover artwork compilation
  • Pre built Intro/outro music selection
  • $100 off if purchased with ongoing podcast production services


$999one time setup fee
  • Media hosting & RSS feed setup
  • Submission to iTunes, Stitcher, & Google Play
  • Equipment recommendations
  • 1 hour podcast recording training and consultation
  • Custom podcast cover artwork creation & branding
  • Custom podcast Intro/outro music creation or selection
  • Intro/outro voiceover selection
  • $100 off if purchased with ongoing podcast production services

Professional Music

Our team of professional studio musicians create or selects custom music to fit your style and preference.

Professional Design

Our design team creates custom cover art that will look spectacular and is custom tailored to fit your podcast brand.

Professional Sound

Our launch specialists and audio engineers ensure that your podcast sounds professional and is up to industry standards.

Custom Podcast Production

In addition to our services listed above, we offer custom podcast production services. If you would like to discuss having Resonate Recordings completely produce your podcast, please contact us here.

Podcast Production Services
Podcast Production Services

Podcast Consulting

We offer individual consultations that can include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Recording equipment selection
  • Optimizing and using your recording setup
  • Starting a podcast
  • Producing a podcast
  • Hosting and RSS feed overview