Who Should Podcast

Who Should Podcast

04.23.18 | Podcasting Basics | By: Jon Street

Who Should Podcast

If you’ve been following along in our Basics of Podcasting series you know we’re trying to work our way through some basic questions about podcasting. The aim in the series is to give you as a current (or future) podcaster, enough education to feel comfortable behind the proverbial wheel (microphone?). Previously we looked at why podcasting is such a great opportunity for people. Here we will cover the topic of who. Who should podcast. Since podcasting requires people to talk, we feel like maybe this should be discussed…The aim is simply this: to empower you to feel like you have the ability to podcast. And not only the ability, but even a reason. Now we don’t know you. But you seem like a nice person. You seem like the type of person who is intelligent & has some ideas or thoughts other people might like to hear. You seem like the kind of person who wants to share your ideas with someone other than your cat. So why not podcast? Why not flesh your thoughts out through a microphone so the big beautiful world can hear you? Let’s talk about it!

It’s For Everyone 

Many people feel that podcasting is a big to-do. Maybe that’s you. Maybe you see it as a commercially-driven medium that is too big of an animal to figure out & so, in order to have a great podcast you have to be someone who is somebody. You have to have resources. You have to know people. You have to be a life-coach. The influencer. A reputable source about something. You have to have a whole team behind you in order to pull it off without crashing & burning. We hope to change your view on this! When you begin to understand how many podcasts are consumed regularly  you also begin to understand the intrinsic diversity of the content being consumed. It’s just the reality. And it’s true, that many of the top podcasts are from industry heavy-hitters with cult followings & driven by big personalities. It also helps when you are a part of a bigger media conglomerate. But honestly you don’t have to scroll too far down the top charts before you can find an equally-as-intelligent average person who has crafted a great podcast with a respectable following! People without any broadcast journalism experience or training are taking to the digital airwaves to get their thoughts out & build their personal brand. People who aren’t conquering industries are still offering tips & ideas to people who want to listen. According to a 2016 Adweek article, this podcasting methodology has become especially popular among recent graduates who are looking to build their personal brand & launch off into the career stratosphere. It’s becoming the new norm for our upcoming generations to take to recording yourself & having others hear about it. And just think about how much podcasting has changed in the last 2 years! But maybe you’re not a millennial. Maybe you don’t see the draw to listening to somebody without any life experience talk about something you don’t connect with. Well that’s fine, here’s an article that might speak to you instead. The bottom line is that there are a lot of podcasts out there with hosts that range from well-followed personalities, to average people on just about any type of topic. Older, younger, statistics are showing it just doesn’t matter. The one thing all these podcasts have in common though is that they have content being discussed that people want to consume. Podcasting is for everyone because nearly everyone listens to podcasts. And with over roughly 125 million listeners consuming the content, we need to feed their eardrums! So get to recording!

It’s For You

Perhaps you’re not convinced yet. That’s ok. It may not be for you. But let’s quickly win through some ideas of why it might be. First, you don’t have to be an expert on something to talk about it. This is the way life is. Everyone has something to offer-even if it’s not the apex of the knowledge about the topic. We can learn valuable ideas from people who aren’t the most educated on a topic. And let’s be real, sometimes the people who are the most learned on the topic are the last people you want to hear drone on about it for hours on end #college. Maybe you just need to be pointed in the right direction on why your thoughts might still be useful. Here’s some food for thought on what you can do to offer contributions on something even if you’re not an expert. We think the same sentiment applies with podcasting. While you might not be an entrepreneur who has dominated an industry, perhaps your work ethic & sales strategies have gained you successes. Go tell others about it! Maybe you’re not a published author but you are a creative storyteller who has a winsomeness that others appreciate. Let’s hear your story! Podcasting is a great way for other people to hear more about what’s important to you & glean something valuable in the process. While not everyone can (or will) be your biggest fan, maybe something you say will make some people avid listeners. Maybe what you have to say can resonate with someone across the state, country or globe & impact them in a way you didn’t even realize. Maybe your thoughts are more valuable than you think & need to be blasted on the digital airwaves.

Maybe Not

Now we do want to be realistic. Not everyone can start a podcast. There is a certain vulnerability that’s required to sit down, talk & be willing to let others listen in. It’s often very personal & requires an openness that some people just aren’t willing to grant. There’s also a skill set required in some measure to have the forethought needed for there to be a good flow & cohesiveness to an episode. While you want to be thoughtful enough to engage listeners, don’t think you have to have all your ducks in a row before you can start the process! The reality is, as much as you can use it to get your story out to others, it’s equally an opportunity for you to grow yourself. The best learners are the best leaders. Can that be copyrighted? Anyways, the best way to teach other people is to share from your own personal journey about something. But you have to be willing to start the journey yourself. Have a goal in mind on what you want to learn or talk about. Find some other people you feel might haver something to offer on the topic. Ask them to talk about it with you. Your episode is almost there! 


There’s a lot more that could be said about who should podcast. And equally, about who shouldn’t. Fair enough. But maybe this is the kick in the pants you need to get to it. What if your thoughts could impact someone else in a positive way but you were to worried about the heartache or too scared of the naysayers to get after it? We think that just maybe you should podcast.

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who should podcastBy: Jon Street

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