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Podcast producer services

Hire a professional producer

Podcasting starts long before you press record. Get professional support for  content strategy, planning, creation, and quality control for your show. 

Great podcasts
start with great content

Get a different perspective

Test your content before pressing record. Work with our producers to make sure each episode of your podcast is engaging and well-designed for the listener experience. 

podcast producer services

Outsource, but stay in control

Planning and writing your podcast are some of the most time-consuming tasks. But they are also the hardest tasks to outsource. We work hard to make collaboration valuable and easy. Keep control of your content but let go of the stress of generating content by yourself.

Why Resonate?


We’ve worked with over 1,500 podcasters. Our team has experience in the entire production process.


We’ve produced shows that hit #1 in Apple Podcasts, and were adapted for network tv and cinematic films.  


We’ve worked with Fortune 100 brands, notable organizations and personalities, film and TV, and hobbyists. 


On-demand podcast producer services

Producer Episode Review

$299 / episode

Podcasters looking for honest and pointed feedback about their content can have a producer review a completed episode and receive straightforward, actionable items to consider for improving their podcast, have a more cohesive message and deepen its impact.

Pre-Production Support


An experienced producer will work with you to provide pre-production support however it’s most helpful for you. We can help through planning out episode content, storyboarding ideas, writing the actual content for your episodes, condensing your content for clarity, and coordinating with our post-production team to ensure the finished product is cohesive.

*A minimum of 5 hours must initially be purchased for all hourly Producer Support unless Producer Launch Support ($625) package has previously been purchased. 


Producer launch packages for starting a podcast

Basic Launch Package


Advanced Launch Package


Custom Launch Package


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