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As podcasting continues to gain momentum, there is a growing, imminent need for adequate solutions for podcasters looking to get help with all phases of the content creation process. While Resonate Recordings has established itself as a leader in the industry through its superior post-production services, many podcasters are also in need of experienced and accessible support for the planning and pre-production component of podcasting. With this in mind, our team has created a suite of services designed to help podcasters with the content strategy, planning and creation portions of podcasting. Through these services, our team is providing podcasters like you an easier way to podcast.

Podcast Producer Working on a laptop listening to earpods

Producer Episode Review - $299/episode

Podcasters looking for honest and pointed feedback about their content can have a producer review a completed episode and receive straightforward, actionable items to consider for improving their podcast, have a more cohesive message and deepen its impact.


An interactive, written evaluation will be provided for your review with the opportunity for a 30-minute follow-up video call to go over your questions and discuss action steps. 


This service is ideal for podcasters looking for one-time or periodic feedback about their content that is both collaborative and honest and those who are looking for specific action steps they can implement to improve their content moving forward.

Producer Launch Support - $999

Podcasters looking for additional support through the launch and planning phases can have a producer work closely alongside them to help develop their content and collaborate with them to ensure the podcast is as powerful and clear as possible.

A dedicated producer will work with you to brainstorm and assist with all of the pre-production planning components like developing your creative vision, building episode structure, storyboarding, episode planning, etc. and will ultimately work with you to craft your first episode.

This service is ideal for new podcasters who would value the input and support of an experienced team to help strategically think through the content of their podcast leading up to the launch process.

podcast producer standing at a whiteboard talking to a podcaster
Podcast Producer working with a podcast audio engeineer pointing to a screen with ProTools

Producer Support - $125/hr*

Many podcasters are looking for ongoing support with the pre-production phase of their podcast.

With our ongoing Producer Support, an experienced producer will work with you to provide pre-production support however it’s most helpful for you. Depending on the nature of your unique project our producer can help through planning out episode content, storyboarding ideas, writing the actual content for your episodes, condensing your content for clarity, and coordinating with our post-production team to ensure the finished product is cohesive.

This service is ideal for podcasters who are looking for more hands-on, ongoing support in the planning and creation phase of episode content and is an hourly service that can be tailored based on the scope and budget of the project.

*A minimum of 10 hours must initially be purchased for all hourly Producer Support unless Producer Launch Support ($999) package has previously been purchased. 

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