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Remote Recorder

An easier way to remotely record your podcast

Record long-distance interviews on the same app you use for professional post-production


Unlimited recording time

Record as long as you have space on your computer. 

Up to 10 Guests

Record up to 10 participants simultaneously. 

Faster workflow

Record, mix and host your podcast all from one app. 

Studio-quality sound around the world

Remote Recorder

Local recording for best quality

Recording audio locally on your computer captures the absolute highest quality sound from your microphone.

No lag. No audio drift. No compression.

Separate tracks for better edits

Each session gives you individual local recordings from all participants for editing plus the combined session audio for quickly reviewing your content. 

Designed for simplicity

A minimalistic interface makes it easier than ever to start a remote session, share your invite link, change your microphone and speaker, and record. 

Easily invite guests

Choose your microphone

Manage recording files

Record on your favorite browser

Record long-distance interviews on all major browsers from your computer. 

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Simple pricing

for a simple tool

30-Day free trial


All Resonate clients qualify for a 30 day free trial of the Remote Recorder. 


$20 / month

1-Year free trial


Clients who have spent $5,000+ in the past year qualify for a 1 year free trial.

Start recording in minutes


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