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Get everything you need to make a professional podcast in one place. 

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Since 2014 we’ve worked with over 3,000 podcasts, giving us unmatched experience.

Award-winning work

Our team has helped produce 13 shows that have reached #1 in Apple Podcasts.

Resonate services

Turnkey solutions for podcast creators of every experience level.

Producer Services

Producer Services

Co-writing scripts, editing content, adding music beds, and collaborating on content.

Podcast Launch

Bumper music, cover art, trailers, distribution setup, voiceover, and website design.
Audio Production Services 1

Audio Production

Editing, sound design, mixing and mastering by professional in-house audio engineers.
Video Production Services

Video Production

Video editing, color grading, basic animation, and custom YouTube channel setup.

Podcast Marketing

Show notes, transcriptions, and audiograms to promote your podcast online.
Enterprise Podcast Services

Enterprise Podcasting

Custom end-to-end podcast solutions, plus a dedicated production and support team.

From piecemeal
to peace of mind

Podcasters have always had too many tools.
Now you can find everything in one easy-to-use app.

Resonate has been a huge help with Full Body Chills.
These episodes require a lot of sound design and mixing and I have been so happy with their creativity, their efficiency, and their professionalism. In my experience, Resonate has consistently been one of the best third-party podcasting companies to work with.

Ashley Flowers, Host of Full Body Chills

Remote Recorder

Call your guests and remotely record a podcast in studio quality

Record studio-quality sound with guests around the world directly from Resonate.

Record studio-quality sound

Recording audio through Zoom is easy but reduces quailty. Now you can captures everyone’s local audio so you can combine them for the best sound.

Automatically upload recordings 

Say goodbye to all of the file management work you’re doing. Now you can simply hit record, invite your guest, stop the recording, and start a new episode of production.

Podcast Hosting

Publish your podcast to Spotify,
Apple, Google, and more

Resonate podcast hosting microsite
Simple Podcast Hosting
Publish your podcast in one-click, share your show with a podcast microsite, embed episodes on other websites.
Private Podcast Hosting
Create a secure podcast for your organization to manage who has access to your show and track listener engagement.

We’ve had a great experience with Resonate—it’s allowed us to create a podcast that we can restrict to a known list of people, while still allowing them to listen in the same way as they do with all their other podcasts. This has been a huge boon to adoption, and Resonate made it possible.

Ian Varley, Principal Architect, Salesforce

Study your performance

Study the performance of your podcast with detailed analytics. See how many downloads, what devices your audience uses, top episodes, what time you get the most downloads, top countries, plus even more detailed embed player stats.

Resonate Hosting Insights Dashboard

Resonate iOS App

Manage your podcast production team on the iOS app

Track the status of episodes, comment to request revisions, record remote interviews, and publish episodes directly from your iPhone.
Resonate mobile app

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Upload content

Record your podcast with the Remote Recorder or upload content directly to the app. Once you submit an episode we will review it and start production.
All-in-one app to record, edit, and host


Track the status of your episode and communicate through comments. Once your episode is ready, you can review and approve it or request revisions.
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Distribute your episode to Apple, Google, and Spotify with Resonate Hosting or one of our 1-click integrations with other podcast hosting apps.

Trusted by over 3,000 podcasters

4.9/5 star average from Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews

Resonate has made my life so much easier. We’ve established an amazing working relationship that has allowed us to grow and improve our podcast in a very short period of time. Their unmatched efficiency and dedication to quality sound are what make them stand apart.

Up and Vanished
Payne Lindsey
Host, Up and Vanished

The team at Resonate is made up of some of the most talented audio engineers and producers in the podcasting business.
I’ve built such a good relationship with their staff and appreciate how often they go the extra mile to create content that embodies the vision of the episodes I write.


Delia D’Ambra-Wheeler
Host, CounterClock

Working with the Resonate Recordings team on the podcast was a really great experience. Their experienced team helped make sure that our episodes were mixed and sounded professional. I would work with them again and would highly recommend them for your podcast.

To Live and Die in LA

Niel Strauss
Host, To Live and Die in LA

University of Notre Dame
Stanford University
Pitney Bowes

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