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Your professional podcast editing service source! Our goal is to partner with you to improve the quality of your podcast by providing professional podcast editing and production services. From years of experience in both studio and live sound engineering and from producing many podcasts, we have established a thorough understanding of what it takes to create a top notch podcast. No matter your podcasting needs we’ve got your back with our comprehensive podcast editing service! We can help you from start to finish, from selecting what gear to use all the way to posting your final mastered episode in iTunes. We will use our expertise to help you create a quality podcast that represents your unique creative expression. If you‘re ready to improve the quality of your podcast or want to start a podcast of your own, we would love the opportunity to partner with you. Our services are guaranteed to make your podcast sound better and for a limited time we’re offering our podcast editing service free for your first episode. Get started today so you can hear the difference our editing services make!


Why Podcast Editing Services?

Podcast editing services not only improve the quality of your podcast but can also increase listener retention rate by over 25%. If you want to gain and retain listeners for your podcast we recommend you use a professional podcast editing service to help achieve and reach your podcasting goals.
Podcast Editing Service
Do I Need Podcast Editing Services?

When evaluating the benefits of hiring a professional podcast editing service, there are a number of things to take into consideration. What is more important to you – time or money? Are you skilled enough to tackle your own podcast editing? We all know that we can always make more money, but you can’t make more time without delegating the right tasks. Our professional podcast editing and production services may not be for everyone, and that is ok. We want to ensure that our services are mutually beneficial and that we are the right fit for you and your podcasting team. This is why we offer to edit your first episode absolutely free. We want you to experience the value of a professionally edited and produced podcast first hand. You might discover that our editing and production service saves you time and stress. Podcast editing doesn’t have to be overly expensive, and we don’t want money to be the only factor in making a decision. In fact we offer a variety of editing plans and can tailor any of them to fit your specific needs. We are only as successful as our clients are, and we have long standing relationships with each of our clients. We treat each client as a partner and seek to maintain a personal touch with each of our clients.

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Below are some of our podcasting clients. Each of them had some of the same questions you probably do, and we have developed a long lasting working relationship with each of them. We handle all of their podcast editing and podcast production services so they can focus on creating amazing content and growing their podcast.

Podcast Editing
Payne Lindsey, Up and Vanished

“The guys at Resonate have made my life so much easier. We’ve established an amazing working relationship that has allowed us to grow and improve our podcast in a very short period of time. Their unmatched efficiency and dedication to quality sound are what make them stand apart.”

Podcast Editing
Vanessa Phearson, The Cleaning of John Doe

“Resonate Recordings professionalism and high quality work has helped make the launch of my podcast way less stressful! Even though they produce a lot of high profile podcasts, they still managed to make me feel like their most important client. I was amazed at what an awesome job they did in such little time. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to make their podcast stand out.”

Podcast Editing
Philip Holloway, host of Sworn

“Sworn hit number 1 on the iTunes top chart before and after releasing our premier episodes. Resonate Recordings was an outstanding partner in creating an outstanding product. Frankly, as someone with little tech know-how, I don’t know how I would have been able to host Sworn without Resonate Recordings having my back!”

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Did you know that podcasters that release consistent episodes gain & retain more listeners? For that reason we offer discounts to help you release consistent episodes, save money,  gaining more listeners! We also offer unique payment options to best fit your needs.

Buy 12 episodes & save up to $120

Buy 26 episodes & save up to $520

Buy 52 episodes & save up to $1,560

Buy 100 episodes & save up to $4,000

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Podcasting may seem like a foreign language to you. We get it! Maybe you have an idea that you’re still trying to work out & see how it will come to fruition. Please utilize our creative and production teams to help fulfill the vision of your podcast! We have experts in every area who have extensive knowledge in making sure you are taken care of. We are so confident in our service that we will process your first episode absolutely FREE–no commitment or hidden strings attached. When you partner with us you can rest assured that your podcast will be edited, mixed, and mastered by our experienced and in-house team. We can help you make sure your podcast is the best quality that it can be!

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