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Why Podcast?

04.16.18 | Podcasting Basics | By: Jon Street

why podcastSo you’re thinking about starting a podcast. You’ve been listening to a handful of them for a while. You’ve seen how popular they’ve become. Maybe you see yourself as a respected, creative voice that others would like to hear from (aren’t we all?). You’ve thought about the impact you could have. Then there’s that nagging voice in the back of your head that says “nobody cares what you have to say”. “What makes you so special?” But that voice of doubt is competing with that other voice that says, “You gotta do this! There’s something different here!” And so you’ve gone back & forth waiting in anticipation to see which wins out. Well the hope is that after reading this post or others like it, you would be willing, perhaps even feel empowered, to take a step out of your comfort zone & try your hand at the growing art of podcasting. So a natural question would be… “Why Podcast?”

Accessible Medium, Increasing Popularity

It is undeniable that podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. A simple look at statistics will show the jaw-dropping numbers.  Like a wildfire they are rapidly growing in popularity, with record numbers of listeners tuning in on a regular basis. And it’s no surprise. Podcasts are appealing to the masses because there is such a diversity of content available for your listening pleasure. Everything from history & science, to self-improvement & business-coaching; from nutrition & health, to true-crime & religion are there. It’s all at your fingertips. There is literally something for everyone in the podcast world. Pair that with the reality that most people don’t stick with just one genre in their podcast consumption. Think about it. On any given day you probably swap between podcasts & gain a broad exposure to content that helps you learn, grow & be entertained. And in our binge-minded culture, we are always looking for something new, exciting & worthy of our time. And then we dedicate…a lot of it.

In many ways podcasts are growing in popularity because they are a unique blend of traditional radio, tv & audio books, with the same cult following found in all of these mediums. While these will continue to have some role in our entertainment culture, the advantage of podcasts over these traditional media platforms is that the average person can create their own podcast & have exposure (hopefully) to the masses. This means more people can partake in creating content for the platform. You don’t have to work for a big media conglomerate. You don’t have to offer high production value to gain interest. It’s really a communication medium that the average person & the established news source are able to compete in. In one of our other posts we showed that with just a few pieces of basic equipment, you can have your podcast ready to be shared with the world (with a little love from the Resonate team of course) & you can have the same opportunity of exposure to the public as any of the podcasts currently topping the charts. With a little added social media love & some advertising or sponsors, you can really take your idea & make it sing. To put it bluntly, podcasts are incredibly simple to start & can be very impactful. 

why podcast

 3 Reasons to Podcast

So, enough beating around the bush. Why podcast? Well, there are countless reasons, but I will offer 3 basic points:

1. Simplicity

An idea, some basic hardware, a song & some artwork. Get those down & you’re on your way. That’s really about it! The average person can begin the journey with limited investment & with user-friendly equipment. You don’t have to be an audio engineer. You don’t have to have the expertise of a creative director. Need some help with these? That’s what we’re here for. Let us use our payroll to help you take your idea & see it through to completion. It’s our specialty!

2. The Future is Bright

Seriously. Like a 1,000 lumen flashlight in your eyes bright. Looking at the history of where podcasts have come from over the last decade & knowing that it is still in it’s infancy is pretty incredible to consider. The depth of their current & future impact is overwhelming, yet also not fully known. You have the opportunity to be a part of something that is fast-growing & whose trajectory is continuing to skyrocket upwards.

3. It Builds Community

Podcasting is unique because it is achievable by the average person. This means that the person writing their doctoral thesis & the person with a high-school education (but loads of internal ambition), have the same opportunity to have their voice heard. We were created for community, not to live in solitude. We are made to see the intrinsic value in others & work together for the greater good. Community is where ideas are heard, where changes take place & voices are made public. This reality is pretty amazing. And with the trending priority around America’s education consumption becoming digital it’s no wonder that podcasts are beginning to play a pivotal role in America’s future. I mean, we Google everything don’t we? When’s the last time you picked up an encyclopedia or referenced your college textbooks?

why podcast

Why Podcast? Resonate Recordings is Here to Help

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are other great resources on the topic for your consumption. Others have said it better. Take these Forbes  Inc. articles for starters. But the hope is that you’ll begin to see that podcasts are exciting, impactful & incredibly simple to do. You don’t have to be a charismatic leader with a strong ability to persuade, in order to see real fruit from your labor. Maybe you just love pop culture & you want to offer your 2 cents. Maybe you love to cook & you want to share how nutrition has changed your life. The ideas for what you can accomplish are your own. But rest assured, you aren’t on your own. We can help you make your idea a reality. Reach out to the Resonate team. Pick our brains. Toss around your idea with experts who help others just like you do this every day. Let us help you make your idea come to life. Let us help you make your podcast idea resonate with the world.

Have questions about podcasting? Drop us a line below.


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