The Top 15 Podcast Episodes for the Holiday Season

Gear up for the Holiday Season with These 15 Festive Podcasts

12.16.19 | Podcasting | By: Mandy Pennnington

Each holiday season, most of the population takes a break from their favorite playlists to turn on Christmas tunes. Why not do the same with your podcast listening habits? Here is a list of our favorite holiday-themed podcast episodes. We hope these episodes will help get you into the holiday spirit, provide a couple of laughs, and maybe teach you some helpful tips and tricks along the way.

1. Ask Me Another: “Holiday Spectacular 2014 (R)”


NPR produces so many great shows, and we’re big fans over here at Resonate. Ask Me Another, one of NPR’s current shows, is comedic, full of trivia, and loaded with celebrity interviews. This holiday episode features Christmas food trivia, holiday-themed games, and Christmas song parodies. The show is topped off by hit-movie Frozen composers singing a hilarious rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

Length: 53 min

2. The Ron Burgundy Podcast: “Christmas Memories” 

iHeartRadio Podcast Network and Funny or Die teamed up to create this hilarious show: The Ron Burgundy Podcast. Reprising his role from the classic film series Anchorman, Will Ferrell conducts interviews with notable figures on specific topics. Light-hearted and full of laugh-out-loud moments, this episode features Andrew (supposedly a Starbucks customer who was bribed by co-host Carolina to speak on the show). I desperately want to share in detail all of the hilarious moments of the episode, but you’ll just have to take a listen for yourself. (For an in-depth summary of this episode, take a look at this iHeartRadio blog.)

Length: 45 min

3. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard: “Armchair Expert Holiday Spectacular” 

Everybody loves Parenthood star Dax Shepard, especially when paired with wife Kristen Bell, who appears on this holiday episode of Armchair Expert. This episode, which aired in December 2018, features musical guests Jackie Tohn, Hannah Anderson, and Kristen Bell. They create holiday cheer with renditions of “White Christmas,” “Silent Night,” “O Holy Night,” and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” The hosts also open Christmas gifts from each other, and the group lights a menorah in honor of Hanukkah. For a fun, conversational, and comedic dose of Christmas cheer, listen to episode 94 of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard.

Length: 1 hr 28 min

4. Hey Riddle Riddle: “Sleigh Riddle Riddle”

Hey Riddle Riddle hosts JPC, Erin Keif, and Adal Rifai spend each episode solving riddles, puzzles, WhoDunnits, and more! Your goal as listeners is to try to solve the questions before your hosts, and they guarantee that you will. On this 2018 Christmas episode, the hosts try to solve Christmas riddles and answer Christmas movie and song quizzes. They also share a lost plotline from classic film Love, Actually, talk about elf religion, and hypothesize about what Santa must be like at home. To keep your brain cogs turning this holiday season, tune into this episode of Hey Riddle Riddle

Length: 1 hr 4 min

5. Life Kit: “Holiday Survival Guide: Family Style”

Another one of NPR’s great podcasts, Life Kit is a motivational, inspirational show about how to “get it together.” The show’s advice applies to all, whether you’re a high school student, parent of young children, or empty nester. Hosted in a fun, light fashion, Life Kit provides listeners with short, under-30-minute episodes. This Holiday Survival Guide episode features Dr. Andrea Bonior, who is a clinical psychologist. Dr. Bonior shares tips and tricks to help minimize and manage holiday stress.

Length: 18 min

6. Living Fully With Mallory Ervin: “How To Have a Stress Free Holiday”

Former Miss Kentucky and runner-up of The Amazing Race, Mallory Ervin brings listeners life advice in a new way. On Living Fully With Mallory Ervin, Mallory and her guests share life stories about how to live fully, joyfully, and authentically in a world of chaos. Mallory is also an online influencer, sharing advice through her social media accounts and YouTube channel. In this holiday episode, Mallory sits down with her husband Kyle to share their tips on eliminating stress and reviving joy during the Christmas season.

Length: 28 min

7. Stuff You Should Know: “SYSK Live Christmas Spectacular!”

Fun-loving SYSK hosts Josh and Chuck record their annual Christmas Spectacular episode live from the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta. Released on December 25, 2018, this comedic episode is filled with audience participation and laughter. Stuff You Should Know is a family-friendly podcast, and this episode is a perfect soundtrack as you gather around the fire together with eggnog or hot cocoa.

Length: 1 hr 15 min

8. Hidden Brain: “Episode 14: Christmas”

Hidden Brain

Hidden Brain is another show produced by NPR and is hosted by Shankar Vedantam. The show explores human behavior, relationships, and the way our unconscious brains affect these things. In this Christmas episode, Vendantam explores the motivations behind giving and generosity in the holiday season. Why do humans feel morally compelled to give, and how can we become better gift-givers? Though this episode of Hidden Brain came out in December 2015, these concepts are universal, timeless, and still relatable to this 2019 Christmas season.

Length: 22 min

9. Simple: “Your Advent + Holiday Mindset”

Author, life coach, and travel guide Tsh Oxenreider hosts Simple. The goal of this podcast, as well as her books, is to talk about how to “live well and ignore the rest.” In this episode, guest and fellow author Andrea shares stories and tips about how to navigate the holidays as an introvert. If you are introverted and get stressed during the Christmas season, this episode is for you! Tsh shares how her family celebrates Christmas very simply, and how you can too!

Length: 52 min

10. The Rachel Cruze Show: “Don’t Let Christmas Sleigh Your Budget”

I’m always a fan of a good pun, so this episode title immediately caught my attention. The Rachel Cruze Show is a classy, practical podcast on how to save, get out of debt, and make money more fun. Produced by the renowned Ramsey Network, the show features upbeat host Rachel Cruze, who interviews various guests to learn about their money stories. In this Christmas-themed episode, Rachel talks about embracing the word “no” this holiday season, after sharing the shocking amount of debt the average American endures every Christmas. Take a listen to this episode of The Rachel Cruze Show to learn how to save more and make more of this season without breaking the bank.

Length: 30 min

11. Good Job, Brain: “42: Season’s Eatings!” and “139: Season’s Eatings II”

A show completely obsessed with trivia, Good Job, Brain! is for all of those trivia nerds out there, or those who just enjoy being entertained. The show calls itself “the ultimate mental nutrition,” which lines up perfectly with the title of their holiday episodes, “Season’s Eatings.” Episode 42 was released in 2012, while follow-up episode 139 came out in 2014. The show has taken a hiatus since July 2018, but I’m hopeful that they’ll come out with round three sometime soon! Episode 42 relays facts about Christmas pudding, Jell-O, and Iceland’s fermented shark meat, among many others. Episode 139 dives even deeper, sharing the origins of fruitcake, the science behind hangovers, and Japanese Christmas traditions.

Lengths: 46 & 48 min

12. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey: “The Happy Hour 2019 Holiday Gift Guide”

On The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey, host Jamie Ivey does a great job of making her listeners feel like “one of the girls.” In each episode, she invites a guest to talk about the highs and lows of being a woman. From the lightest to the heaviest topics, Jamie and her guests enjoy sharing their stories with you. One of Jamie’s favorite episodes each year is her Holiday Gift Guide, where she lets you in on her favorite gifts of the season and provides discount codes and giveaways. The 2019 Holiday Gift Guide was released on November 22, 2019.

Length: 53 min

13. Stuff You Should Know: “What Makes a Must-Have Christmas Toy?” 

Hosts Josh and Chuck explore the phenomenon of the “Christmas toy of the year”: the concept that each year there is one toy that dominates kids’ wish lists. What makes a toy become that must-have toy? They trace the history of the must-have toy from its beginnings in 1983 with the Cabbage Patch Kids and reminisce on their own childhood Christmas memories. For a conversation filled with fun facts & witty banter, take a listen to this 2019 holiday-themed episode of Stuff You Should Know

Length: 52 mi

14. An Acquired Taste Podcast: “215: Holiday Life Hacks & Things People Found Hidden in Their Houses”

Hosts Bethany and Kathleen never run out of fun and quirky topics to discuss on An Acquired Taste Podcast. From the first 30 seconds of each episode, you can immediately tell how engaging and interesting Bethany and Kathleen are. In this episode, Kathleen shares some of her personal favorite life hacks for the holiday season, while Bethany shares stories of weird things people have found in their homes. If you’re looking for some fun tips for your holiday stress and a good laugh, this is the podcast episode for you.

Length: 1 hr 21 min 

15. 4 Things With Amy Brown: “Trisha Yearwood: Holiday Memories. Birthday Wisdom. Being a Step-Mom. Gratitude. (#53)

Clearly named and easy to follow, 4 Things with Amy Brown features just that: four different topics per episode. Amy spends the first 35 minutes of episode 53 talking with Trisha Yearwood about all things Christmas. They share their favorite Christmas memories, food for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, hosting tips, and favorite Christmas movies and songs. For a fun conversation and useful tips, check out this episode of 4 Things With Amy Brown.

Length: 1 hr 21 min

Best Holiday-Themed Podcasts 

Included in this list are special holiday episodes of everyday podcasts. If you’re really in the holiday spirit and are looking for shows completely dedicated to Christmas cheer, check out this list of our favorite holiday-themed podcasts.

1. Merry Podcast

2. Can’t Wait For Christmas 

3. Christmas Past

4. Tis the Podcast

5. Christmas Old Time Radio

6. Welcome to Tinsel Town: A Christmas Adventure

We hope that you find a new favorite podcast from this list and that one or two of these episodes can bring your holiday season to life! From our team at Resonate Recordings, have a very merry Christmas!

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