Best Podcast Apps

Best Podcast Apps

5 Incredible Podcast Apps (You Might Not Know About)

05.06.19 | Podcasting | By: Colby Schemm

Best Podcast Apps

Everyone has to consume content if they want to be creative. We all need to be inspired before we can inspire others. One of the best ways to be inspired, for me personally, is listening to a podcast while I’m getting ready for the day, on my commute, etc.

But recently I’ve been getting tired of the Apple Podcasts app because the home page looks so cluttered to me. Obviously, Apple Podcasts is a wonderful app because it’s Native to all iOS devices, is free, and just works fast. But I decided to go on a journey to discover a better podcasting app.

Let me go ahead and say up front that this blog post will not be a comprehensive list of podcast listening apps. If you’re looking for that, I’d love to send you over to our friends at Podcast Insights for the longer list. Instead, I’ve decided to share the #1 app in each of the following categories, so that you can see some podcasting apps that are doing very specific things well.

Here are the 5 Best Podcast Apps You Might Not Know About






Best Social/Community Features


Best Podcast Apps

Breaker is proud to call themselves “The Social Podcast App.” And the title is well deserved. Their “Activity” page offers intuitive ways to find your own current friends and also to connect to new “recommended tastemakers.” Their “Profile” page feels like a social media app, but the rest of the app is just a well-designed podcast directory, including a new-episodes page, library, search, and activity page.

Honorable Mentions for Great Community Features




Best Design


Best Podcast Apps

Castro was ostensibly built to combat the clutter and chaos for people like me who subscribe to far more shows than they can actually consume.

When you open the app, it displays the “New” page, where new episodes from your subscribed shows land. From there, you either add it to your queue or archive it, which allows you to easily stay at “inbox zero.”

The queue, new episode inbox, library, and discover page are all crisp and clean. Each page has lots of white space, smooth fonts and buttons, and high-resolution podcast artwork. Moreover, the episode descriptions are well laid out and easy to access by clicking on the podcast thumbnail on the bottom right of the screen.

Lastly, the media player layout features a clean gradient dynamic to the episode artwork, with easy-to-use buttons and simple access to the audio-enhancing features.

Honorable Mentions for Great Design:


Best Curation Features


Best Podcast Apps

Wilson is not a traditional podcasting directory to browse all your favorite shows. It’s more like a boutique podcast curation discovery tool. The interface is modern, dramatic, and moody, and feels like the magazine that it is.

Their website’s homepage boasts “No onboarding, no registration, no algorithms.”

When you open up the app, the homepage displays the previous weeks’ curation playlists and shows who the curator was. Some of the playlists are curated by Wilson’s team, and others are curated by prominent tastemakers.

Honorable Mentions for Great Curation Tools:

Podcast App (iOS only)

Overcast (iOS only)

Best for Speedy Listening


Best Podcast Apps

For the hyper-productive among us, or those simply looking to cut out all of that boring dead space in one of their favorite shows, overcast offers “Smart Speed,” an audio feature which removes the dead silence between the talking.

In addition, if your favorite podcast is too quiet or has a lot of background noise, you can use their “Voice Boost” feature to balance out and boost the audio.

Honorable Mentions for Speedy Listening Tools:


Best Multi-Media Features.   


Best Podcast Apps

Entale is the multi-media podcasting app. It’s the only podcasting app (that I can find) that offers an accompanying visual experience. On Entale, podcasts can have dynamic show notes replete with high-quality photos, outbound links so you can see what they are talking about in the moment, and additional text and notes.

But the best feature of Entale is that it chops podcast episodes into “Chapters,” including any ad spots, and the natural breaks in the conversation. This makes longer podcast episodes more followable and provides an easy way to skip ahead to the section you are actually interested in.

The interface is beautiful, the multi-media aspect is highly engaging, and their discovery page even offers suggestions of the most popular chapters, rather than just showing the most popular podcasts.

Honorable Mentions for Multi-media Features

This is the only one I’ve found so far… Send me an email if you find one, though!


As I said, this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the podcasting apps in the world, but I hope that it helps you find an even better app if you needed it like me. Depending on what is most important to you, you’ll find something to help you on this list. The reason I started this process of researching the best podcast apps was that I felt like the app I previously used, Apple Podcasts, just wasn’t as organized and clean as I wanted. As a result, I’ve decided to start using Castro as my primary podcast listening app on my iPhone.

Maybe you need the episode curation, so you went with Wilson, Or maybe you need the speedy listening and other audio-enhancing features, so you’re going to start using Overcast, or maybe you want some extra visual inspiration, so you’re going to download Entale. Whatever you choose, I hope that you get a fresh wind of inspiration so that you can keep being creative, and pass it on to the next person!

Got any suggestions for my list? Want to learn more about what we do at Resonate to make podcasting easier? Schedule a call with us or send us an email today!

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