Podcasting Isn’t Like Any Other Marketing Medium

How can companies use podcasting to market brands, and what makes it different from other marketing channels?

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Posted June 23, 2021

/ Mackenzie Pattersen

Having a chance to tell a story about your brand in an impactful and engaging way is a priceless opportunity, and podcasts give you an effective outlet to achieve this.

When it comes to marketing tactics, there’s nothing quite like the podcast. 

With its unique combination of characteristics that benefit both the listener and the creator, there’s virtually no downside to perfecting the art of podcast marketing. 

Whether you’re a personal trainer or an investment guru, starting a podcast is an excellent way to spread your message, connect with your audience and promote your brand. At first glance, podcasts may seem no different than any other marketing tool like blogs or social media, but it actually has several distinct qualities that set it apart from the average channel.

1. They’re easily accessible and convenient for listeners.

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Podcasts help brands connect with their community and draw in potential customers—completely free of charge for the listener to access. Not only does this give the audience a chance to understand what the brand has to offer on a deeper level before they invest, but it also gives you a cost-effective way to build your brand.

If the whole “free” thing wasn’t enough to draw in listeners, podcasts are also an easy way to consume content while walking, driving or completing mundane tasks like folding laundry. This makes them an easy sell for anyone who’s low on time (read: everyone). In fact, according to Nielson, the majority of avid podcast users are listening away from home and instead, tuning in to their favorite shows while at work, in transit, or doing other activities. 

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Time is a commodity in our culture, so any form of content that informs and inspires the masses without cutting into their day is highly valuable.

2. They keep your audience engaged and retain listeners.

Podcasts serve as an excellent way to help build your community by providing a platform for you to engage with listeners on a recurring weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Given the episodic nature of the medium, podcasts give you a chance to cover multiple different facets of the same topic. When you think about it, each episode that you release has the ability to attract a new listener.

If the goal of your podcast is thought leadership or lead generation, overtime with the right strategy and tactics, your podcast will continue to grow and result in retained listeners. 

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3. They give you the gift of ample air time.

One aspect of podcasts that makes them unlike any other marketing medium is the length of time you’re allotted to connect with your audience. Unlike blog posts or social media captions which tend to favor quick, bite-sized tidbits of information, podcasts provide a platform on which long-form content is actually encouraged. 

While landing a spot on a TV or radio show may give you the instant reach you’re after, you wouldn’t get anywhere near the air time you would with your own podcast. There’s no other platform that allows brands to hold the attention of their listeners for upwards of 30 minutes. According to Wistia, videos under 2 minutes have a 70% engagement rate, 6 minutes has a 50% engagement rate, and over 12 minutes drops even lower. Hubspot did a review of their current shows and they have an overall average consumption and engagement rate of 85% with over double to triple the content length. This gives podcasts a unique edge over any other form of content out there.

4. They make brand storytelling a breeze. 

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Podcasts are an incredible way to tell brand stories and associate your brand with key messaging. With the ability to engage listeners for half an hour or longer, brands can really get into the nitty gritty of their own personal background stories, why they’re passionate about their topic, and even their values as an organization. This allows listeners the chance to connect with every aspect of your brand and fall in love with your mission the same way you did. 

Having a chance to tell a story about your brand in an impactful and engaging way is a priceless opportunity, and podcasts give you an effective outlet to achieve this.

5. They provide a springboard for other types of content.

When you record a podcast, you’re not just speaking into the ethers: you’re creating a foundation for a wealth of other types of content like blogs, social media posts or even books. Podcasts give you the opportunity to hone your voice and sculpt your messaging overtime, which can help the rest of your brand’s content and marketing plan flow more easily. Plus, podcasts can be easily converted into a written format for blog posts or articles, which will help you craft a cohesive brand tone and fill up your social media calendar.

What does all this add up to? An irreplaceable and essential component of any brand’s marketing plan. If you don’t already have a podcast, we hope that this article helped convince you to add audio into your content strategy! 

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