Would Someone Use a Trailer for Each Episode of Their Podcast?

How Do People Use Podcast Trailers to Promote Their Podcast?

12.20.19 | FAQ Fridays | By: Resonate Recordings

A few weeks ago we posted a video on the purpose and benefits of posting a trailer episode of your podcast. We talked about how crafting a trailer for your podcast can build excitement around the launch of a new podcast, and is a powerful tool to marketing your show to the world.

This week we’re responding to a comment that one of our viewers left on that video. Linop412 asked, “I’m curious about something. Would someone use a trailer for each episode or is something where you make it your first episode? Also, how would people find it? Would it be easy for people to find on your channel? PS. Thanks for the upload!”

This week on FAQ Friday Jon is taking the time to shoutout @Linop412 and answer their question.

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