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Congratulations on your upcoming recording at the Story Louisville studio. Resonate Recordings has partnered with Story Louisville to provide people like you access to a professional and easy option for recording quality podcasts. We’ve designed the studio to offer state of the art recording technology that’s user-friendly. 

This page will provide you with everything you need to prepare you for your time in the studio. If you’ve not yet scheduled your studio time, reach out to Story at If you’re a current Resonate user and have questions about the studio, email your dedicated coordinator or email us at 

Once you’ve confirmed your studio appointment we recommend watching the video below to help you get familiar with the recording studio. It’s strongly recommended that you review the video and the accompanying PDF prior to your recording to make sure you maximize your time. 

Be sure to take advantage of our exclusive offer for Story Louisville studio users!

Services We Offer

Turnkey Solutions for Podcast Creators

Launch Services

It takes more than an idea. When starting a new podcast, it is critical to get all of the elements right to get the podcast out for people to hear. Our podcast launch services provide you with everything needed to seamlessly launch a professional and successful podcast.

Podcast Production Services

Quality matters to listeners. Professional and listenable audio helps keep your listeners committed. Our podcast editing, mixing, mastering, and sound design services ensure that your message is clearly heard and as effective as it can be. Our team of trained professionals helps take your content to the next level.

Enterprise Podcast Services

Organizations of all sizes and industries are turning to podcasting to grow their brand awareness, align their teams, and advance their mission. Our enterprise podcast services are designed to be a turnkey solution for organizations that are starting a podcast.

Video Podcast Services

Video is incredibly powerful. Having a professional video to complement your podcast can be a great way to visually engage your audience. Our video production services allows you to focus on the content and enable you to reach your audience in a quickly growing arena.

Podcast Marketing Services

Marketing is essential to a successful podcast. Podcast listeners are not just confined to their listening apps. Our team can work with you to identify how to best use marketing strategies and powerful content to reach and grow your listening audience.

Podcast Producer Services

Sometimes it takes a team. Producing a podcast is more than recording and editing. It takes planning, vision and creation. Our producer services allow you to work with an experienced producer to review your episodes, develop content, plan your season, and even help create your episodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Story podcast studio?

The recording studio is located on the first floor of the Story Louisville Main St. location, on the same floor as Biscuit Belly. When you walk in the front door, you will enter through the glass doors to your left and check in at the sign-in desk. If you have additional questions, you can check out their website. Their address is:

900 East Main Street Street (1st Floor)
Louisville, KY 40206

What should I expect from my recording?

When you arrive at Story you will check in at the desk on the 1st floor. After checking in a Story team member will check you into the studio and do an initial inventory check to make sure the equipment is ready for you. Using the video and PDF on this page you will be able to manage your recording session. If you need any assistance or would like to have an engineer present for your recording, reach out to our team at (502) 305-3099 during normal business hours.

How much time will I need in the studio?

We generally recommend 15 minutes before and after your recording for setup and administrative items like downloading and deleting your files from the recorder.

What if I go over my scheduled hour?

The studio is generally billed at $75/hour. 

What should I do if the equipment doesn’t work?

A Story team member will do an initial inventory and equipment check with you when you arrive. If for some reason the equipment fails during recording, find a Story team member or call our team at (502) 305-3099 during normal business hours.

Will there be a Resonate team member on-site for my recording?

The studio is designed to be self-managed by each podcaster, but if you would like to have an engineer on-site for your recording, contact our team at (502) 305-3099 for more details.

What does Resonate Recordings do?

We are a full-service podcast production company here is Louisville that helps podcasters with creating, recording, producing and launching podcasts. We have worked with over 6oo podcasts including many Fortune 100 brands and several #1 podcasts. To learn more about our services check out this page or visit our website.

Can I try Resonate’s services for my recording?

Yes! As part of our partnership with Story, all members are eligible to get their first episode edited and mixed for free ($139 value). Use the offer link on this page to learn more and to get your exclusive offer.

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