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Enterprise podcast services

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As podcasting continues to gain traction, businesses and nonprofits are seeing the value in leveraging this unique platform as a way to reach customers, employees, and donors with relevant messaging. Resonate offers turnkey solutions to brands and organizations from launch and recording all the way through distribution.

Brands that trust Resonate

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Why podcast?


155M people have ever listened to a podcast (2020*)


93% of listenerswill engage with most of an episode (2019**)


39% of small business owners listen to podcasts (2018***)


41% of listeners earn $75,000 or more annually (2019**)

*Source: Conducted by Edison Research. National 12+, US Population (2017-2020). **Source: Convince and Convert (2019). ***Source: Bredin, Inc (2018) 

How brands are using podcasts

Building awareness with branded podcasts

You’ll be in good company if you start a podcast for your business. Major brands and organizations like Shopify, McDonalds,  Patagonia, and Harvard are turning to podcasting to build deeper connections to their audience. Brands are using podcasts to showcases a unique, personal message about their ethos, social impact and opportunities. 

Women in Data Science
Building Characters

Above are a few of the branded podcasts we work with. 

Training and communicating with internal podcasts

Podcasts are more than just a marketing tool. Many brands are using private podcasts to improve internal communication. Internal podcasts are great for onboarding employees, announcing company-wide policies and updates, and breaking down barriers between executives and team members.


Above are examples of brands that are leveraging internal podcasts.

Smart. Patient. Resourceful. Invested.
Top-flight podcast editing & production… Expected all that. Didn’t expect it to be fun. Resonate Recordings makes podcasting sound less like work than it should.”

Jim Litke, The Associated Press

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Enterprise podcast services

Launch Strategy and Support

Launching a new podcast involves a lot of moving parts. Our enterprise launch services give you everything you need to setup, distribute, and launch your podcast.

  • Podcast Artwork Creation
  • Professional Voiceover and Music
  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • Website Hosting, Development and Maintenance
Podcast Editing Services Launch

Hosting & Distribution

Our private and public podcast hosting allows you to easily distribute and collect detailed analytics so you can study how your audience interacts with your podcast.

  • One-Click Posting
  • Audience Insights Dashboard
  • Embeddable Media Player
  • Podcast Microsite
    Private, Individualized, RSS Feeds for Subscribers
  • Fastest Feed Download Speed Available
  • Detailed Embed Player Analytics
Resonate Hosting Insights Dashboard

Audio Production

Our Enterprise audio production services are designed to ensure your content is a professional as possible to elevate your brand’s recognition.

  • Comprehensive Podcast Editing, Mixing, and Mastering
  • Custom Sound Design and Sound Effects
  • Branded Podcast Intro and Outro
  • Podcast Trailer Creation
Premium Audio Production Services

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Producer Services

Planning out a podcast requires strategy, creativity, and hard work. Our producer services help you with pre-production and ongoing production of content for your podcast.

  • Producer Episode Review
  • Content Creation and Collaboration
  • Script Writing
  • Producer Launch Packages for Starting a New Podcast with Full Support 
Podcast Producer


Promoting your podcast on social media, email newsletters, and your website is crucial to growing listenership. Our enterprise marketing services provide you with content that you can easily incorporate into your broader marketing strategy.

  • Advanced Show Notes
  • Branded Transcription
  • Audiograms
  • Social Cards
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
Podcast Marketing 2020

Video Production

Although podcasting is an audio-first medium, there is a growing demand for video podcasts on YouTube. Our video services save you time and energy and offer everything you need to distribute your podcast on YouTube.

  • Comprehensive Video Editing, Color Grading, and Audio Mixing/Mastering 
  • Custom Video Animations and Lower Thirds
  • Branded Podcast Bumper Creation
  • Video Trailer Creation
Best Video Equipment for Podcasting

Podcast Consulting

Podcasting is still a very young medium with a lot of moving parts. Our consulting services educate you on the full scope of producing a podcast, from ideation to recording, distributing, and marketing.

  • Equipment and Recording
  • Content Creation and Storytelling
  • Launch Strategy
  • Marketing and Analytics

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