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13 best motivational podcasts to get you in beast mode


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Posted January 3, 2019

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Let’s face it. Sometimes we just need to be told “Yes, you can!” and be given a little encouragement and direction. I recommend starting your search here.

Health, wellness, fitness, finance, business, goal-setting, personal improvement. People everywhere are constantly looking for ways to better themselves, improve their situation and downright dominate life.

Kicking off a new year is a great time to not only review the previous year, but also set new goals as you look for ways to strategize and achieve for improvement. While there are lots of methodologies and countless opinions on how to succeed, it can be hard to know who to listen to and what will actually work. This is one reason people look to invest their time and attention (not to mention their finances) into methods that they believe will succeed and are willing to go all-in.

It’s no wonder then that podcasts have become an effective (and impactful) go-to source for motivation and self-help strategies in recent years. Why? Well, it’s simple really. Podcasts are free. They’re convenient to flip off and on as you are able. They offer a laundry list of great content. They can put you in direct contact with some of the most experienced and well-respected leaders in nearly every field available. And motivational content is no exception. For those looking to improve some aspect of their life in 2019 but are simply looking for a little guidance on just where to turn, here are the 13 best motivational podcasts for you to review as you create and look to achieve your personal goals over the next 365 days…no matter what those goals are. Let’s face it. Sometimes we just need to be told “Yes, you can!” and be given a little encouragement and direction. I recommend starting your search here.

1. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

Best Motivational Podcasts

If you’re looking for a podcast to motivate you and get you on the track to overcoming obstacles and challenges, then The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes is definitely for you. Hosted by the podcast’s namesake Lewis Howes, this podcast is chock-full of inspirational goodness. Many times what drives us to overcome is simply hearing the stories of others’ accomplishments, which lets us know anything is possible. And Lewis’ story is definitely inspirational. Through the podcast, Lewis shares how he overcame abuse, a broken family life and other personal challenges to succeed in a big way. As he puts it, “Always remember you were born for a reason, a purpose and something bigger than yourself. But YOU have to activate this calling; no one is going to turn it on for you! It’s Your Responsibility to build yourself into the person who can live a great life. No one is going to give you the power to develop your mental strength, emotional intelligence and physical health to have the life you want. That’s between you and you!” This podcast releases 3 times weekly and offers listeners, “Inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world-class athletes and influential celebrities on the planet.”

Top listened episodes include:

This podcast is well-respected, highly devoured and offers conversations with people who are overcoming their own personal challenges in the name of success. You don’t want to miss it

2. The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Best Marketing Podcasts

Another podcast that you simply cannot pass up if you’re looking to dominate and get motivated is one that is no stranger to being featured in the Top Podcast Episodes section of Apple Podcasts, The Gary Vee Audio Experience. Gary Vee has become a bit of a household name across the board with podcasters, but especially with those in the business and entrepreneurial world.

Hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, investor, vlogger and public speaker Gary Vaynerchuk, this podcast is an absolute must for so many in the entrepreneurial world, in part due to Gary’s engaging content. Some people need to be told straight-up how to succeed, and that is Gary’s approach. The main focus of the podcast is providing the listener a unique blend of interviews and talks on business and marketing ideas from some of today’s most notable thinkers and celebrities. With topics like 6 Tips For Crushing the Sales Game or Drop One Loser Friend as well as appearances by celebrity guests like actress Jessica Alba and NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, Gary continues to dole out episodes that will have you taking out a notepad and going back to the drawing board to reconsider everything you thought you knew about the paths to success and winning in both the business and personal world. Buckle up!

3. The Tim Ferriss Show

Best Motivational Podcasts

Another well-known podcast comfortably trending the top charts is The Tim Ferriss Show by author, entrepreneur and thought-leader Tim Ferriss, who is most recognized for his best-selling book The 4-Hour Workweek. As the podcast’s page entertainingly notes, “Newsweek calls him “the world’s best human guinea pig,” and The New York Times calls him “a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist monk.”

This weekly business podcast follows Tim as he interviews unique “world-class performers” of all kinds and asks questions geared at getting his audience a behind-the-scenes look at the things they need to excel and improve themselves. With episodes like How to Say “No” Gracefully and Uncommit and Tim Ferriss Goes to Maximum Security Prison as well as conversations with celebrity guests like actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, comedian Bill Burr and Arnold Schwarzenegger, people with all kinds of interests will find something to take away from the growing list of resources Tim is providing. Not only is Tim’s podcast deservingly identified as a leader in business podcasts, but he is also someone who can effectively teach and motivate you while providing you the direction you need to win. Make sure you put this at the top of your list!

Learn how to start a podcast in 7 steps (blog card)

4. Hidden Brain

Best Motivational Podcasts

Another podcast that will uniquely motivate you and get you on a path to really winning is not only a refreshing change of pace from others in the sphere but also boasts the coveted place of being named as one of Apple’s Most Downloaded Shows of 2018. Translation? You better tune in because it’s worth listening to! I am talking of course about Hidden Brain. This podcast is a part of the wildly successful National Public Radio (NPR) family of podcasts and is a must-listen. While most motivational-minded podcasts take on the trending topics like developing an entrepreneurial spirit, gusto and not taking no for an answer approach to life, this podcast offers something a little different.

Falling under the Science & Medicine category, listeners are rewarded with a scientific look into the patterns and behaviors of people and why we do what we do. “Hidden Brain helps curious people understand the world – and themselves. Using science and storytelling, Hidden Brain reveals the unconscious patterns that drive human behavior and the biases that shape our choices.” “Hosted by NPR social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam, Hidden Brain links research from psychology and neurobiology with findings from economics, anthropology, and sociology, among other fields. The goal of Hidden Brain isn’t merely to entertain, but to give you insights to apply at work, at home and throughout your life.” Why is this important? Well, the reality is that understanding our behavior and why we do what we do is a large part of mastering our will, aligning our desires and having the opportunity to change outcomes in our life. What’s more motivating than that!? Favorite episodes include You 2.0: Dream JobsYou 2.0: Getting UnstuckBuying Attention and Regrets, I Have A Few… Episodes are usually released weekly so mark your calendar!

5. Art of Charm

Best Motivational Podcasts

Another highly recommended motivational podcast is The Art of Charm podcast with hosts AJ Harbinger and Johnny Dzubak. This podcast is a place, “Where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from the company’s coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self.” While most podcasts in the business and entrepreneurial space are focused primarily on providing tips and tricks for performance, meeting goals and creating successful sales funnels, this podcast is more focused on helping people of all types in the relational aspects of life to simply become better with people and more effective in their relationships. With topics like Why Vulnerability Leads to ConnectionWhat Matters Most in a Difficult ConversationHow to Improve Your Workplace Communication and The Art of Body Language the episodes are sure to be nothing short of incredibly impactful and life-changing. Yes, focus on setting effective goals and overcoming objectives, but also be willing to become a better person and allow your relationships to begin to change around you! Be sure to dial in!

6. The Dave Ramsey Show

Best Motivational Podcasts

If your goals are more financially based or you need some motivation on improving your financial state, then this is the podcast for you. Dave Ramsey is no doubt a well-known name in both the business and finance worlds. His counter-cultural thinking is seen as provocative by some and life-giving by others. While most people have very strong opinions about him and his philosophies (on BOTH sides of the spectrum), he is no doubt a master at motivating people to change. Through his podcasting platform “he offers callers and readers life-changing advice on how to beat debt, build wealth, and change their personal finances forever.” If you are looking for a unique take on debt elimination, wealth building and creating a healthy mentality about your personal or business finances, The Dave Ramsey Show will be a breath of fresh air. Dave covers a wide variety of topics in his podcast like How to Kick-Start Your Financial Goals at Any AgeHow to Stop Worrying About Money for GoodChallenging Items on Your Credit Bureau Report and Don’t Settle for Doing Just “Okay” With Money. If you’re looking for further verification that it’s worth checking out, then how about this. Like a few others on this list,The Dave Ramsey Show also boasts the coveted place of being named as one of Apple’s Most Downloaded Shows of 2018. I guess he knows what he’s talking about! Let Dave’s experience and wisdom get you on a path to a better financial state and help you set realistic goals with tangible ways of obtaining them. Make sure you cash in on this podcast!

7. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Best Motivational Podcasts

You know podcasting is moving and shaking when global icons like Oprah start to get on board. Let’s be honest. There are few people in the world who can make anything seem more possible and find the positive in a situation like Oprah. If you’re looking for some of that positive vibe goodness in your life, then check out her podcast Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations (not to be confused with her other podcast Oprah’s Master Class: The Podcast). In Super Soul Conversations you can, “Awaken, discover and connect to the deeper meaning of the world around you with SuperSoul. Hear Oprah’s personal selection of her interviews with thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. All designed to light you up, guide you through life’s big questions and help bring you one step closer to your best self.” Interested yet? Be sure to check out popular episodes like Amy Schumer: A Modern-Day Warrior WomanDr. Maya Angelou, Part 1: 9 Words that Changed Her LifeEckhart Tolle: Being in the Now and Michelle Obama: Becoming, Part 1.  Her raw and authentic conversations will help bring people down to earth, help you see you’re not alone in your challenges and pick you back up on your feet towards a path of improvement. And there’s plenty of episodes to sink your teeth into, so you get an episode, and you get an episode, and you get an episode and you get an episode…

8. The Minimalists Podcast

Best Motivational Podcasts

If you’re the type of person who is looking to get motivated, see some real changes take place and are willing to kick things in the pants, then you’re likely open to try anything to see results. Sometimes that means going to extreme lengths to get things done. Sometimes it may also mean getting rid of and cutting ties with things, people and situations that will bring you down or be a distraction to your end goal. Enter The Minimalists Podcast.

“Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss living a meaningful life with less. With more than 40 million downloads and 5,000 listener reviews, The Minimalists Podcast is often the #1 Health podcast on Apple Podcasts, and it occasionally charts in the Top 10 of all shows.” So what’s it all about? Well through the work of the hosts, they, “help over 20 million people live meaningful lives with less through their website, books, podcast, and documentary. The Minimalists have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Forbes, TIME, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, BBC, and NPR.” Covering buzzworthy topics like how to Declutter, dealing with Technology, setting Priorities, how we spend Money, working through Stress and Mental clutter (among many more), you will no doubt find something that will hit the proverbial nail on the head as you look to identify areas you can be improving and overcome in life, perhaps even allowing yourself to become a minimalist in a way or two. With recurring talking points like letting go and eliminating, while still focusing less on things and more on perception about things, it’s a needed reminder for all of us!

9. This is Your Life

Best Motivational Podcasts

If you are a leader in your organization, company or in some other aspect of your life and are looking for a motivational source to help you grow and lead others more effectively, then this is the podcast for you. This Is Your Life is a podcast by Michael Hyatt with a simple and straightforward mission. “Win at Work. Succeed at Life. Lead with Confidence.” Doesn’t get any more straightforward than that, right?  As Michael notes, “Our mission is to give you the clarity, courage, and tools you need to stop all the frenzy and start living with focus.”

As a leader, it can be hard to maintain focus, effectiveness and courage when leading others who may not be on the same page as you. But all is not lost. Few resources will have the impact as this podcast for those looking to be motivated to lead their teams (large or small) more effectively. Trending titles include The Mindset That Will Limit Your FutureHow Vision Affects Productivity5 Strategies For Building New HabitsHow To Discern Your Calling and Why You Need A Life Plan Now. If you are a leader looking to get motivated, do yourself a favor and tune in to this podcast for some heaping doses of help and encouragement!

10. TED Talks Daily

Best Motivational Podcasts

TED Talks. We all know them. We all love them. We all make ample time for them in our schedules. We could all use more of them in our lives, right? What’s not to love? TED Talks offer us gritty, real, approachable content to help us remember we’re all human and we’re all in this together. What could be better? How about getting a daily dose? “Want TED Talks on the go? Every weekday, this feed brings you our latest talks in audio format. Hear thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world’s leading thinkers and doers.

This collection of talks, given at TED and TEDx conferences around the globe, is also available in video format.” Happenstantially TED Talks Daily was also named as one of Apple’s Most Downloaded Shows of 2018. So do what countless others have done and dig in! Looking for a place to start? Be sure to check out episodes like 3 Kinds of Bias That Shape Your WorldviewThere’s More To Life Than Being HappyThe Gift and Power Of Emotional CourageHow Boredom Can Lead To Your Most Brilliant Ideas and The Revolutionary Power of Diverse Thought. It’s time to get your daily dose of motivation!

11. The Tony Robbins Podcast

Best Motivational Podcasts

Ok, now here’s a motivational podcast everyone can love. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t at least heard the name of Tony Robbins, let alone been exposed to his personal development coaching in some way, shape or form. It’s no surprise then that the #1 Life and Business Strategist who has helped over 50 million people would look to podcasting as an additional outlet for his life’s work. This podcast is created for those people who are looking to really improve their personal life, business, their relationships and also their health and finances.

Each episode is intended towards bringing an industry “mastermind” to your earbuds for a powerful impact towards helping you become a better you. Covering deep questions like Do you ever feel like a fraud? and practical topics like How crowdsourcing can ignite your business as well as discussions with successful and powerful leaders from top brands like VenmoSkypeHypergiant and Bulletproof, you will be forced to do some deep personal evaluation with the intent of gaining a greater self-discovery. Let the top strategist work with you to find ways to bring about the change you’re looking for!

12. 20 Minutes With Bronwyn

Best Motivational Podcasts

For an altogether different approach at helping you get motivated, grow your business, your mindset and consequently, your impact, look no further than the 20 Minutes with Bronwyn podcast. Hosted by communication coach, writer and speaker Bronwyn Saglimbeni, this podcast is a refreshing look at what entrepreneurs and leaders can (or should) do to improve their communication and overcome their minimizing habits. “For over fifteen years, Bronwyn has helped high-profile clients prepare for big moments on camera and has midwifed over 120 TEDx, TED Global and TED talks.

Bronwyn’s superpower is helping people communicate in a way that breaks through the static of our everyday lives. In 20 Minutes with Bronwyn, you will get a steady dose of high voltage, practical (and highly irreverent) advice to help you dismantle the communication habits that are holding you back, while giving you the skills you need to shine.” Bronwyn’s real-talk approach and often humorous candidness give the refreshing feel listeners need to work through real issues that prohibit them from growing in their communication and feeling ill-equipped to handle tough discussions. Highlight episodes include “Just Be Yourself!” Worst Advice Ever?,  The Curse of Perfectionism and Mapping the Journey. It’s nothing short of a 20-minute talk with the best personal coach you can find! You’re welcome!

13. Bucci Radio

Bucci Radio

There’s something especially motivating about hearing from others who have built their way up to be an industry leader. This is the story of this next podcast, Bucci Radio. This podcast, hosted by fitness, lifestyle and entrepreneurial leader Amanda Bucci is, “created with the purpose of diving deeper into health, fitness, mindset, and entrepreneurship in order to provide MORE to those who are hungry for it, and create a community of goal and growth-oriented people, who want to consume incredibly valuable insight and information. Our goal is to #IGNITEYOURFIRE to take massive action in your own life by learning from experts on health, fitness, entrepreneurship, and the mindset necessary to succeed and be happy.”

Amanda has had tremendous success in the fitness world and has since decided to take the plunge into the entrepreneurial space and hasn’t looked back. In addition to offering her Influencer training programs for fitness and business leaders, her weekly podcast offers listeners exciting conversations with some of today’s most notable leaders like Gary VeeAubrey Marcus and Billy Gene. Her episodes include topics like 8 Ways to Become More InfluentialHow To Make Running a Business Less Scary and How to Gain 100,000 Instagram Followers in 6 Months which proves she’s not just trying to give her listeners bland business advice, but real, tangible ways to be an influencer in today’s world. Let Amanda’s never-ending arsenal of motivation help you succeed in life and ignite your fire!

Best Motivational Podcasts Takeaway

And there you have it. Thirteen of the most impactful, motivational and inspirational podcasts at your fingertips. Maybe these are new to you. If so, I’d encourage you to take some time and dig in to see what all of the hype is about and why these are so rave-worthy. Maybe you checked them out before. How about giving them a second spin? Why not kick off 2019 by diving back in to get some much-needed direction and audio pick-me-ups? Have some additions to our list or got some feedback you’d like for us to hear? If you want to talk to our team to pick our brains on this idea, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to check out our site, drop us an email or schedule a call with a team member.

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