Podcasting: Knowing Nothing Means Something

The Importance of Being Earnest about Podcasting

05.27.19 | Podcasting | By: Janelle Dawkins


If you don’t have a degree or formal training in audio engineering, then you and I are on the same ship. If you ever envisioned yourself having or working on a podcast, then this is where our boat sails but leaves me on the dock, alone. But don’t fret and don’t stop reading, I’m coming back fast on a speedboat and also leaving behind the boat metaphors.

Although I have years of experience working as a soundboard engineer at live events, I had no formal education in audio production and I didn’t have any extensive knowledge of audio as a field. Yet somehow life led me to an internship where I would be ears deep in audio working on two podcasts. I came to the position with no knowledge of podcasts nor an understanding as to why people podcast. I didn’t listen to podcasts and I had no interest in them. With all these facts and lacks glaring at my newest life choice, why did I pursue this path? Change. Growth. I may have known absolutely nothing when it came to podcasting, but I knew that I wanted to grow and find more out of life and this was a path to do so. Anyways- existential moments aside, in the beginning, I was anxious and apprehensive about the podcast life and the podcast world I was about to be a part of. It would be easy to feel lost and disheartened at times because of my unfamiliarity with a lot of areas.

In regards to podcasting and audio post production, I was basically a ‘tabula rasa’, a blank slate, and I owned that I knew nothing. I accepted it and had a determination to learn what it takes to make a great podcast and hope that any knowledge from my previous experiences would be supplemental when possible. There were times, though, when I clearly was not a clean slate and had to think outside of the box from what I was familiar with. For instance, I’m used to creating visual storylines, but of course, this does not always translate well to audio. The medium is different so it requires a different approach to story telling, to intrigue, to plot development. So as I gained new experiences and skills, even my previous capabilities were broadened.

Over the course of 11 months as a podcast assistant for an already existing podcast, I was able to pick up adequate skills pertaining to audio production (editing and mixing), good/interesting content creation, content gathering, and hosting. I discovered that there are skills that I already had but just never considered using them outside of how and why I originally learned them. Areas I had experience in but never expected to apply. Event planning skills, research skills, and marketing skills, for instance, helped burgeon my podcasting experience.

I now know the value, expertise, and time required to make a podcast be successful – and it requires a team because no wo/man is an island and rarely can a lone ranger make a successful and great podcast on their own. As a new spin on an old adage, it takes a village filled with a range of talents and skills to raise a podcast to its full potential and to heights of success.

So what does success mean to you? What does that look like, what does it sound like, and what could it feel like? How will you get to that point that you just envisioned? What do you need to take control of and what might you need to let go of, allowing someone else to free you up to focus on more of the good things that you’re doing so you can do them better? If you’ve already started a podcast or are considering starting one, I’d like to ask that if you haven’t already taken that into consideration that you do so at some point today or tomorrow.


In conclusion, now that I’m back on the ship with you (I caught up and I totally lied about no more boat metaphors, #sorrynotsorry), let’s sail into the bright horizon knowing that we don’t necessarily have to be experts to make great podcasts. We just need to know to be open to new opportunities, productive learning experiences, and better podcasting.

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By: Janelle Dawkins

Janelle earned a B.A. in Communications and a B.A. in Psychology, with a minor in Spanish from Saint Louis University. She has always been curious about story telling and helping to share captured moments of life. As a Production Coordinator, Janelle manages the schedules of the Audio Engineer team and Show Note writing team, manages the client publishing schedule, and is a key player in making sure Resonate’s clients have a smooth experience.