The guys at Resonate have made my life so much easier. We’ve established an amazing working relationship that has allowed us to grow and improve our podcast in a very short period of time. Their unmatched efficiency and dedication to quality sound are what make them stand apart.

Payne Lindsey, Up and Vanished

Resonate Recordings has enabled me to work harder on providing balanced political analysis and good interviews. I know these professionals will make whatever I record sound perfect, and they are always incredibly patient and insightful when I have questions about podcasting. I can’t imagine The Policy Scout would exist without their help and impressive audio skills. I’ve already recommended Resonate Recordings to podcaster friends and will enthusiastically continue to do so! 

Kristin Matheny, The Policy Scout

Sworn hit number 1 on the iTunes top chart before and after releasing our premier episodes. Resonate Recordings was an outstanding partner in creating an outstanding product. Frankly, as someone with little tech know-how, I don’t know how I would have been able to host Sworn without Resonate Recordings having my back!”

Philip Holloway, host of Sworn

“I recently started working with Resonate Recordings and they have been nothing short of impressive! They are very responsive, provide me with broadcast-quality audio on time, and are able to answer any questions I have. A company with great communication skills with their clients is highly valuable to me, when time is precious and deadlines need to be met. I’d recommend Resonate to any podcaster out there!”

Amanda Bucci, Bucci Radio

“I never understood the importance of audio quality and the work involved to create the best audio available when starting Rich Take On Sports podcast, however, I learned very quickly as I was about to launch.  Resonate Recordings helped salvage my audio at a moment’s notice enabling an on-time launch of the podcast.  Without Resonate it would have never been possible and that’s why Resonate is my choice.”

Richmond Weaver, Rich Take On Sports

“Our experience having Resonate Recordings launch our new (and first ever) podcast was outstanding. Jacob was more than willing to work with a podcasting novice, provide guidance on the needed equipment and software, and get us methodically from concept to launch. He said what he’d do and then he did what he said. What more could you ask for.”

Charles Cohon, Outsourcing Selling

“Resonate has been editing the Happy Rant Podcast since we started over two years ago. Their quality of work, timelines of project turn-arounds, and flexibility to help with last-minute projects have all been incredible and helped us enormously. They help three novices with limited technical ability and time produce a product that sounds good. Resonate is a pleasure to work with in every way and I recommend them to any podcaster with editing/producing needs.”

Barnabas Piper, The Happy Rant

“Resonate Recordings has been an absolute godsend for me. Being able to hand my files off for them to mix each week has made my show 100% better, as A) they are far better mixing engineers than me, and B) it’s freed me up to focus my attention on the craft of storytelling without getting bogged down in technical things like EQ and compression. They’re incredibly affordable, flexible and they ALWAYS deliver my mixes on time. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Luke Brawner, The H

“I love working with Resonate! They are knowledgeable, flexible and always willing to roll with any of my ideas!  They work quickly, help me figure out all our tech issues and makes sure our podcast sounds professional and personal.”

Jami Kaeb, The Forgotten Podcast

“Resonate took on the production of History with Mark Bielski with seamless ease.  They understood the concept and thematic approach immediately and applied their expertise to produce a finely honed finished audio product.  They are a pleasure to work with, very responsive and extremely helpful in providing technical guidance along the way.”

Dr. Mark Bielski, History with Mark Bielski

“I absolutely LOVE Resonate Recordings. They have rescued audio for me, are really quick in their turnaround, and are super easy to work with. You’d be crazy not to work with them.”

Stephen Altrogge, Only The Good Stuff

“It has been a pleasure to work with Resonate Recordings for our podcast. We’ve repeatedly experienced incredible customer service, fantastic mixing and mastering, and a willingness to create customized recordings around our specific needs. If you’re looking for top-notch editing with a trustworthy company, Resonate Recordings is your choice.”

The Life On Mars Podcast Team

“Since 2013, Resonate has recorded, mixed and mastered all of Sojourn Network’s event-related audio, as well as posting this audio on our website and our iTunes. Their service has been invaluable, taking a complicated and technical process and creating a simple solution that produces a quality and timeless product that serves pastors and church planters throughout the country. As long as we’re recording and sharing audio content to serve our pastors and churches, we hope to continue working with Resonate.”

Dave Owens, Sojourn Network

“Working with Resonate brought a spark of life and creative energy to my album that I could not have given it alone. They took a real interest in achieving the full potential of my songs. The recording process as a whole was incredibly smooth. They handle everything with such skill that they take away the typical studio stress and let you focus on your art.”

Adrian Mathenia, Singer/Songwriter

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