Podcast Editing
Jim Litke & Tim Dahlberg, PodcastOne Sports Now: From the Sports Desk of The Associated Press

“Smart. Patient. Resourceful. Invested. Top-flight podcast editing & production. … Expected all that. Didn’t expect it to be fun. Resonate Recordings makes podcasting sound less like work than it should.”

Podcast Editing
Payne Lindsey, Up and Vanished

“The guys at Resonate have made my life so much easier. We’ve established an amazing working relationship that has allowed us to grow & improve our podcast in a very short period of time. Their unmatched efficiency & dedication to quality sound are what make them stand apart.”

Podcast Editing
Amanda Bucci, Bucci Radio

“I’ve been working with Resonate Recordings for over a year, & working with them has been AMAZING! A busy entrepreneurs dream, really. I upload my episodes, & they get them uploaded on time without the drop of a hat. Having the peace of mind knowing that a company is not only exemplary at what they do, but timely as well – well, could you ask for anything better?”

Podcast Editing
Philip Holloway, host of Sworn

“Sworn hit number 1 on the iTunes top chart before & after releasing our premier episodes. Resonate Recordings was an outstanding partner in creating an outstanding product. Frankly, as someone with little tech know-how, I don’t know how I would have been able to host Sworn without Resonate Recordings having my back!”

podcast editing
Bayley Dietz, OV | Build

“Resonate Recording has been an incredible partner in getting our podcast, BUILD, off the ground. From idea to execution, the Resonate team has walked us through the entire process using best practices along the way. All the behind-the-scenes work is taken care of by a very responsive & talented group of individuals & their new platform allows us to upload files & notes for each episode with ease. As a venture capital firm, we consistently recommend Resonate to our portfolio companies & broader network.”

podcast editing
Marie Wold, Grind and Be Grateful

“As a creative entrepreneur, adding a podcast to my already mile-long to-do list sounded super daunting…. until I found Resonate Recordings. Their team has been with me every step of the way, & is always happy to go above & beyond to make sure that each & every episode sounds amazing. Their timeliness, customer service, & production skills just can’t be beat! I’ve absolutely loved working with the Resonate Recordings team & they’ve made the entire podcasting process easier & more fun than I had thought possible!”

Podcast Editing
Brandon Savage, Reading Bug Adventures

“From our first interaction with Resonate Recordings, we knew they were the right team for our unique podcast. With terrific sound editing, mixing & mastering, quick turnaround, innovative ideas, & helpful guidance, they’ve helped turn our vision into reality, & we couldn’t be more excited! As new podcasters, we’ve really appreciated their creativity & partnership & are looking forward to more adventures together.”

Mish Pope, In Her Own Way
Mish Pope, In Her Own Way
“Working with the crew at Resonate Recordings has been a dream. They have been incredibly easy & professional to work with. From the inception of my podcast, to now weekly production, the whole process has been smooth. I would absolutely recommend the Resonate team to anyone looking to launch & grow their podcast.”
podcast production
Alan Murphy, Barracks Stories

“I’ve had an idea of starting a podcast for quite some time, but I realized to take control of actually doing it I needed to remove all of my pain points & that included editing. The Resonate team has been great to work with, to be a sounding board for my ideas, but has always been willing to give feedback on how I can do better & be better. I can’t recommend them enough! Hire them & you won’t look back!!!”

Roxanne Saffaie, BlackBeltBeauty Radio

“Resonate Recordings gave me the extra confidence I needed to launch my podcast by making the process of editing so easy! The team is so supportive and always accessible to their podcast clients and that goes a LONG way especially in the earlier stages of growing a new podcast.  The quality of their work is excellent, Im  proud to have my podcast BlackBeltBeauty Radio to be on their roster of clients, it’s a feeling of genuine teamwork driven to succeed.”

Ben and Bikes
Ben Lockett, Ben and Bikes

“Resonate Recordings are my go to spot for all my audio needs. A recent guest interview was done over the phone and it sounded terrible with significant background noise. Resonate was able to clean it up so the noise was gone and the audio sounded great. Their team is always timely, professional and help my Podcasts be the best they can be.”

Eric Levai, Mueller Time
Eric Levai, Mueller Time

“When it comes to podcast editing & production, Resonate Recordings is the best in the business! I highly recommend them to anyone with a podcast or considering starting one.”

Podcast Editing
Vanessa Phearson, The Cleaning of John Doe

“Resonate Recordings professionalism & high quality work has helped make the launch of my podcast way less stressful! Even though they produce a lot of high profile podcasts, they still managed to make me feel like their most important client. I was amazed at what an awesome job they did in such little time. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to make their podcast stand out.”

Podcast Editing
Kristin Matheny, The Policy Scout

“Resonate Recordings has enabled me to work harder on providing balanced political analysis & good interviews. I know these professionals will make whatever I record sound perfect, & they are always incredibly patient & insightful when I have questions about podcasting. I can’t imagine The Policy Scout would exist without their help & impressive audio skills. I’ve already recommended Resonate Recordings to podcaster friends & will enthusiastically continue to do so!”

Podcast Editing
Richmond Weaver, Rich Take On Sports

“I never understood the importance of audio quality & the work involved to create the best audio available when starting Rich Take On Sports podcast, however, I learned very quickly as I was about to launch. Resonate Recordings helped salvage my audio at a moment’s notice enabling an on-time launch of the podcast. Without Resonate it would have never been possible & that’s why Resonate is my choice.”

Podcast Editing
KC Jorgensen, The Manila Folder

“As a new podcaster, the Resonate team gave me phenomenal advice (even before I started working with them). Once I was onboard, it only got better from there. They work hard to understand my style & my audience. They consistently deliver a high quality product that has became a hallmark of my show. Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times people have written to say, “Whoa! The sound quality of your show is phenomenal!” They’re true partners who want to see their clients succeed. I cannot recommend Resonate enough.”

Podcast Editing
Anastasia Symons, Thanks for Asking

“The Resonate team made the launch of our first-ever podcast series seamless & efficient. They’ve been a pleasure to work with & their attention to detail, advice & support has helped us improve the way we’re using this platform.”

Podcast Production
Charles Cohon, Outsourcing Selling

“Our experience having Resonate Recordings launch our new (& first ever) podcast was outstanding. The Resonate team was more than willing to work with a podcasting novice, provide guidance on the needed equipment & software, & get us methodically from concept to launch. They said what they’d do & then they did what they said. What more could you ask for.”

podcast editing
Barnabas Piper, The Happy Rant

“Resonate has been editing the Happy Rant Podcast since we started. Their quality of work, timelines of project turn-arounds, & flexibility to help with last-minute projects have all been incredible & helped us enormously. They help three novices with limited technical ability & time produce a product that sounds good. Resonate is a pleasure to work with in every way & I recommend them to any podcaster with editing/producing needs.”

podcast editing
Luke Brawner, The H

“Resonate Recordings has been an absolute godsend for me. Being able to hand my files off for them to mix each week has made my show 100% better, as A) they are far better mixing engineers than me, & B) it’s freed me up to focus my attention on the craft of storytelling without getting bogged down in technical things like EQ & compression. They’re incredibly affordable, flexible & they ALWAYS deliver my mixes on time. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

Podcast Production
Jami Kaeb, The Forgotten Podcast

“I love working with Resonate Recordings! They are knowledgeable, flexible & always willing to roll with any of my ideas! They work quickly, help me figure out all our tech issues & makes sure our podcast sounds professional & personal.”

podcast production
Dr. Mark Bielski, History with Mark Bielski

“Resonate took on the production of History with Mark Bielski with seamless ease. They understood the concept & thematic approach immediately & applied their expertise to produce a finely honed finished audio product. They are a pleasure to work with, very responsive & extremely helpful in providing technical guidance along the way.”

Podcast Editing
Stephen Altrogge, Only The Good Stuff

“I absolutely LOVE Resonate Recordings! They have rescued podcast audio for me, are really quick in their turnaround, & are super easy to work with. You’d be crazy not to work with them.”

Life on Mars Podcast
The Life On Mars Podcast Team

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Resonate Recordings for our podcast. We’ve repeatedly experienced incredible customer service, fantastic podcast editing & mixing, & a willingness to create customized recordings around our specific needs. If you’re looking for top-notch podcast editing with a trustworthy company, Resonate Recordings is your choice.”

Podcast Production
Dave Owens, Sojourn Network

“Since 2013, Resonate has recorded, mixed & mastered all of Sojourn Network’s event-related audio, as well as posting this audio on our website & iTunes. Their service has been invaluable, taking a complicated & technical process & creating a simple solution that produces a quality & timeless product that serves pastors & church planters throughout the country. As long as we’re recording & sharing audio content, we hope to continue working with Resonate.”

Podcast Editing
Kristy & Teresa, The Last Picture

“At The Last Picture podcast, we are passionate about our podcast & how it sounds. Starting the podcast was a side gig to our lives as photographers. We could book the guests, record the content, but we wanted to leave the sound to the experts. Luckily, we found Resonate Recordings. They are so easy to work with, have a great turn around time & make our podcasts sound the best they can. We totally recommend them to other artists doing podcasts!”

podcast editing
Jeremy Carter, Bold Future

“Working with Resonate Recordings has been a game changer for me. I really love the quality of their work & they always deliver on time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their podcast to the next level.”

Podcast Production
Dale Wiley, Soutee

“Resonate Recordings is professional, fast & work hard to get it right. I am so happy I chose to work with them, & I would encourage anyone starting a podcast to know you can’t go wrong with Resonate!”

Podcast Production
Melinda Esquibel, VANISHED: The Tara Calico Investigation

“I’ve been in the business for upwards of 15 years & have worked with many people in the entertainment industry. Resonate Recordings professionalism & attention to detail set them apart. To be honest without their direction & knowledge launching my podcast would have felt impossible to me. They really care about their clients, are quick to respond to questions & are always helping me find ways to improve the quality of my podcast. I would highly recommend working with Resonate Recordings!”

Podcast Editing Business
Carol Sanford, Business Second Opinion

“I have done business audience podcasts, two channels, for five years. I had no idea how much better it could be until I started my third one, Business Second Opinion, using Resonate Recordings services. I have everything all in one production place & much higher quality plus advice & help on the entire process. Resonate makes me sound like a top line show. I am ecstatic about the new found partnership.”

Podcast Production
Jody & David, Somebody Somewhere

“Solving a murder takes a village & Resonate Recordings have been great partner in this adventure. We are hands-on producers with high expectations & the team at Resonate always exceeds ours. They are deeply committed to helping their clients produce kick-ass podcasts.”

Podcast Editing
Mayor Matt Seale, Small Town Podcast

“When I thought about starting a podcast to profile small towns & the unsung heroes that live in them, I was overwhelmed by all the aspects of production. Resonate made it all possible. Not only are they incredible to work with on regular episodes, they were instrumental in helping me get things started, handling aspects like graphic design on my cover art & original theme music. I know that there are other companies that provide similar services, but I cannot imagine working with anyone else on Small Town Podcast.”

podcast editing
Kira Kazantsev, What We Do

“Every day, someone reaches out to me to compliment not just the content of my show but the quality of the production, & that’s where Resonate Recordings comes in. The Resonate team set me up with step by step instructions of everything I needed to do, the equipment I would need, & have made the process so simple & easy. The quality of the editing is absolutely outstanding & they are so good about working with you to make sure your final product is perfect & exactly what you want. I can’t wait to see my show grow with Resonate!”

podcast editing
Steven Haines, Masters of Product Management

“Resonate Recordings has helped Sequent Learning Networks to fine-tune its Masters of Product Management podcast. The Resonate team are professional, responsive, & provide the attention we need to ensure we have the quality we need.”

Podcast Editing
Joshua Nussbaum, Inside Out Empowerment

“I cannot over state the contribution Resonate Recordings has made to Inside Out Empowerment! I had a ton I wanted to share but had no clue how to get my thoughts recorded or distributed. Within weeks I ranked top 10 in iTunes business category & now regularly focus ONLY on recording while letting Resonate seamlessly handle the rest. Simply put, without them this passion project would not be possible. If you are wanting to take your podcast to the next level, trust me when I tell you that you could not be in better hands than with Resonate.”

Podcast Production
Simone Matthews, Murderous Minors

“I could never have achieved a fraction of the success that I’ve had with my podcast without the services of Resonate Recordings. Their expertise & compassion make me feel like I am their only client; the extra effort they exhibit ensures my audience an expertly-produced listening experience. I never have to worry about the quality of my episodes. Resonate Recordings has made the process of starting & running a podcast totally stress-free!”

Making Life Work Podcast Editing
Jenn O’Neil, Making Life Work

“Resonate Recordings has been nothing short of a life saver for our podcast. We got in touch with them before we started recording & they have walked us through every step of the way including talking to us about what mics to use, what platform to record on & where to host our podcast. The turn around times on editing are incredibly quick & the cost are extremely reasonable. The team at Resonate is integral to our podcasts success & I can’t imagine we’d have two seasons under our belt without them.”

Compcast Podcast
Cameron Deeb, OMCA Compcast

“Working with Jacob & the folks at Resonate Recordings has been a pleasurable & rewarding venture. They have diligently allowed a first time group of people to embrace & run with a new podcast. Their dedication to seeing the initial startup go from concept to craft shows their robustness & attention to detail.”

podcast production
Emily Catalano, Good Food Pittsburgh Radio

“The team at Resonate Recordings have been great to work with. They’re incredibly responsive, & have taken the time to answer all of our questions – & anticipate questions that we haven’t even asked yet! We’ve found them professional, friendly, & really good at their jobs.”

Podcast Editing
Talli Goldman Dolge, Dearest Oprah

“Resonate Recordings has been incredible to work with! They provide me with high quality podcast editing & incredible turnaround. I highly recommend their podcast services to anyone with a podcast.”

Abbey Jones, Bad People Book Club

“The talented team at Resonate Recordings have made managing Bad People Book Club so much easier! They truly understand our vision & are able to bring it to life in audio format.  The quality & efficiency of their podcast editing & production services really are unparalleled.”

Podcast Production
Alex Grand, Comic Book Historians

“Resonate Recordings is my go to podcast editing company! They have an easy to use platform, great customer service & communication, & a very skilled ability to level out the volumes, eliminating background noises & static to pump out a professional product. All my raw files go to them to increase the sound quality of our podcast.”

Podcast Editing
Melanie Kopeikin, Pro Beauty Talks

“Working with Resonate Recordings & the team has been instrumental to the successful launch & execution of our podcast. They are part of our team in every way, deliver on time every time, & always with incredible effectiveness. Jacob & Jon have helped us navigate the podcast world & inspired confidence. With their professional help & guidance, we are able to produce & launch with consistency & quality.”

Podcast Editing
Tedra, We Get To Know

“With any new endeavor there are steps of trepidation as you get the hang of things. Finding Resonate Recordings to handle our podcast editing has been such a relief. They are so kind, efficient & deliver the quality product we need. We tested other editors & chose Resonate simply because at the end of the day, THEY ARE BETTER. We couldn’t be happier & look forward to a long lasting relationship.”

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