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Is a podcast production company worth it?

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Posted December 1, 2022

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One of the best parts about working with a podcast production company is that you are free to work on other aspects of the podcast while your episode is in audio production.

Podcasts are a lot more work than people think.

When you decide to start a podcast, you don’t just need to become a podcaster. You need to be the writer, editor, producer, audio engineer, manager and marketer all in one. 

First, you write the scripts and outlines, next you need to record the audio. Nice! You’ve recorded the audio, but now it needs editing. Hours to days later it’s ready to go, but now you need to make social media posts and other marketing promotions to make sure people know it exists. And while you’re coming up with all of these different ideas, designs, and maintaining it all – you still need to answer to the demands of your life outside of the podcast.

There’s only so much time in a day and you only have so many heads. Luckily, podcast production companies exist for this very reason. Companies like Resonate make it easier for podcasters to get everything they need to get done, done–without taking up too much of your time.

How it works

Much like a music production company, podcast production companies have people to handle each and every responsibility that comes with a podcast from every different angle. They provide the manpower to complete the tasks you don’t have the time, skills, or resources for. Audio engineers clean up and edit hours of audio, marketers post podcast social media content, producers co-write scripts, and so on. Different companies have different approaches to this, but we can speak for Resonate when it comes to finding a company that’s a one-stop shop for all things podcasting.

A lot of people hear the word “company” and get scared that this means tons of fees, copyright and ownership issues, and ‘selling out.’ Read on to find out what it actually means to work with a podcast production company as we bust all those myths and more. 

Myth #1

Podcast production companies will waste my time and money.

Fact: Resonate works with your budget and schedule to find solutions that meet your needs without breaking the bank.

We won’t lie to you, podcast production prices can be pretty steep. But the important thing to remember is that your podcast is only as good as your investment in it. Meaning if you invest a quality amount of time and money into your podcast, the end result will be a quality podcast.

One of the best parts about working with a podcast production company is that you are free to work on other aspects of the podcast while your episode is in audio production. You’re accomplishing at least two things at once!

One common factor we’ve come across among all podcasters is that once they start a podcast, they realize it is way more work than they thought it would be. Having an expert on your side to handle your audio is not only a huge time-saver, but a guarantee that you have a show worth listening to.

It’s super important to note that if your sound is unclear or basic, no one will feel compelled to listen to the content. It’s tough to gain an audience if you have poor sound quality, so ensuring you get the best audio is key.

Working with a professional team of audio engineers to edit and package your podcast lets you focus more on the actual recording of the podcast so you don’t get caught up in the little details and responsibilities that will keep your show from growing. Making a successful podcast is no easy task, but the investment in your podcast will definitely be worth it.

Myth #2

If I want a podcast production team, my podcast needs to be famous first.

Fact: Resonate works with podcasters in all stages of their journey.

Whether you’re an individual who’s been doing this for years or a large business looking to get into the podcast world, Resonate is here to make the process go as smoothly as possible. If you’re looking to launch a podcast, your needs will be different from someone who is looking to grow their podcast audience. With this in mind, most podcast production companies are structured with different tiers of service to suit each individual’s unique needs for their podcast. 

After producing over 36,000 episodes and having the trust of over 3,000 shows, it’s safe to say that we’ve met podcasters with little-to-no experience in the craft, and others who are masters. Everyone starts somewhere, and Resonate is here to help get you started.

Myth #3

There’s no real difference between the podcast audio I record and the audio a podcast production company produces.

Fact: A podcast production team will provide premium quality that can’t be fabricated without state-of-the-art technology.

The point of hiring a team of audio engineers is for them to utilize their extensive knowledge and experience in order to create something that could never be done alone, and therefore sets your podcast apart from the competition. To add on, audio engineers are more versed in the tech side of podcasting because they spent a minimum of four years mastering it. Trying to learn it yourself can drag time that can be used somewhere else.

Resonate’s own team of award-winning engineers has helped over thirteen shows reach the top spots of Apple Podcasts, and countless others reach the top of their genre.

It can seem daunting to take the leap into the professional side of the podcast industry, especially when you’re unsure of the end product. Listen to the example below for a sample of what your podcast could sound like with a production team behind you.

Before Production
After Production

Whether it’s creative vision, music, cover art, or even setting up your equipment, having a team of professionals to guide you makes a huge difference you can actually hear.


Anyone can sit in front of a microphone, press ‘record,’ and talk about their thoughts. But that doesn’t make them a successful podcaster anymore than sitting in front of a camera makes them a professional YouTuber.

Working with a podcast production company is an investment in a podcaster’s show/brand. If you’re serious about growing in the podcast space, this would be one of (if not the) first investments made.

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Podcasts at their base level are just audio files. But the difference between podcasters and people with a hobby is that professionals understand the amount of work that goes into podcasts from all angles: Marketing, audio editing and enhancement, creative writing, original music, and cover art are just a few factors that can be handled by a team of professionals.

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