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If you’re thinking about podcasting but aren’t sure where to start, we can help! The Resonate team has provided podcasting help to many other podcasters just like you. We are a collective of audio & branding creatives who are trained & motivated to make podcasting easy for our clients. We are trained professionals who use innovative technology to make sure your podcast quality is superior & your message is understood.

Why a podcast?

It is undeniable that podcasts are continuing to increase in popularity. A simple look at statistics will help you see the jaw-dropping numbers. Like a wildfire they are rapidly growing in popularity, with record numbers of listeners tuning in on a regular basis. And it’s no surprise. Podcasts are helping the masses have a broad diversity of content to listen to. Everything from history & science, to self-improvement & business-coaching; from nutrition & health, to true-crime & religion are there for the listening. It’s all at your fingertips. There is literally something for everyone in the podcasting world.

Podcasts are providing proven benefits for people & companies as they can help increase awareness about your business, grow your social audience, establish you as an industry leader, increase your revenue & much more. Looking at the history of where podcasting has come from over the last decade & knowing that it is still in it’s infancy is pretty incredible to consider. With podcasting you have the opportunity to be a part of something that is fast-growing & whose trajectory is continuing to skyrocket upwards. If you have been considering starting a podcast, now is the time to take the first step & the Resonate team can help!

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We understand that every podcast & podcaster are unique, for that reason we offer flexible payment options to best fit your podcasting needs & release schedule. You can pay in advance & signup for all the episode you need produced for the entire year or just pay per episode as you go. It is proven that podcasters that release consistent episodes will gain & retain more listeners. Commit to 1 episode a week, your first season, or year of our podcast production services & we will help you release consistent episodes, save money, & gain more listeners! 

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What Others Are Saying About Our Podcasting Help

Below are just a few of our podcasting clients we help. Each of them had some of the same questions you probably do, & we have developed a long lasting working relationship with each of them. We have had the honor of partnering with startups, entrepreneurs, large corporations, hobbyist podcasters, & several podcasts in the top charts in all of iTunes! We’ve helped each podcaster so they can focus on creating amazing content & taking their podcast to the next level!


Podcast Editing
Jim Litke & Tim Dahlberg, PodcastOne Sports Now: From the Sports Desk of The Associated Press

“Smart. Patient. Resourceful. Invested. Top-flight podcast editing & production. … Expected all that. Didn’t expect it to be fun. Resonate Recordings makes podcasting sound less like work than it should.”

Podcast Editing
Payne Lindsey, Up and Vanished

“The guys at Resonate have made my life so much easier. We’ve established an amazing working relationship that has allowed us to grow & improve our podcast in a very short period of time. Their unmatched efficiency & dedication to quality sound are what make them stand apart.”

Podcast Editing
Amanda Bucci, Bucci Radio

“I’ve been working with Resonate Recordings for over a year, & working with them has been AMAZING! A busy entrepreneurs dream, really. I upload my episodes, & they get them uploaded on time without the drop of a hat. Having the peace of mind knowing that a company is not only exemplary at what they do, but timely as well – well, could you ask for anything better?”

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