ShePodcasts 2019 Conference Recap

She Podcasts 2019 Conference Recap

She Podcasts 2019 Conference Recap

Recap of She Podcasts 2019 Conference in Atlanta, GA

10.15.19 | Podcasting | By: Resonate Recordings

One of the most exciting things about podcasting is that it is a simple and very accessible platform. It’s a way for the voices of people everywhere to be broadcasted and for their messages to be easily heard. But more specifically it’s also a way for people of all kinds to contribute to the narrative. It’s open to everyone, everywhere. In fact, recent statistics show that nearly 25% of women listen to podcasts monthly and that in total, that number is 34 million women. With such a large (and still growing) number of women taking to podcasting both as listeners and creators, there’s been a growing need for a space designed to nurture and foster the creative spirit of women podcasters. This past week the Resonate Recordings team joined over 600 other podcast listeners, creators and vendors at She Podcasts Live 2019 in Atlanta, GA. The conference was designed to give a voice to those often suppressed and minimized in the media and segments of society and to make ways for women of all types to have the courage to project their voices and declare their message through podcasting. 

As the She Podcasts team identifies, “Everyone deserves to be heard. That’s the foundation of She Podcasts. We started this group because we believe women have a unique challenge in getting their voices to be heard.” Simply  put, a solution is needed. And that’s exactly what this conference has done-provide an opportunity for the voice of all women to be heard and emboldened through podcasting. She Podcasts is a blossoming community that is built on equality, empowerment and encouragement. And this is exactly why the Resonate team wanted to participate from the very beginning. With over 50 sponsors and a stunning lineup of speakers, the conference was a breath of fresh air for women podcasters of all kinds. Here’s what our team had to say from their experience:

Janelle’s Takeaways

This was my first podcast conference and for it being the first time, I thought it was tremendous! Jessica and Elsie and the She Podcasts team who put the conference together did a phenomenal job – from showcasing some really insightful breakout session topics to organizing the after-session activities to showing support to the vendors that were there. Out of the many highlights at #ShePodcasts2019, if I was just going to name a couple, I would say:

Meeting Great People

ShePodcast Meeting Great People

Firstly, I would say that it would be the people I got to meet and connect with. I encountered people who had been podcasting for 10 years as well as people who hadn’t yet started one yet, even TedTalk speakers, and authors. Each person I got to meet and each experience I got to hear about was captivating. 

The Diversity Represented

The second highlight was the uniquenesses of the speakers who came from diverse backgrounds to share their knowledge and advice – whether in storytelling, in marketing, or just to encourage people who were thinking of starting but had not yet hit the record button. All in all, I thought it was a great conference and an even better beginning to annual ShePodcasts Conferences.

Rachel’s Takeaways

Finding a New Podcast I Love

The opening Keynote speaker for the conference was Kristen Meinzer; the host of a podcast called By the Book. She caught my attention with her quick humor and down-to-earth personality. The podcast is a reality show where Kristen and her friend Jolenta Greenberg read different self-help books and live “by the book” for two weeks, following every step. Then they provide their feedback on the life-changing set of rules. 

Meeting the Stitcher Team

The team from Stitcher took to heart the theme of the weekend being for women. You could tell that they spent time even picking out what merch to provide for this particular audience by giving away multi-colored scrunchies, and get this- free manicures! They also had Kristen Meinzer from By the Book signing copies of her own book So You Want to Start a Podcast. Catching my attention was one thing, but now I know so much more about what Stitcher does and I have more awareness on the podcasts they are sharing with the world!

Meeting Amazing Women (and People in General) with Similar Interests

ShePodcasts Meeting the Stitcher Team

One thing I wasn’t expecting was meeting so many other women in the podcasting world that I clicked with. The conference went beyond the vendor table for me. One example of this was the Karaoke/ Dance Party night. Podcasters and vendors alike came together to party and support one another on stage! This night was the night that I realized how many women I had met throughout the weekend that I really connected with. Of course I hope we can collaborate professionally- but I was also just excited to have made some new friends.

Simply put, the whole Resonate team was blown away by the overwhelming feeling of community and empowerment that was fostered at the event and we were so honored to have a small part in the first conference of its kind. We all know that the future of podcasting is bright and now we see there is even a little more sparkle knowing that the voices of women of all kinds will be heard more clearly and powerfully through the efforts of events like She Podcasts. 

Let’s Connect

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