Podcast Production Services

Podcasting is a creative expression of you and your personal message. And while the technical and creative elements of podcasting may come natural to some people, we know how challenging it can be to bring all the pieces together and make the vision of a podcast cohesive and engaging.

Our podcast production services are designed to meet all of your post-production audio needs so 

you can focus on creating new content for your podcast. The Resonate Recordings team is a professional, in-house collaboration of producers, audio editors and mixing engineers that will process each episode you submit.


Record the audio for your podcast


Upload your podcast audio to our web app



We professionally edit & mix your podcast audio



We deliver your episode sounding the best it can

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Standard Podcast Production - $39/Episode


With our Standard podcast production service we will find the beginning and ending of your episode and add in your intro and outro bumpers, as well as edit up to 3 spots if you provide us with the exact time stamps of the edits you would like. With our Standard service we will also reduce your audio’s background and room noise, then professionally mix and master your podcast so that the audio quality will sound the best it possibly can.

*Our Standard production service will be reduced to $39/episode (from $59/episode) until the impact of COVID has settled.

Standard Production Example



Premium Podcast Production - $139/EPISODE

With our Premium service we will perform the same background, room noise and mixing and mastering processes as our Standard service so that your audio quality is the best it can be. Additionally we will review every second of RAW audio you submit (up to 60 minutes). In this process we will have a trained audio editor edit out any mess ups, long pauses, filler words or anything else they determine to be potentially distracting for your listeners. During this process we are also determined not to compromise the integrity or authenticity of your recording by avoiding an over-processed sound and maintaining a conversational feel.

Premium Production Example



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Enhanced Podcast Production - $199/EPISODE

While most of our clients are a great fit for our traditional Standard and Premium services, there are some podcasters that want a more enhanced production for their podcast. With our Enhanced service, we will put your audio through the same editing process as our Premium service and the same background, room noise and mixing and mastering processes as our Standard and Premium services so that your audio quality is the best it can be. Additionally, we will work with you to have an audio engineer give your audio some extra attention through light sound design to make your audio stand out from the crowd.

Enhanced Production Example



Custom Podcast Production - Billed Hourly

In addition to our traditional production services, we offer Custom podcast production. Our Custom production is designed for podcasters or production partners looking for a high-level of audio production that includes custom sound design, episode layout, music selection and other production elements for creating a more robust narrative or storytelling-style podcast. If you would like to learn more about having Resonate Recordings custom produce your podcast, please contact us.

Custom Production Example



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Levels of Service


Podcast Production Service Detail

An episode credit is equal to 1 episode. Episode credits do not expire and you are free to purchase as many or few credits as you want. Bulk discounts are available starting when you purchase 12 or more episode credits. advance.  

Delivery timelines for our audio production services are as follows:

  • Standard, Premium: 72 business hours
  • First Episodes, Enhanced, Enterprise, Podcast Audio Trailer: 120 business hours 
  • Custom: 120+ business hours
  • RAW 60+: additional 48 business hours (Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise only) 

*Delivery of your final audio in these timelines is dependent on receiving all necessary materials from you. All necessary recorded and written files must be submitted to our team before we can begin production on an episode. Turnaround time does not include weekends, US holidays or Resonate team development days.

Our pricing is based on the production of podcast episodes with a RAW audio length of 60 minutes or less. Production on Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise episodes with RAW audio that is greater than 60 minutes is subject to a $30 charge for each additional 15 minutes of RAW audio. 

You can request a rushed turnaround on your audio production when you submit it. A rush request is not guaranteed and is subject to our production capacity when you submit your episode. If your rush request can not be completed then the rush fee will be credited to your account. A rush request is simply the delivery of an episode master sooner than the standard turnaround time for the production level of your episode. Rush fees for audio production are as follows:

  • Standard: $75/request
  • Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise: $150/request
  • RAW 60+: $150/request plus and additional 2 business days

Revision request fees for production are charged based on the number of minutes our team spends on the request(s). We will provide you 10 minutes of revisions without cost for each episode. Beginning at minute 11, the rate will be $2.08/per minute ($125/per hour) spent. A revision requiring 10 minutes or less would be free of charge. Exceptions will be any issues that were clearly requested at the time of submission that our team overlooked or did not deliver with additional exceptions granted for clients using Resonate Producer Services. 

Our team can assist you in posting your final audio to your hosting platform if requested. We offer our own podcast hosting to our clients as well as simple integrations with several popular hosting platforms (Libsyn, PodBean, and Buzzsprout) and our team is able to help you use these integrations. We can also manually post your episodes to any hosting platform for an additional fee of $39/episode. 

Learn More About Podcast Production

There are so many moving parts to running a podcast that it can be hard to know what where to even get started. We’ve written blogs on every part of the podcast production process to help make podcasting easier for you. Learn more about podcasting by reading some of these related resources below!