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We’re in the business of making you sound as professional as possible. Our audio production services are designed to meet all of your post-production audio needs so you can focus on creating new content for your podcast. 


Craft the aesthetic of your podcast. Craft the aesthetic of your podcast with our professional podcast mixing. Reduce background and room noise, balance dynamics and tone for each track, and organize all of your audio files.


Leave the distractions on the cutting room floor. Cut out long-pauses, filler words, false starts, background sounds, and anything else that may be a distraction for your listeners.


Polish for the clearest listening experience. Level each of your tracks, optimize to digital streaming specifications, tag with metadata, and bring it all together in one master podcast file.

Team & technology

Professional Engineers

Your podcast audio is handled with extreme care by our team of degree-trained audio engineers. Collectively, we draw from experience in TV, film, radio broadcasting, and beyond to bring you that crisp studio-quality sound. 

Cutting-edge tech stack

We integrate forward-thinking digital and analog technologies for the best combination of efficiency and quality. Drawing from a range of software, sounds, outboard gear, and monitoring systems, we take your audio further.

Resonate App

Podcast file management just got easier with the Resonate app. Simply upload your content, add episode instructions, comment for revisions, and approve your episode masters using Resonate. 

No contracts
No monthly production fees

Pay for what you need and nothing more

Simply choose your level of service and number of episode credits to get started. You can even mix and match credits. Planning a full season or slate of shows? Buy in bulk for discount prices.

Tweak each episode to fit your vision

Free for the first 10 minutes. If we break it we fix it, meaning that revisions are free if our team makes a mistake. After that, revisions are charged based on the number of minutes our team spends on the request(s). Or get unlimited revisions included with our Enterprise and Custom level of service.

Packages & Pricing

Start small or customize to your heart's content


$69 / episode

Standard podcast production organizes your content, mixes and masters your audio to broadcast standards.



$159 / Episode

Premium podcast production removes distractions to clarify your message.


$239 /Episode

Add light sound design and music to engage your listeners with Enhanced podcast production. 


$449 & Up

Turnkey podcast production services for  businesses and organizations. 


$750 & Up

Robust audio production for narrative or storytelling-style podcasts 

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Choose the Perfect Level of Service

Looking to stand out from the rest? Our team will craft the aesthetic of your podcast with our unique, professional mixing. Our degree-trained mixing engineers will ensure that your podcast episode sounds the best it possibly can. The process we use and the tools we implement are unique to our team, making sure your audio shines.
  • Professional mixing
Looking for that professional sound? Our team will level each of your tracks, optimize the audio to digital streaming specifications, tag with metadata, and bring it all together in one master podcast file.
  • Mastered to broadcast standards
Want to remove the distractions? Our team will reduce as much background and room noise as possible. Our engineers will work to make your audio as distraction free as possible while maintaining the integrity and quality of your audio recording.
  • Noise reduction
Hoping to amaze your listeners? Our team will maximize the sound and tone of your audio tracks ensuring your podcast sounds the best it can using audio equalization.
  • Audio equalization
Looking for consistently great audio? Our team will use compression and limiting to ensure your podcast episode has the appropriate dynamic control and balancing. No part will be too loud or too soft.
  • Dynamic balancing
Want to make sure t's are crossed and i's are dotted? Our team will add all needed metadata to your audio file.
  • ID3 tagging
Want real time support? You can directly chat with our support team within your Resonate account. Whether you have a general question or need help publishing your next episode our support team will be there.
  • Direct chat with support
Looking to make your podcast more personal? Our team will add in your intro and outro music, and any sponsor messages.
  • Add intro/outro & sponsor messages
Need to plan your content release? The standard time it will take our team to return your final episode master from the time you upload all needed assets. Please be aware that we will not begin production until we have everything we need from you to begin our production process.
  • Turnaround time
Hoping to make an impression? Our team will cut out the long-pauses, filler words, false starts, background sounds, and anything else that may be a distraction for your listeners. Our editing includes up to 60 minutes of RAW audio. Anything over 60 minutes will accrue an additional fee.
  • Premium editing
Want to elevate your episodes? Our team will add in additional music beds or minimal sound design elements to your episode as requested. If you are looking for more comprehensive sound immersion or an audiodrama style podcast we recommend upgrading to unlimited sound design and music.
  • Light sound design & music
Interested in high-touch care? One of our team's dedicated account reps will help you with everything related to your podcast. You will have direct email and phone communication access with your account rep with same-business-day communication.
  • Dedicated Account Representative
Want to make sure there's unmatched consistency? The same in-house production team members will be dedicated to your show. This will allow you to have an impeccable level of consistency in your content as we build a working relationship with you.
  • Dedicated production team
Looking for a way to make changes? Our team will make any changes requested to your final episode master. Sometimes this comes in handy if you have a robust approval process with multiple stakeholders or other team members who may want to review the episodes before pushing them live.
  • Unlimited revisions
Hate to wait? Your episodes will make it to the top of the production queue, meaning you may have a quicker turnaround time for your episodes.
  • Priority production turnaround
Have "unusable" audio or poor audio quality? If you have problem audio that seems unsalvageable, we can spend the needed time to try and restore the audio to make it usable for your podcast.
  • Audio restoration

Looking for a more produced sound? Our team will work with you to provide a much more comprehensive level of sound immersion or sound design for a more "produced" feel. Many storytelling, narrative and true crime podcasts utilize this level of production. We can tailor the custom sound deign and scoring of your podcast to your unique preferences, giving it a truly unique sound.

  • Unlimited sound design & music











Not sure what service level is right for you?​

Podcast Production Service Detail

Episode credits

An episode credit is equal to 1 episode. Episode credits do not expire and you are free to purchase as many or few credits as you want. Bulk discounts are available starting when you purchase 12 or more episode credits. advance.

Delivery and turnaround

Delivery timelines for our audio production services are as follows:

  • Standard, Premium: 72 business hours
  • First Episodes, Enhanced, Enterprise, Podcast Audio Trailer: 120 business hours
  • Custom: 120+ business hours
  • RAW 60+: additional 48 business hours (Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise only)

*Delivery of your final audio in these timelines is dependent on receiving all necessary materials from you. All necessary recorded and written files must be submitted to our team before we can begin production on an episode. Turnaround time does not include weekends, US holidays or Resonate team development days.

RAW overage

Our pricing is based on the production of podcast episodes with a RAW audio length of 60 minutes or less. Production on Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise episodes with RAW audio that is greater than 60 minutes is subject to a $30 charge for each additional 15 minutes of RAW audio.


RAW audio exceeding 60 mins will require an additional 48 business hours of turnaround time in production (Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise only) . 

Rush requests

You can request a rushed turnaround on your audio production when you submit it. A rush request is not guaranteed and is subject to our production capacity when you submit your episode. If your rush request can not be completed then the rush fee will be credited to your account. A rush request is simply the delivery of an episode master sooner than the standard turnaround time for the production level of your episode. Rush fees for audio production are as follows:

  • Standard: $75/request
  • Premium, Enhanced, and Enterprise: $150/request
  • RAW 60+: $150/request plus and additional 2 business days

Revision requests

Revision request fees for production are charged based on the number of minutes our team spends on the request(s). We will provide you 10 minutes of revisions without cost for each episode. Beginning at minute 11, the rate will be $2.50/per minute ($150/per hour) spent. A revision requiring 10 minutes or less would be free of charge. Exceptions will be any issues that were clearly requested at the time of submission that our team overlooked or did not deliver with additional exceptions granted for clients using Resonate Producer Services.

Posting episodes

Our team can assist you in posting your final audio to your hosting platform if requested. We offer our own podcast hosting to our clients as well as simple integrations with several popular hosting platforms (Libsyn, PodBean, and Buzzsprout) and our team is able to help you use these integrations. We can also manually post your episodes to any hosting platform for an additional fee of $39/episode.


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