Podcast Consulting Services

While many podcasters are searching for a partner to help with post-production, we know that many people, especially those new to podcasting, are also looking for a little guidance on how to podcast effectively. Sometimes people just need a little help from experts to make them feel more comfortable and help ensure that they get the most out of podcasting. The Resonate Recordings team has technical, creative and branding experts that can help you make sure your podcast is powerful and impactful by offering you hands-on support wherever needed. 

We offer consultations focused on helping you understand the basics of podcasting, how to effectively launch a new podcast, how to create your podcast’s content and even develop effective marketing concepts. We also offer guidance through equipment recommendations as well as troubleshooting and simplifying the recording process.

Basics of Podcasting

Sometimes people have an idea or a message they would like others to hear, they just simply don’t know whether it’s worthwhile and if podcasting is the right medium to get that message out. Our team can help walk through the benefits and impact of podcasting, how to create the overall vision, how to identify an audience, choose the right format of podcast and help to develop a cohesive structure for podcast episodes. We will also help explain everything that goes into making a podcast and how working with a partner in the post-production process can help make podcasting easy.

Podcast consultant meeting with a podcaster being recorded by an audio engineer at a conference table
Two podcasters recording content for their show

Content Creation

Many podcasters struggle to know just how to take their concept and make it into a cohesive message that will have an impactful impression on listeners worldwide. The Resonate Recordings team works with hundreds of podcasts, including top chart podcasts and we know what it takes to have a powerful and effective podcast. Let our team of producers and content creators help you identify what content will be most effective for your specific podcast. From discussing strategies for developing good content to helping you create the most effective intro and outro, our team is here to make sure your podcast gets your message out in the most effective way possible.

Podcast Launch

It’s not uncommon for new podcasters to have everything they need to develop their message into a podcast but get lost in the launch process. Many podcasts either succeed or fail because of how they approach the launch process. So how do you effectively launch a successful podcast? What goes into getting your podcast out for the world to hear? How do you develop a launch strategy that will give you maximum impact and choose the most effective content for your launch? Our team can work with you to develop a streamlined approach for your podcast’s launch, maintain a good release schedule and help you have the best chance of making it into highly coveted spots like New & Noteworthy.

Podcast Launch Consultation
Recording and Equipment Consultation

Equipment & Recording

For many podcasters, the most intimidating aspect of podcasting is the technical side of the recording process and knowing how to get the highest quality recordings. Having a quality and crystal-clear recording is a must. Thankfully this is something our team deals with every day. Our team of degree-trained and experienced engineers can help identify the best recording solution based on each unique recording scenario and offer specific equipment recommendations as well as hands-on support through the recording process. Our team is known for being the industry leader in developing and implementing simple and effective solutions to ensure your audio quality is the best it can possibly be.

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Take the next step towards creating a successful podcast by learning about the process. Our blog covers everything it takes to launch and run a podcast. We share in-depth equipment reviews, reasons to consider starting a podcast, and even detailed advice on marketing your podcast.