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Podcast Launch Examples

Everything your podcast needs in one complete package.

If you’re going to launch a podcast, you’ll need more than just a microphone. Luckily, we’ve thought of that. Explore our professional podcast add-ons below to find which package is best for your podcast’s needs. We’ll fill in the blanks and help you every step of the way—All you’ll have to do is hit “record.”

Build a brand around your podcast through basic or custom artwork.

Set the tone for your podcast with basic or custom theme music.

Market your new podcast with an audio and video trailer episode.

Get your podcast listed on all major directories including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Get professionally recorded intros, outros, advertisements, narration, and more for your podcast.

Create a podcast website so your listeners can find out more about you and your podcast.

Powerful podcasts with amazing quality will often get overlooked because of this one, simple mistake—poor and ineffective artwork.

Make a lasting impression. Our team of creatives and designers will help develop an eye-catching design to attract your ideal listener.

The Berg Show artwork
TRC Energy Podcast artwork
Will It Stick Podcast artwork
Small Town Podcast artwork
The Highpoint Podcast artwork
Dr. Hallowell's Podcast artwork

You only have the first few seconds of your episode to make a good impression on a listener. Whether it’s an unforgettable theme song, intro, or background music, make it count. 

Our team of creative experts will help identify a music selection that will engage and draw listeners in.

An audio trailer is a commercial for your podcast that will entice your audience and persuade them to listen.

Our audio engineers will incorporate sound elements, design, and voiceover recordings to create momentum for your upcoming podcast.

Video trailers provide a visual aspect to your podcast. They are more effective than audio trailers and are easier to share across social media.

Increase your reach by sharing on YouTube, embed them on email newsletters, or website landing pages.

Resonate Hosting makes your podcast available on Google, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

Hosting Platform

Share your podcast with the world when you upload an episode with Resonate’s Hosting software. You can track analytics like your podcast’s growth, see how many people downloaded your podcast, manage your podcast ads, and more.

RSS Feed & Directory Submissions

An RSS feed is essentially a mini-website that functions as your podcast’s headquarters. Resonate creates your custom microsite for you so that your podcast is on all the podcast directories. 

You can insert voiceovers and narrations into your podcast’s intro, ads, story—even your dialogue!

With access to our extensive pool of experienced voiceover artists, you’ll be able to give your podcast that professional and polished sound.

Let your listeners learn more about you and your podcast with a podast website. Our web development team can create a basic website for your podcast, or a multi-page customized website. 

Launch your podcast with
the package that's right for you.

Still unsure which package is the best for your show? Schedule a commitment-free call with us today to discuss the vision for your ideal podcast. We’ll help you every step of the way to find a package that fits your podcast’s needs.

Basic launch package


Advanced launch package

Custom launch package

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