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Resonate Recordings is a podcast production company that partners with creatives, business owners, and enterprise companies to make podcasting easier. From content planning to episode launch, we help our clients reach their goals at every stage of their podcast journey.

At Resonate, the goal is simple: To elevate messages that matter through podcast production and content creation.

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The Job

Resonate is seeking an audio engineer to help our team deliver great podcasts to our clients. In this role, you will be working on podcasts submitted by Resonate’s podcasts. Your job will be to handle the editing, pacing, and direction provided by our clients.

Are you a good fit for this role? Are you…​

  • Strong editor: You have experience editing various types of audio content for podcasts. You feel comfortable removing obvious audio flaws without specific direction
  • Strong communicator: You are able to keep strong lines of communication open with team members
  • Professional: You’re comfortable being a representative of the organization that exudes confidence, experience, and polished professionalism to clients
  • Organized: You are able to keep multiple projects on track and on target without missing a beat

Why Resonate?​

  • 100% remote – work from anywhere. You’ll have a dedicated equipment budget to get you set up with whatever you may need
  • Asynchronous schedule – share your availability with us and we’ll send work your way that fits within your schedule

What’s Resonate's culture like?

Our culture gives a lot of freedom and flexibility that has been earned through years of strong independent and dependable work. This team is a “get shit done” kind of team. So much so that we redid our values recently to include it! We looked at our team and wrote down attributes that made up the individuals on our team so that our values actually reflected our culture. 


  • Ownership – We own our roles & we strive to see the big picture 
  • Balance & Flexibility – Family comes first, and we are flexible to changes 
  • Get shit done – We are efficient and accountable to getting our work done
  • No Jerks Allowed – We believe in showing kindness  
  • Together towards Greatness – We are a team on a mission towards growth


You will thrive here if you are kind, consistent, and willing to learn & grow with us.

Now What?

If you’re ready to join the creative team behind thirteen chart-topping podcasts, please submit your information by clicking the Apply button on this page. All additional questions can be sent via email to

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


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