Best Creative Podcasts

Best Creative Podcasts

5 Best Creative Podcasts for Writers, Producers, & Creators of All Kinds

09.09.19 | Podcasting | By: Colby Schemm

“And art exists that one may recover the sensation of life; it exists to make one feel things, to make the stone stony. The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known. ”

Viktor Shklovsky

My best friend sent me that quote this week and it reminded me of the importance of art. As a creative, it’s easy to be so focused on our work that we forget why we got into our craft in the first place. When we disconnect from our purpose, we lose touch with that core motivator that will get us through the uninspiring moments of our creative endeavors.

On top of that, we face what Steven Pressfield calls “the resistance,” that voice or force within us that tries to tell us we aren’t good enough to be creative. One of the best ways to overcome the resistance is to learn how you are inspired and create a routine that regularly fills up your creative tank so that you can get back to your desk and put in the work that leads to success.

Here are five of the best podcasts on creativity that will plug you into the digital community of creatives. I really hope that something on this list inspires you.

5 Best Creative Podcasts

  1. Creative Pep Talk
  2. 99% Invisible
  3. CreativeMornings Podcast
  4. The Moment
  5. Creative Honey

1. Creative Pep Talk 

Starter Episode: 4 Creative Career Lessons that Changed My Life (The Creative Career Path Series Pt 1)

Hosted by the charismatic Andy J. Pizza, Creative Pep Talk is a show that aspired to help you build a thriving creative career. Don’t let Andy’s light-hearted and mystical vibe fool you, this show means business. Andy is serious about giving you the good stuff. He doesn’t hold back the real tactics that have grown his podcast and illustration career, but instead regularly opens up about the concrete steps that he took to get to the current level he’s on. 

I recommended this starter episode above because it is the start of a multi-part series on the “Creative Career Path.” This series is an excellent place to dive right into Andy’s advice on how to organize, plan, and execute your creativity in a way that will be both artistically fulfilling and financially successful. 

2. 99% Invisible

Starter Episode: Classic Cartoon Sound Effects

99% Invisible is a podcast that talks about the way that design affects every aspect of our lives, especially the ones we don’t think about. According to their website, they have over 250 million downloads! This show can provide refreshing inspiration as it looks into tons of niches and specific crafts that individuals have devoted their lives to mastering. In fact, this podcast is probably less for designers and more for the general public. So if you don’t do design, don’t run – this show might be just the inspiration for you!

3. CreativeMornings Podcast

Starter Episode: Tiffany Pratt 

“CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community.” 

The CreativeMornings Podcast brings you intimate and meaningful conversations with creatives from all walks at life. As they state in the CreativeMornings Manifesto, they believe that every single person is creative, and all people are welcome. Scroll through the thirty-six episodes of this show and you’ll find lessons from designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, filmmakers, social workers, and more. Listen to stories of people who are pursuing meaningful work and creating things to make the world a better place on this show! 

The CreativeMornings community here in Louisville is thriving! They have a monthly meeting at different locations throughout the city where creatives and professionals from all walks of life can network, get inspired, and learn from seasoned professionals from all over the world! In fact, our team plans to attend the event this Friday, September 13th, to connect to the creatives in our community, get re-inspired, and enjoy some coffee and donuts! If you live in Louisville don’t forget to register for the event here when tickets go live today!

4. The Moment 

Starter Episode: Seth Godin 1/1/19

Brian Koppelmann is most widely known for co-writing Ocean’s Thirteen and executive producing the show Billions. As the host of The Moment podcast, Brian brings you interviews from behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. He interviews hugely successful creatives, chefs, thinkers, and leaders from all walks of life. Each episode you will be inspired, entertained, and challenged. 

5. Creative Honey 

Starter Episode: Design Thinking

Creative Honey is a design-forward podcast, but it’s so much more than that. In fact, in the starter episode above, they talk about how they want to talk about things that are “useful for all fields.” Whether you are a designer, filmmaker, photographer, or producer in any craft you can get inspired to create and reconnect with the purpose of your disciplines. Learn about things like Creative Burnout, imposter syndrome, and interviews with creators and in all different fields. 

Stay Inspired 

I hope one of these podcasts works to inspire you and fill up your creative tank. This is a very short list and deserves to be expanded in the future, but I hope this provides a place for you to start! Sometimes we need to take a walk, take a break from our work, and listen to a podcast to get reinspired. So much of creative work happens in isolation, so it’s crucial to connect to the community, even if it’s just the digital community of podcasts. Wherever you are in your creative process, keep going!  


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By: Colby Schemm

As a Content Specialist at Resonate Recordings, Colby creates & curates content on social media, & consults with clients to improve their podcast marketing strategies. Colby is from Roanoke, VA & now lives in Louisville, KY.