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9 Personal Finance Podcasts to Grow Your Wealth

08.15.19 | Podcasting | By: Colby Schemm

Whether you’re deep in student loan debt, looking to take a step up in your financial life and career, or are independently wealthy, we’re all looking to grow and become wiser about how we manage our personal finances. We’ve compiled this list to try and span a wide range of financial situations and aspirations. You’ll find a short summary of the show and a great starter episode listed for each show. 

1. You Need A Budget (YNAB)

YNAB, which is a popular money budgeting app (I use it myself and love it), was created by Jesse Mecham, who hosts this show. They drop an episode each week and try to help you “beat the paycheck to paycheck cycle.” They teach a simple four-step process to getting your financial life in order, including (1) Give every dollar a job, (2) embrace your true expenses, (3) roll with the punches, and (4) age your money. 

As a bonus suggestion, listen to Brett McKay’s (host of the Art of Manliness Podcast) interview with Jesse here: Budgeting Doesn’t Have to Suck! This interview was the reason I first heard about the YNAB app and I recommend this episode to anyone who has a bad relationship with the word “budget” like I used to. 

Starter Episode: Budgeting is Spending

2. The Dave Ramsey Show 

“Where debt is dumb, cash is king, and the paid-off home mortgage has taken the place of the BMW as the status symbol of choice.” Host Dave Ramsey is famously known for his often abrasive approach to calling out people’s bad decisions in finance, as well as life in general. He provides a clear strategy to get out of debt and grow your wealth and offers a full curriculum, several books, countless hours of YouTube videos giving advice to his real-world audience, and more. This show has been around for a really long time and offers the entertainment of hearing wild stories of debt, sacrifice, and financial growth alongside Dave’s always practical and actionable advice. 

Starter Episode: How to Budget on an Irregular Income

3. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi is a podcast for highly motivated people looking to grow their wealth through learning. With nearly 1,000 episodes, Farnoosh provides wisdom for investing and retirement planning. On her bonus episodes (see below), she interviews with financial planners from Charles Schwab to bring you a professional perspective on personal finance. 

Starter Episode: Bonus Ask Farnoosh: How to pay off debt while saving and paying bills?

4. WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women 

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women helps “women empower themselves financially.” Through interviews with some of the most successful businesswomen, this podcast takes you behind the scenes on how they built their careers and achieved their financial goals, and how you can too. The show averages about 20 minutes per episode and provides a great mid-length show that is easily consumable in a commute or workout. 

Starter Episode: Top Money Tips For 2019 From Five Financial Experts

5. Smart Passive Income

Boosting your income is one of the most powerful ways to grow your wealth. It sounds obvious, but the host of this show, Pat Flynn, wants to show a more unique path to boosting your income that doesn’t involve merely asking your boss for a raise. But this isn’t your basic show about starting an online business. Patt frequently dispels the myth that “passive income” is easy to earn. He does not promote a lazy pursuit of passive income, but rather teaches that passive income is earned through hard work and sacrifice on the front end of a project that will provide a solid ROI over time. This show is a must-listen for anyone who wants to grow an online business or any form of passive income. 

Starter Episode: Six-Figures in an Obscure Niche with Cassidy Tuttle

6. WSJ Your Money Briefing

WSJ Your Money Briefing is a short and highly professional podcast that discusses the state of the economy and a bigger picture of the world of finance. This show provides money headlines, interviews with economists and other financial professionals, and provides a much larger picture of markets and economies. This is a great show for short commutes to work, providing you with an 8-10 minute summary of breaking news in the economy and engaging interviews with professionals. 

Starter Episode: Why You Should Consider a ‘Solo 401(k)’ 

7. Money For the Rest of Us 

Money For the Rest of Us is hosted by J. David Stein, a former Chief Investment Strategist and money manager. This podcast provides education in many facets of both personal finance and larger economic principles at play in the world. He seeks to teach you about “money, how it works, how to invest it, and how to live without worrying about it.”

Starter Episode: How To Become Wealthy

8. Money Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life

Money Girl, hosted by Laura Adams, has been around since 2008. Money Girl provides clear and actionable advice on those elements of personal finance that often trip people up: Roth IRAs, taxes, long-term financial planning, investing, building your income, and much more. 

Starter Episode: 10 Horrible Habits That Keep You from Growing Rich

9. Listen Money Matters 

LMM is not a traditional podcast about money. They boast that “this is not your father’s boring finance shows.” This show is high-energy, positive, and actionable. If you’re looking to cut through the confusion of how to develop a robust financial life in a more engaging and relaxed environment, then you need to check out this show! They cover a wide range of topics regarding to personal finance, from investing and budgeting to the FIRE movement and money psychology. 

Great Starter Episode: The Real Difference Between a Rich Mindset vs a Poor Mindset


So there you have it, nine finance podcasts to help you get out of debt, strategize for the future, and pursue financial peace. I hope that this list helps set you on the path to maximizing your resources and being wise with every dollar! Get new podcast suggestions each week by following us on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter today!

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