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10 FAQ’s (and Answers) From New Podcasters

10 Questions and Answers About Launching a New Podcast

06.17.19 | Podcasting | By: Rachel Wortham

There’s no such thing as a dumb question. And some questions seem to come up a lot for all new podcasters. Most of our clients have never had a podcast before and although it is really exciting, it can also be an intimidating process to start.

As Resonate Recording’s New Client Coordinator, I have the opportunity to speak with brand new podcasters on a daily basis. I have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from those starting a podcast from the very beginning.

1. What is an intro/outro?

The Intro: Most podcasts have a piece of audio where a voice is introducing listeners to the host, explaining the theme of their podcast, and letting them know what to expect on today’s episode.

Some podcasts have an intro that they reuse throughout all of their episodes.

Some podcasts have this reusable intro as well as an episode-specific intro.

The Outro: The outro is a way the host can sign off consistently. Again, there can be a reusable outro, an episode-specific outro, or both! The outro usually includes a point of action for the listener. You can ask your listeners to rate and review your podcast, let them know the name of your website, reference you social media links and thank them for listening.

The intro and/or outro is often recorded by a different voice introducing the host(s). If your podcast is more informal, the host can record the intro themselves and then flow into the episode. For more corporate/professional podcasts, another voice is typically used to introduce the host(s) and close out the episode. Both options can work depending on the style of your podcast.

The intro/outro is typically mixed with the music the podcaster chooses.

2.What type of music should I use in my podcast?

Most podcasts incorporate music at the beginning and end of their podcast playing underneath the intro/outro voice recording.

It is important to obtain rights for the music you are using.

Depending on what level of service you may use at Resonate Recordings- we can add music at the beginning and end and/or throughout the entire show!

We recommend using music without lyrics. Having lyrics in the music can be distracting especially when mixed with the intro/outro recording. You could choose any type of music genre. There is no right or wrong style as long as it matches the tone of the podcast. Do you want something professional and upbeat? Or funky and unique? All are possibilities!

You can get music in your podcast as an a la carte option or in one of our launch packages.

3.What is a podcast trailer?

A trailer for your podcast is similar to a movie or TV trailer. It gives a glimpse into your podcast and is a great asset to use for a successful launch.

Check out this trailer!

There are different strategies to make a trailer. Most of them are fairly short and around 2-3 minutes to hold your listeners’ attention.

You can record your trailer in one take OR you can incorporate clips from other episodes to provide specific sound bites listeners will expect to hear down the road.

We recommend the trailer being the first piece of audio that goes out to your listeners. It can be used as a great marketing tool to share on social media before the rest of your episodes are released.

An Enhanced Trailer is included in our Plus Launch Package and Custom Launch Package.

4.What type of artwork should I use for my podcast cover art?

Once you have your artwork in place, it all starts to feel like you have a real podcast! This article helps give insight into what makes great podcast art along with recommended specs.

I encourage new podcasters to take a minute and scroll through their favorite directory page (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn etc.) to get a feel for what inspires them.

There is no 100% right way to do this-  but some artwork can look messy or hard to read.

We always encourage simple designs, easy to read fonts, and high resolution photos (if applicable) to make sure your podcast can be seen in the small thumbnail.

5. What is a hosting site?

You probably are not as familiar with what a hosting site if you are just starting your podcast. This is a very important and crucial step to get your podcast live and available on the various directories. (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc.)

Check out these 5 hosting platforms to see which is the best fit for your podcast!

One of the uses of the hosting platform, is that it produces the RSS Feed. This RSS Feed is the code we need to send to the directories. Once you are set up on a hosting site and the different directories, they work together to release your episodes in a timely manner.

The hosting site is also where you are purchasing storage for your podcast. Although people don’t typically find podcasts on this type of sites- they can! The hosting site is yet another place for your podcast to be available for your listeners.

The hosting site is also the platform that produces the embed code/embed player that can be placed on your website. There is a different embed code specific to each episode.

6. What is a directory?

As mentioned above, some of the popular directories include Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and TuneIn. Others include Spotify, iHeartRadio and many more.

The directory is the main place that your listeners will access your podcast.

Tip- It can take some directories about a week for them to approve your podcast. It is always best to plan ahead for this! There is no way to predict the exact date your podcast will be live on all of the directories.

7. Where will my podcast be live?

Your podcast will be live on the hosting site, the directories, and your website.

8. How do I get my podcast to link with my website?

Many podcasters already have a website. One option is to have a Podcast page on your existing website.

Another option is to create a website landing page specifically for your website.

Once your first episode is published on the hosting site, the embed code will be available. The embed code is then placed on your website to populate the player for each episode.

9. How do I start marketing my podcast?

Marketing can come in all shapes and sizes depending on your budget.

A general Marketing Plan would consist of the following:

  • After music and artwork is finalized, work on the content for your episodes.
  • Once a few episodes are completed, use quotes from those episodes to create the trailer episode.
  • Upload the trailer episode to the hosting site and get the embed code.
  • Use the embed code on your website.
  • Share your website link on your social media accounts so listeners can hear your trailer.
  • Based on your timeline, decide when it is best to launch the rest of your episodes.
  • Consider an audiogram (an interactive post) for your trailer and future episodes.
  • Write show notes for your episodes.
  • Release your episodes!

A more advanced option would be cross-promoting your podcast with other podcasters. Could you help someone else gain more listeners and vice versa?

10. How many episodes should I have before launching my podcast?

Every podcast is different and your podcast’s launch strategy should be tailored to you!

Decide what your priorities are. Is it more important to you that your podcast is available ASAP for listeners? Or is it more important for you to have episodes compiled before you launch so you are less stressed to create content?

We recommend having at least 3 episodes completed before launching. This will allow you to have enough content for your trailer, and gives you some buffer time to record more episodes.

Depending on your launch strategy, we can help create a timeline that best fits your needs.
Need help on any of these aspects for your podcast? Give us a call!


Whether you have a full-on production team like This American Life or if you are just starting out, I hope this provides some resources for your vision.

Resonate Recordings is a comprehensive podcast production company. Headquartered in Derby City–Louisville, Kentucky–we are committed to developing partnerships with our clients, not just performing transactions. Since 2014 it’s been our mission to make podcasting easy for businesses, brands, entrepreneurs, and individuals. We do this by providing support with podcast launch, podcast consulting, podcast editing, podcast production, and other creative podcasting services. If you have questions or are looking to start a podcast, our in-house team is available and ready to help! We would love to schedule a call with you and learn more about your podcast needs and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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By: Rachel Wortham

Rachel earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in with an emphasis in Marketing from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. As the New Client Coordinator, Rachel leads the onboarding process, helps facilitate successful podcast launches and provides a seamless transition into Resonates’ various podcast services.