Best Music Podcasts

4 Inspiring Music Podcasts for Creatives

05.13.19 | Podcasting | By: Colby Schemm

Best Music Podcasts

If you’re a musician, or simply a super-fan of music, then this list of podcasts is for you. Our list of the 4 best music podcasts will get you access to the most exclusive interviews, detailed stories and information about everything that goes into creating the music you love. If you’re a musician,

Switched on Pop

Best Music Podcasts

Switched on Pop is a gripping conversational podcast about the intricate details of music. If you’ve ever wondered why a song makes you feel the way it does, you need to listen to musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter/producer Charlie Harding chop it up about the science and reason behind today’s top hits. My current favorite episode of Switched on Pop is “How Streaming Changed the Sound of Pop.”

Whether you are an audio engineer or a casual music fan you will find something interesting and exciting in Switched On Pop. Follow your musical curiosity and check it out today.

Song Exploder

Best Music Podcasts

Song Exploder is a podcast that interviews artists to get the exclusive story behind their explosively popular songs. If you’re a sucker for behind-the-scenes content like I am, then you will love hearing outtakes, demos, scratch vocals, and unreleased concepts from your favorite artists. Song Exploder takes you beneath the surface of the polished song, revealing the struggle and hundreds of hours of revision and editing that goes into making a hit. Then after journeying with the artist through their creative process, each episode ends by playing the full length of the specific song of the day.

If you love music, this podcast will not disappoint. Check it out today!

The Rewind

Best Music Podcasts

The Rewind, from NPR, is hosted by Guy Raz, who also hosts How I Built This. Guy’s genuine curiosity and kindness brings out the best in his guests (Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth, Shawn Mendes). He shines a light on the years of hard work and sacrifice between every artists rise to success and fame, and has artists of all different sizes of platform on the show.

This show, which was created in partnership with Spotify and Built-It Productions, and is exclusively available on Spotify. But if you love music you probably already have a Spotify Premium account, so go Check it out today!

All Songs Considered

Best Music Podcasts

All Songs Considered, also from NPR, is hosted by Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton, who are your “friendly music buddies.” Every week they share their favorite music from the past week, and have an engaging conversation.

Check it out today!

Podcasts for Music Creators

If you’re a songwriter, singer, music producer, engineer, or really passionate musician, then you can find something more specific to your craft in the recommendation list below. Listening to Podcasts is a wonderful to refuel your creative tank before you start creating. We hope you find something refreshing and clarifying for your creative journey below.


Washed Up Emo

The Soul Surplus Podcast

Creative Pep Talk

The Attack and Release Show


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