6 Podcast News Updates for 2019

6 Key Events in the Podcast Industry for 2019

04.04.19 | Podcasting | By: Jon Street

It’s amazing to stop and think about where podcasting has come over the last decade. The Resonate team is faced with this reality basically every day since podcasts are literally our lives. But it’s equally as amazing to think about where it could be a decade from now. The podcast news shows that this thing is continuing to gain tremendous traction and build momentum. It’s going somewhere and taking (a growing number of) millions of people with it across the globe. As podcasting continues to grow in its impact and reach, it’s also growing in its development both as a legitimate business and as a real contender as a medium for reliable, go-to broadcasting. Every year it seems like the industry is changing in leaps and bounds and big things are happening. As we kick off Q2 of 2019, let’s take a look at what many people anticipate will be industry-leading changes that will happen as well as what has already happened as we close out the rest of this year.

Trends we’re expecting

While a lot is expected to happen in podcasting throughout 2019, some big events have already been documented and have been clearly anticipated…while there will no doubt also be some equally big surprises. Here are 3 big trends that many anticipate (our team included) will unfold in the months ahead.

Podcasting will continue to become the norm

What may have started as a platform for personal passion projects or just an entrepreneur’s soapbox is now evolving into a cohesive and respected marketing platform for large corporations. Even at Resonate we’ve seen a dramatic spike in interest from the Fortune 100 companies this last year as more and more brands look to branded podcasts as a way of getting their message out. But businesses aside, 2019 seems to be the year where more and more people in general will jump on the bandwagon of podcasting and we will see its popularity continue to grow in leaps and bounds, like never before.

The playing field will become more level

Historically, Apple has had the lion’s share of the podcasting world. I mean, let’s be honest. It’s called podcasting (at least in part) thanks to the iPod…But as Apple has had its day (for a good, long time) as the king of podcastdom, the tides seem to be a-changing. With other players like Spotify, Google Podcasts and now Pandora starting to pick up expanding pieces of the pie, it seems like 2019 will be (in many ways) a year of equalizing for the industry. And be on the lookout for other contenders to come out from the woodwork as more people look for ways to get more involved in podcasting.

People will start to pay

Historically, one of the appeals to podcasting as a consumer is that in a world of subscriptions and a la carte services galore, podcasting has maintained itself as an accessible medium for people to binge their favored content. And typically for free. While this will no doubt continue to be the case, there is a shift taking place. With companies like Luminary stepping into the space with the intent of becoming “the Netflix of podcasting”, we will no doubt start seeing premium content and ad-free streaming, but at a cost. Truth be told, if people weren’t willing to pay, brands wouldn’t see the value of making the shift. But with all the statistics out there, there’s no doubt that people will crack open their wallets to pay.

Podcasting News | Things we’re seeing

While there is every reason to believe all of these things will come to fruition, there are also some major things we’re seeing that are already taking place. Here are 3 big happenings that we are already seeing move into the limelight as 2019 keeps on trucking.

Google rolls out automated transcription

It’s been well-documented that podcasts are highly dependant on SEO for searchability and gaining momentum and traction. This is why things like transcription and show notes are gaining popularity in podcasting. They offer listeners something they can find value in while providing podcasters what they need to get in front of the people they’re trying to reach. In fact SEO is such a critical element that we’ve already dedicated some posts to this topic here and here. So because SEO is such a necessary part of a podcasts success it’s no wonder that Google is now unrolling transcription as part of their upcoming strategy for helping podcasters get the bang they are looking for. The name of the game for key players in the podcast world will be helping others in new and fresh ways. This is likely just the tip of the iceberg.

Spotify buys serious real estate

As I mentioned before, Apple Podcasts is now getting some serious pushback from others who are looking to elbow their way into the podcasting space in a much more tangible way. This is no more evident that in the recent acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor by Spotify. Because millions of people worldwide are tuning into podcasts, there is serious money in the streaming of podcasts, which is why brands like Spotify are wanting in on it. We shouldn’t be surprised if more movements like this take place in the months ahead and when others look for ways to get a seat at the podcast table.

Podcasting is becoming more inclusive

In 2019 the name of the game in almost everything is inclusivity and giving voice to all people, everywhere. Podcasting is no exception. We are already seeing that podcasting is becoming much more palatable and even much more laser-focused on under-represented people groups. Podcasting as a whole is becoming more intentional on catering to women and all ethnicities just to name a few. In fact brands like Google are strategically looking for ways to allow the world to hear from all types of people as, “The Google Podcasts creator program seeks to increase the diversity of voices in the industry globally and lower barriers to podcasting.” While this is just a major example, this will no doubt be the mounting trend in the months ahead.

Let’s Connect

There you have it. Six of the most anticipated and exciting changes we expect around the podcasting industry in 2019. But what about you? Do you have some additions to our list or have some feedback you’d like for us to hear? If you want to talk to our team to pick our brains on this idea, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to check out our site, drop us an email or set up a call with a team member. 

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