The Best Podcast Recording Equipment of 2019

3 Essentials to Have The Best Podcast Equipment Setup in 2019

02.28.19 | Recording Equipment | By: Jacob Bozarth

Best Podcast Recording Equipment of 2019One of the most important elements needed to get pristine audio quality is a good source. And getting a high-quality raw recording relies very heavily on the podcast recording equipment that you use. While there are many methods to improve your podcast sound quality without spending any money, some sonic problems can only be fixed with a better source captured by better equipment. While this list of podcast recording equipment is not comprehensive, it will show you what you need to get a podcast off the ground in 2019, or how to take your existing show to the next level.  

Key elements for the best podcast recording equipment setup of 2019

  1. MicrophoneAccessories
  2. Handheld Recorder
  3. Headphones

1. Microphone & Accessories

Podcast Recording Equipment

If you’re recording a podcast the very first thing you need, aside from some content, is a microphone. The good news of living in 2019 is that you can record an extremely high-quality podcast with a mic that costs less than $100! Of course, if you want to spend a little extra to get an even better sound that’s an option too. There really is an option for every budget! Here are three of our favorite microphones for recording a podcast.

Audio-Technica ATR 2100 – $69 (Works as both USB or XLR microphone – a GREAT mic for the price and a very popular USB microphone for podcasting)

ElectroVoice RE-320 – $295 (Broadcast standard mic and one of our favorites for podcasting. If you are recording an in-person interview, this is our mic of choice)

Lauten Audio LS-208– $599 (Lauten Audio has some amazing microphones. This front-address, large diaphragm, high dynamic range, condenser microphone for broadcast will not disappoint. We recently purchased one to use in our new vocal booth and it has quickly become our favorite microphone for podcast VO. You’ll

get a rich full sound with the benefits of noise cancelation with this mic being a front address mic. This is the only condenser mic we recommend in this post so keep in mind that you will need phantom power for this mic)

2. Handheld Recorder

Best Podcast Recording Equipment of 2019

While all of the items in this post work together, the handheld recorder is definitively the most important item. This item replaces the need to use a computer with a simple interface and knobs. These handheld recorders capture each microphone line you plug in onto separate tracks. Another thing we like about the Zoom H5 and H6 is that they are very easy to navigate and adjusting the gain is as simple as turning a knob.

Zoom H6 – $399 (This may be our favorite piece of podcast recording equipment and we constantly encourage podcasters to use it as a go-to recorder! 4 mic preamps, built in mic, and expandable to an additional 2 inputs.)

Zoom H5  – $249 (2 mic preamps, built in mic, and expandable to an additional 2 inputs.)

3. Headphones

Podcast Recording Equipment

When you are tracking your podcast, it’s crucial that someone is designated to wear headphones and monitor the audio being recoded at all times. Here are a few pairs of closed back headphones we recommend.

Audio-Technica ATH M40X – $99 (Great sounding, affordable, closed back headphones. Audio-Technica has line of affordable closed back headphones you can check out.)

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro – $179 (These headphones are comfortable and they sound great, what more can you ask for! If you are recording or editing a podcast, these are our favorite closed back headphones at this price point. For many of our audio engineers and podcast editors these are the headphones they go to.)

Have some equipment that you would add to our introductory list? Send it our way! Additionally,  If you have any questions or want a personalized equipment consultation with us, send us an email or schedule a call today!

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