Press Release

Resonate Recordings Client Portal

09.05.18 | Press Release | By: Resonate Recordings

The Resonate Recordings team prides itself on leading the industry through our overall approach to podcast production services. Our commitment is to provide the highest possible quality of editing, mixing, mastering, and overall production of podcast episodes for our clients because we know that in podcasting the dialogue needs to shine. Our goal in everything we do is to make podcasting easy. We recognize that your podcast is your way to get your message out for the world to hear. To be heard most efficiently and effectively, the audio needs to be the highest quality and the post production needs to be stellar. Our business model is simple: grow our team with professionally trained in-house audio engineers who are experts in their fields and who will give your episodes the time and attention they deserve. The Resonate family sees the difference this professionalism makes, and our commitment to quality and excellence is just one of the things that sets our team apart. We also deeply value creating a user experience that our clients can love while developing processes that are simple and smooth. We know that many of the podcasters we partner with have other things that require their time and attention and that they have come to us for help in getting their episodes out efficiently and on time. The last thing they need is to have endless back-and-forth headaches with the production process. We recognize time is valuable and we are committed to making every possible effort to make our processes seamless. With this in mind we are proud to officially announce the rollout of the Resonate Recordings client portal!

Released in beta earlier this year, our team has been hard at work over the last year to develop an interface with the intention of improving our customer experience through creating a one-stop-shop for episode submissions, episode status and reviews, team commenting, updating episode balances and handling billing payments. We are proud to offer something different and unique to our clients, and we hope you find our new platform to be very user-friendly and an overall smoother process for the post-production process. If you’re not yet part of the Resonate family but are looking for a partner for your podcast that offers a simple, easy solution to making your podcasts great, we hope you’ll take a minute to review this brief video from our CEO on how to use our new client interface most effectively.

Some quick highlights of our portal are:

• Episode submission: Quickly submit each episode’s files, title and description to our team

• Episode review: Easily access your completed episode file and request revisions if needed

• Episode balance: Review your account’s current episode credits

• Episode payments: Purchase additional episode credits and change your level of service

Many of our clients using our portal are thrilled to no longer use a rather “clunky” Dropbox to exchange files with our team. Our client portal offers a level of security not available through any other file exchange platform, which is a concern to many of our clients whose podcasts contain sensitive information. It keeps your content secure and only available to you, your assigned users, and the Resonate team. With your client login you can also easily check the status of your episodes and share comments with our team as well as read feedback they have to offer you about your content, without the need to use multiple communication platforms. But file exchanges are only one part of the portal. Another element that sets us apart is we offer per-episode pricing to give you the freedom to release your episodes as often as it makes sense to you. We do not require you to commit to an overwhelming monthly pricing package or contract, only to lose your unused episode credits at the end of each month. Our client portal allows you to see the remaining balance available for you to use as well as purchase additional episode credits when the time is right. If you’re unsure of what Resonate service is best, our unique portal also allows you to try all of our different levels of services with the click of a mouse.

The Resonate team is committed to continuing to improve the way we serve and interact with our clients. We hope that features like our client portal, weekly email, and our resources page show the investment we are willing to make to see this vision through. If you’d like to give our new portal a spin, sign up for our services here. Also for a limited time, allow the Resonate team to work on your first episode for FREE! If you have any additional questions for our team, we would love to speak with you. You can schedule time with a Resonate team member here.