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10 Tips to Grow Your Podcast Audience in 2018

04.30.18 | Podcasting Basics | By: Vanessa Phearson & Resonate Recordings

Podcast MarketingIn 2018 we’re living in the golden age of podcasting. In many ways blogs have become old news as podcasts continue to skyrocket in popularity and the number of new podcasts started each week is steadily on the rise. Many believe that it’s the new medium for everyday people to share their stories, give their advice, and market their business. Its accessibility makes it increasingly popular. As we’re working our way through our Basics of Podcasting series, we wanted to take a pause to share some helpful advice on another practical point surrounding podcasting. While the content of your podcast is crucial, a fair argument could be made that podcast marketing can have just as much if not more, of an impact on the success of your podcast. A well-made podcast still has to have some strategic live to get it out in front of the eyes (and ears) of your future listeners.

10 Podcast Marketing Tips:

  1. Use keywords
  2. Don’t skimp on descriptions & show notes
  3. Submit to every listening directory
  4. Press releases:
  5. Be active on Apple Podcasts
  6. Interact on social media
  7. Don’t view other’s as competitors
  8. Make things fast and easy for others:
  9. Use hashtags
  10. Audio swaps and guest spots

It might come as a surprise that having a strong online following (say, 10K+ Twitter followers) doesn’t guarantee a substantial podcast following. It’s much easier to get someone to follow you on Instagram or Twitter than it is to actually get them to find and listen to  your podcast. We’ve encountered multiple people who have a ton of social media followers but are disgruntled because their podcast doesn’t seem to be gaining the traction they expected. What gives??

With this in mind we’ve collaborated with one of our clients, Vanessa Phearson of The Cleaning of John Doe  podcast to bring you 10 tips for successfully podcast marketing. Vanessa has had great success with her podcast as she’s specifically focused time and attention to the podcast marketing of aspects of her show. We hope you are able to glean some helpful direction from her. To build a listening audience, here are some practical, yet strategic things you can do to market your podcast and maximize your podcast following:podcast marketing

1. Use keywords:

This will help those searching for podcasts come across yours. As much as you want to be creative with your title and description, sometimes it’s best to keep it to the point. Think about what you would type into a google search if you were looking for a new podcast to listen to. An example of using keywords would be “The Cleaning of John Doe | True Crime.” You can also add multiple keywords to the description area of your show.

2. Don’t skimp on the description:

You don’t have to give away any spoilers when writing your description, but including some “juicy” details will draw in listeners. You don’t want people to pass up on listening to your podcast because you left out important information. Remember content is key! It is also important to use keywords, sometimes relevant links mentions in the show in the description or show notes for your episode. If you need help with show notes, the team at Resonate can help. 

3. Submit to every podcast directory:

The more places your show can be heard, the better. Google some well known podcasts and see which podcatchers they appear on, and be sure to submit to all the same places. You can also search “list of podcatchers” and you’ll find a number of them. Some examples are: castbox.fm, tunein.com, and podchaser.com. Make sure you also submit your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, and Stitcher.

4. Press releases:

Look for opportunities on DiscoverPods.com or reddit.com. When you see blogs or articles listing “Best Crime Podcasts”, “Best Comedy Podcasts”, “Best Business Podcasts“, etc. be sure to comment and commend the author for making the list and mention yours to them. You should also write to the author asking how you can get added to the list or possibly mentioned the next time around. Even if they are unable to help you out this time, networking is never a bad thing so keep in touch with them if possible. If you do get added to one of their lists, be sure to promote them! They’re always looking for more followers, just like you.

podcast marketing5. Be active on Apple Podcasts:

Find podcasts similar to yours and post reviews. Your username should be the name of your podcast. This will help you gain a little more exposure to those reading reviews. Something to remember is to always be kind. If you have constructive criticism it’s best to send it in a private message. An extra iTunes tip: From launch date, you have 8 weeks of eligibility to be on the top 100 New and Noteworthy list.  Though no one really knows the exact secret to getting on this list, there are a few things that can help your chances. You can release a minimum of 3 episodes on launch day and spend your first week reaching out to your audience and ask them to download all three episodes and leave a rating and review.

6. Interact on social media:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are all incredible tools for picking up listeners. It’s super easy to stay in touch with your listeners through social media. Be grateful for all of the followers/listeners that you have. Don’t stress if your numbers aren’t where you want them to be. Enjoy the journey and watching your podcast grow.

podcast marketing

7. Don’t view other’s as competitors:

It’s easy to fall into this but it’s important to separate yourself from it. View other podcasters as your equals or friends, not your competition. You all have something in common and similar goals. It’s important to lift each other up. If you show love, people will show you love back. As much as you want to promote your show, try recommending another podcast you enjoy or one similar to your own. You’d be surprised by how many people respect a selfless action from another podcaster. A great way to be helpful and supportive is by joining podcast groups on Facebook. It’s a good way to make friends, ask for advice and give advice as well. Some groups to join are “Podcasts We Listen to”, “Underdog Podcasts Community”, “Podcasters Support Group”, “Podcast Growth Mastermind”, etc.

8. Make things fast and easy:

Once you’ve joined some Facebook groups, ask the admin if you can introduce yourself and your show. If they allow it, put a link to your website or hosting site, as well as a link to iTunes. It’s important to make things as hassle free for your listeners as possible. Don’t make them search for you–give them a clickable link. 

podcast marketing

9. Use relevant hashtags:

There are so many hashtags that you can use on social media that will get your page viewers, which may lead to your podcast getting listeners. Many podcasters use #FF which stands for “Follow Friday.” List other podcasts and use the hashtag. It will get retweeted and you’ll find yourself on tons of lists linked to the hashtag. Other common hashtags are #PodernFamily and #PodcastShuffle.

10. Audio swaps and guest spots:

This is one of the best things you can do to grow your show. Reach out to fellow podcasters to see if they are willing to do an audio swap or be a guest on your show. An audio swap is when a 30-60 clip of your show is featured on theirs and vice versa. If someone plays your clip or you do a guest spot on their show, advertise that episode for them (and for you).

And last but certainly not least, don’t forget the people who help you: Always show love to fellow podcasters, listeners, editors/producers, music creators, etc. Give credit where credit is due. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope you are able to find a few takeaways that will help you focus your time and attention surrounding successfully podcast marketing. Vanessa’s success may not be your success but we strongly believe that by implementing some of these steps you too will be able to find some success in marketing your podcast. As always, if you’d like an additional resource for discussing podcast marketing strategies for your show, the Resonate team is just a click or call away. Make sure you check out our other resources here. Happy podcasting!

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podcast marketingGuest Author: Vanessa Phearson

Vanessa Phearson is the host of The Cleaning of John Doe podcast, a true crime podcast that takes you on a journey to the aftermath of some of the grisliest, most heartbreaking and most intense cleanups a crime scene cleaner can face. Vanessa has had great success with her podcast as she’s specifically focused time and attention to marketing her podcast.