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Podcast Services

Podcast Services


Sound Design
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Creating a successful podcast that resonates with your listeners is hard. And with so many moving parts between the creative and technical sides of a podcast, it can feel overwhelming. Our goal is to make podcasting easier by offering turnkey solutions for podcasters of all experience levels. We do this by offering various podcast services including podcast hosting, audio production, video production, launch, marketing, and producer services.

Starting a new podcast can require a lot of time and energy and it’s critical that you get all the elements of the launch just right! Our new podcast launch services provide you with everything needed to seamlessly launch a professional and successful podcast. 

Starting at $199

Our podcast production services are designed to meet all of your post-production audio needs so you are free to focus on creating the content for your podcast. The Resonate team is a professional, in-house collaboration of audio engineers that will ensure your message will clearly resonate with your listeners.

Starting At $59

Our enterprise podcast production services are designed to offer a turnkey solution to organizations of all sizes. Whether you want to grow awareness through a branded podcast or boost employee engagement through an internal podcast, we have solutions to help you through each step of the podcast creation process: from pre-production to distribution and everything in between. 

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 If you want to maximize the reach of your podcast, we recommend distributing it in both audio and video formats. Our video production services are designed to free you up to focus on the content and not worry about all the technical video work. Simply record your podcast, upload the video and audio to our team, and wait for us to send back a professional video.

Starting At $199

Many podcasters are able to easily develop the overall vision and episode content for their podcast, but may struggle to bring a cohesive concept to the creative and marketing elements. Our team can work with you to identify how to best use marketing assets such as show notes, transcriptions, audiograms, and social cards. 

Starting at $25

Our podcast producer services allow you access to an experienced and professional podcast producer. If you need help planning your season or general general feedback, we’ve got you covered. Our producer services can include episode reviews, content strategy, season planning, and even creating portions of your episodes.

Starting At $299

There are so many moving parts to running a podcast that it can be hard to know what where to even get started. We’ve written blogs on every part of the podcast production process to help make podcasting easier for you. Learn more about podcasting by reading some of these related resources below!