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Post Your Podcast to Libsyn With One Click

A Product Release Update for the Resonate Recordings Web App

08.22.19 | Product Release | By: Troy Harvey

Welcome to our first-ever Product Release blog post! As we continue to grow as a company, we are further developing our services as well as our tools. Right now, that specifically means developing and improving our web app.

If you’ve never used our web app before, let me break it down. The Resonate web app is your one-stop-shop for podcast production. Through the Resonate app, you can upload the RAW audio files for your podcast and download the final mixed and mastered episode of your podcast. More than that, the Resonate app gives you direct access to our team of professional audio engineers! They are all just a comment away to revise your episode. On the app, you can also buy more episode credits and add-ons like show notes, transcriptions, and audiograms. 

Now here’s a breakdown of the features our team released in the August release of the Resonate app.

One-Click Posting to Libsyn

We just rolled out a feature on our episode pages within the Resonate Recordings web app where you can directly publish the final master recording of your podcast to Libsyn with a single click. 

How to Set Up One-Click Posting to Libsyn:

  1. Open your latest podcast episode
  2. Follow the link to “show settings” to connect your podcast host
  3. Click on “Libsyn” to connect your account
  4. Log in to your Libsyn account and approve access for the Resonate app
  5. Post your episode with one click

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to set up the one-click posting today!

Confirm Payment Before Purchasing Add-Ons

We added a confirmation dialog when submitting an episode asking the client to accept the charges if they are rushing or purchasing add-ons.

Libsyn Integration

Purchasing Custom Service

At Resonate we believe in transparent payment. So you will always know what you will pay upfront. In order to further this effort of transparency of pricing, we have released a new feature on our website that allows you to purchase our Custom Service online without the assistance of a sales representative.

Libsyn Integration
Libsyn Integration

Clarifying Our Rush Fee Policy

This release also fixes a bug that allowed customers without a credit card to select rush dates from the drop-down. Now we disable rush dates unless there is a card on file. This prevents rushed episodes from not being fulfilled when a card is not on file.

We Need Your Help

Head over to the app to check out these new features and connect your Libsyn account if you are a Libsyn customer. At Resonate Recordings, we are continuing to improve our app every day – working toward our goal of making podcasting easy. But we can’t do it without your help. Please contact us with your feedback and ideas. We are always looking for ways to improve your workflow.

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By: Troy Harvey

Troy has over 15 years of experience in software engineering – leading teams, building web applications, and data pipelines. As a contractor, he built the first version of the Resonate App and as we grew he eventually decided to leave a Silicon Valley startup to join us full-time and build our dev team. Troy and his wife Abby live in Louisville, KY with their three children.