One-Click Posting to Buzzsprout

Post Your Podcast to Buzzsprout With One Click

A Product Release for the Resonate Recordings Web App

09.16.19| Product Release | By: Troy Harvey

One-Click Posting to Buzzsprout

We just rolled out a feature on our episode pages within the Resonate Recordings web app where you can directly publish the final master recording of your podcast to Buzzsprout with a single click. 

Please note, this feature is only for clients who already use Buzzsprout for hosting your podcast. We also have integrated with PodBean and Libsyn and have plans to integrate with all other major hosting platforms in the future. 

How to Set Up One-Click Posting to Buzzsprout:

  1. Log into your Buzzsprout account, or create a new account for free 
  2. Log in to the Resonate Recordings web app
  3. In the Resonate app, click on “show settings” 
  4. In Buzzsprout, click on “API” 
  5. Copy your API Token and paste into the Resonate app
  6. Copy your podcast ID and paste into the Resonate app
  7. In the Resonate app, Click “Update” and your account connected
  8. Return to the episode you want to post in the Resonate app 
  9. Post your episode to Buzzsprout with one click

Watch this tutorial video to learn how to set up the one-click posting today!

We Need Your Help

Head over to the app to check out these new features and connect your Buzzsprout account if you are a Buzzsprout customer. At Resonate Recordings, we are continuing to improve our app every day – working toward our goal of making podcasting easy. But we can’t do it without your help. Please contact us with your feedback and ideas. We are always looking for ways to improve your workflow.

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By: Troy Harvey

Troy has over 15 years of experience in software engineering – leading teams, building web applications, and data pipelines. As a contractor, he built the first version of the Resonate App and as we grew he eventually decided to leave a Silicon Valley startup to join us full-time and build our dev team. Troy and his wife Abby live in Louisville, KY with their three children.\