Podcast Production Services

We are here to serve you by making your post production process easier and sounding better than ever! If you’re looking for professional audio editing and production, then you’ve come to the right place. Our services are designed to meet all of your post production audio needs so you can focus on the things you enjoy. When you partner with us you can rest assured your podcast will be processed by our highly trained and experienced team of audio engineers.

Standard Signup
Premium Signup
Standard + Post Signup
Premium + Post Signup

Service Detail

Mix/Master Service (Standard)

  • Corrective equalization to ensure the recording sounds the best it possibly can
  • Dynamic balancing to ensure volume levels and ranges are balanced throughout
  • Background noise reduction to reduce any hisses, buzzes, or other distracting background noises that made it into the recording
  • Mixing in a pre recorded intro and outro*
  • Raising or lower the overall level in requirement with audio broadcast standards
  • Optimizing sound translation for playback on various playback systems
  • Converting recording to a high quality MP3 format to preserve quality and provide fast downloads for your listeners

*Submitted podcast episodes that have more than 5 RAW audio tracks (combination of mono and stereo tracks) are subject to a flat $75/hour rate.

Edit/Mix/Master (Premium)

    • All services listed under our Standard Package
    • Listening through the entire recording and creating a smooth flowing conversation so that edits are not noticeable
    • Editing out unwanted parts such as false starts, throat clearing, coughs, sneezes, long pauses, heavy breathing, um’s, ah’s, and other accidental sounds or mistakes that made it in the recording
    • Removing any dead space at beginning and end of the recording
    • Mixing in a pre recorded intro and outro
    • Adding pre recorded sponsored messages, shout-outs, commercials, or other sound design you desire
    • Mixing in pre recorded music or other sound effects to any part of the recording

*Any RAW podcast recording greater than 30 minutes is subject to an additional $45 charge for each additional 15 minutes of RAW audio (Premium Service Packages only). For example, if you submit 45 minutes of RAW audio your total price will be $99 (Premium Package) + $45 (15 minutes of additional RAW audio) for a total of $144.

New Show Launch Package


$1499one time setup fee
  • Media hosting and RSS feed configuration & setup
  • Submission to iTunes, Stitcher Radio, & other podcast directories
  • Podcast recording training & consulting video call
  • Podcast cover artwork creation
  • Intro/outro & ad music music creation
  • Intro/outro & ad voiceover recording
  • Premium + Post Services (4 Episodes)

Consulting & Other Services

In addition to our post production services, we offer individual consultations that can include but are not limited to the following topics:

Recording equipment selection

We will walk you through different options for equipment packages including hardware and software choices to help you get started with your recording.

Optimizing recording setups

Once you’ve decided on a particular equipment package, we will walk you through how to setup and optimize your equipment to help you best capture your audio.

Starting a Podcast

We will walk through everything you need to get started. We will also setup your hosting and RSS feed and submit your show to iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

New to podcasting? We provide a consultation to help you get started & process your first episode for FREE!