Resonate Recordings iOS app

Podcast creator app for iPhone

Manage your podcast production on iPhone

Record, manage and distribute your podcast from one trusted app.

All-in-one podcast creator app

Track your podcast from recording to distribution

Manage your podcast production from start to finish on mobile to save time and stay connected to your production team. 

Comment & Track Production

Stay in sync with your team

Communicate through episode comments

Talk directly to your team by dropping a comment on your episodes in production. 

Stay on schedule by checking your episode status

Your episode status tells you what stage of production the podcast is in, from submission all the way to publishing. 

Remote Recorder 

Record long-distance podcast interviews on iPhone

Record up to 10 participants 

Fire up a recording session in the Resonate web app and send a link to your guests to start recording through their iPhone. 

Capture separate audio tracks
for each guest for optimal quality

Clear audio is critical for a professional podcast. Resonate captures everyone’s audio locally then uploads each track for more control in editing. 


An easier way to manage
your podcast production

Record remote interviews

 Record long-distance interviews with up to 10 participants

Podcast anywhere

Podcast in the car, at the park, or at the airport

Comment in the app

Quickly respond to your production team

Distribute episodes

Approve your master episode for posting on Spotify, Apple, etc

Experience Dark mode

Experience podcasting through a beautiful dark mode

Keep your team in sync

Automatically syncs all changes from iOS to web app

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Resonate iOS app 

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