Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals for podcasters

Get free podcast equipment and a $400 Amazon gift card* when you buy podcast production credits Nov. 25-28

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Posted November 14, 2022

/ Isabella Maxey

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Get free podcasting gear from Focusrite when you buy episode credits during Resonate’s Black Friday Weekend sale.

There’s no better way to start off the new year than with new podcasting gear.

Promotion from Focusrite and Resonate Recordings

If you’re trying to get your podcast to the top of the charts in 2023, you’re going to need chart-topping production. 

Lucky for you, we’re offering free podcast credits for every six you buy. Don’t need the free credits? No problem. You can also choose to receive a free Vocaster One or Vocaster Two Studio from audio gear manufacturer Focusrite and an Amazon gift card up to $400 in value.

See the full breakdown below and get your new set-up for the new year. 

What you get

  • Buy 6+ Premium or Enhanced episode credits = 1 free episode credit OR Vocaster One & $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buy 6+ Custom episode credits = 1 free episode credit OR Vocaster One & $200 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buy 6+ Enterprise episode credits = 1 free episode credit OR Vocaster One & $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buy 12+ Premium or Enhanced episode credits = 3 free episode credits OR Vocaster Two Studio & $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buy 12+ Enterprise episode credits = 3 free episode credits OR Vocaster Two Studio & $200 Amazon Gift Card
  • Buy 12+ Custom episode credits = 3 free episode credits OR Vocaster Two & $400 Amazon Gift Card

How do episode credits work?  

Buy episode credits to edit your podcast.

Think of an episode credit as a token you would buy at an arcade. You can buy tokens and cash them in when you want to play the games and win prizes. At Resonate, you can buy an episode credit and use it when you want an episode professionally mixed and mastered by Resonate audio engineers.

It’s simple: 1 credit = 1 podcast episode professionally mixed and mastered.

If you want your episode edited with our premium service level of production, you’d buy premium episode credits. If you want custom editing done on your podcast episode, you’d buy custom episode credits, and so on.

Learn more about the different levels of service you can purchase with our episode credits here. 

Episode credits never expire. So you can buy as many as you need for your podcast. 

And during our Black Friday Special, you’ll receive free episode credits when you buy episode credits in bulk. 

What is the Vocaster?

Image from Focusrite

The Vocaster One and Vocaster Two Studio are the latest in cutting-edge audio interface technology for podcasters. The Vocaster One can capture incredible sound with enough gain for any XLR mic. Set levels, enhance your sound with one click, and record for hours without sacrificing quality audio. It’s a must-have for any podcaster at home, as it makes creating podcasts more easier than ever with Auto Gain, Enhance, the Easy Start tool and Focusrite’s award-winning support to get you recording straight away.

Just a handful of the features included in the Vocaster One
Vocaster Two Studio bundle on table with more products from Focusrite
Image from Focusrite

As far as the Vocaster Two Studio goes, the complex full-base audio setup can produce the broadcast sound your podcast deserves. It includes a microphone, headphones, interface and software. Get incredible sound with more than enough gain for any XLR mic – for you and a guest. Capture the conversation in the studio, over the phone or online. Set levels, enhance your sound with one click, and stand out with Vocaster Two in seconds. Get your podcast sounding pro with Auto Gain, Enhance, two mic and two headphone connectors, Bluetooth audio from your phone, and more. For more information on the Vocaster Two Studio, check out our full review of the product here.

What are you waiting for?

Don’t wait. Take advantage of this once-a-year sale while you can and set your podcast up for success in 2023.


Offer valid November 25-28, 2022. See terms and conditions below.

Terms and Conditions

  • All offers in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deal are valid from Friday, November 25 (5AM EST) – Monday, November 28 (11:59PM EST)
  • Amazon gift cards will be sent out (via email) within 5 business days after the conclusion of this sale. The value of the gift cards must correspond with the number of episode credits bought in one order, as detailed above.
  • Episode credit rewards do not apply to standard episode credits.
  • Receiving gear is contingent upon episode credits purchased. When you make your purchase of the qualifying credits, you will receive a confirmation email requesting details for which prize you would like to claim. If the email is not replied to or confirmed by the buyer within 30 days of purchase, the prize is considered revoked.
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