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GarageBand Podcast Tutorial

2018 GarageBand Tutorial for Podcasting

2018 GarageBand Podcast Tutorial Video 07.16.18 | Podcasting | By: Dayton Cole An Overview of Using GarageBand to Record Podcasts As podcasting continues to gain popularity in 2018, it is becoming...

Podcast Hosting Platforms

8 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 2018

8 Best Podcast Hosting Platforms 2018 An Overview and Review of the Best Hosting Platforms 07.09.18 | Podcasting Basics | By: Jon Street If you’ve ever gone through the steps to purchasing a home...

Podcast SEO

5 Podcast SEO Hacks 2018: Part II

Podcast SEO 2018: Part 2 How to Implement Podcast SEO in 2018 07.02.18 | Podcasting Basics | By: Jon Street As was mentioned in a previous article, if you’re a podcaster (or considering becoming...

Podcast Editing

Mish Pope, In Her Own Way

“Working with the crew at Resonate Recordings has been a dream. They have been incredibly easy & professional to work with. From the inception of my podcast, to now weekly production, the...

Podcast SEO

5 Best Podcast SEO Hacks 2018: Part I

Podcast SEO 2018: Part 1 The Value of SEO in Podcasting: What it is & Why it Matters in 2018 06.25.18 | Podcasting Basics | By: Jon Street If you’re a podcaster (or considering becoming one),...

podcast production

Alan Murphy, Barracks Stories

“I’ve had an idea of starting a podcast for quite some time, but I realized to take control of actually doing it I needed to remove all of my pain points & that included editing. The...

Podcast Editing

Tedra, We Get To Know

“With any new endeavor there are steps of trepidation as you get the hang of things. Finding Resonate Recordings to handle our podcast editing has been such a relief. They are so kind, efficient...

Podcast Editing

Melanie Kopeikin, Pro Beauty Talks

“Working with Resonate Recordings & the team has been instrumental to the successful launch & execution of our podcast. They are part of our team in every way, deliver on time every...

Podcast Editing

Eric Levai, Mueller Time

“When it comes to podcast editing & production, Resonate Recordings is the best in the business! I highly recommend them to anyone with a podcast or considering starting one.”

Podcast Production

Alex Grand, Comic Book Historians

“Resonate Recordings is my go to podcast editing company! They have an easy to use platform, great customer service & communication, & a very skilled ability to level out the volumes,...