Changes We Are Making

Changes to our Resources, Services, and Production

Changes We Are Making

April 2, 2020 | Jacob Bozarth

We are all living in a time of uncertainty that we will not soon forget. The current global events are something that will leave a lasting impact on our society. On behalf of everyone at Resonate Recordings I first want to say that our thoughts are with you and your loved ones. We hope and pray that you are staying safe and healthy as we navigate through this together. 

Additionally, I want to take a minute to remind everyone about how we’ve already been working through this unique time. We recently sent out an email overviewing the specifics of our initial response to COVID, but if you missed it, please refer to the accompanying blog we wrote as a refresher. As podcasting continues to become front and center as an effective communication solution, we want to make sure we’re leading our industry by helping even more people turn to podcasting. 

As we’ve reflected on the unfolding changes we’ve also taken time to consider additional measures we can take to help our customers and the broader podcasting community navigate the changes to the new normal. Here is an updated COVID plan that we are implementing that will enable us all to work through the unique changes we are facing.

Changes We’re Making


Resonate has always been a thought leader and voice of expertise in podcasting. As the globe embraces remote work, virtual meetings and transitions to doing day-to-day life with increasing reliance on technology, we want to help. Our team is working to provide resources for individuals, companies, universities, and religious institutions who need help answering their questions on how to adjust. Keep your eyes on our newly designed blog thread for these resources as they become available. Additionally, we are aiming to host an upcoming webinar to help people make the most out of these times through public and private podcasting. More on that soon.


In addition to creating these resources, our team is working to provide our production services to additional industries looking for communication solutions in light of the current social and professional restrictions. We are working to offer our services to universities, nonprofits and places of worship who need support with audio and video production and set them up for success through these big changes. 


As things have progressed we have evaluated some specific changes we are needing to make to our production process and services to help ensure we maintain our commitment to quality. With this in mind, here are some very important changes we are making regarding our services, which will also be amended in our Terms of Service:

Standard Pricing: Our Standard production service will be reduced to $39/episode (from $59/episode) until the impact of COVID has settled

Custom Pricing: Our Custom production services will be reduced to $75/hour (from $125/hour) until the impact of COVID has settled

Turnaround Time: While our normal turnaround time will remain, turnaround time on Premium and Enhanced episodes with RAW audio over 60 minutes will require 2 additional business days for processing. The normal overage rates will still apply.

Rush Requests: Rush Requests on Standard production will remain at $75/episode however there will be an increased rush fee on Premium, Enhanced and Enterprise episodes to $150/episode. All rush requests on episodes with RAW audio over 60 minutes will also require a $150 rush fee. Delivery of episodes with an overage fee that is provided sooner than the 2 additional business days will constitute a rush.

Revision Requests: Fees for revision requests are charged based on the number of minutes our team spends on the request. There will be no fee for the first 10 minutes spent on the first revision request for an episode. Any time spent on a revision request over 10 minutes or for any additional revision request submitted by client will be charged based on the number of minutes our team spends on the request. The rate will be $2.08/per minute ($125/per hour). Our average revision time is around 18 minutes per episode therefore the cost of the average revision request is around $16.16 (18 minutes x $2.02 = 36.36, minus $20.20 (10 minutes) equals $16.16). Exceptions to this fee will be edit or mixing issues that were clearly requested by Client at submission that Resonate overlooked or did not deliver.

What We're Asking


While we realize that some of the changes we are making will require additional production time and may cause some frustration, we ask that you bear with us as we try to make the most out of a unique season in our business. Please know that it is our aim to provide high-quality content to all of our clients as quickly as possible. 


We would value your feedback on everything. Feel free to reply to this email with your thoughts and concerns, or, reach out to your Client Coordinator. 


We realize that many of the items here may leave you with questions. Please reach out to our team with your questions so we can ensure your production continues as smoothly as possible. Please email your questions to your Client Coordinator or our team at

Jacob Bozarth

Jacob Bozarth

As President & CEO of Resonate Recordings, Jacob leads the team & oversees all sales & marketing initiatives. Jacob can be found recording, producing, & mixing podcasts when he is not spending time with his family. Jacob & his family live in Louisville, KY.

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