Jeremy (Woody) Woodring

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February 25, 2020 | Resonate Recordings

Jeremy's Role at Resonate

From an early age Jeremy was around music as a roadie for his Dad’s band. He grew up playing music and leading tech teams, and has over 10 years of experience in live and in-studio sound mixing and editing. Over the past several years, Jeremy has developed a passion for videography and photography, and has honed his skills. Jeremy currently lives in Louisville with his wife Sara and their dog Albert. Jeremy and Sara love board games, watching movies, and traveling.

Why Do You Care About Podcasts? What's Your Favorite One?

“I think podcasting is a creative way to tell meaningful stories that don’t need the multi-million dollar budget of a movie. Mike Rowe’s ‘The Way I Heard It.'”

What Do You Do For Fun?

“I love to travel. My wife and I try to go somewhere new every few months.”

What Is Your Favorite Movie?

Best Purchase of $100 or Less That Has Most Improved Your Life?

“I bought a used GoPro four years ago. That was the first purchase on my path to becoming a filmmaker.”

What’s a Fun Fact About You?

“I lost control of my vehicle and crashed into the fence at the airport. The chain-linked fence detached from its posts and I slid under it. I wound up on the inside of the fence. I was trapped on airport property. I couldn’t crash back through. I decided to drive around looking for help. The police stopped me. They didn’t believe my story. They pulled me out of my car. They gave me a breathalyzer. They searched my car with bomb-sniffing dogs because it was 2005 and I had a beard. They put me in the back of a cop car with my hands handcuffed behind me. I had to show them where the crash happened before they would let me go.”


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