How Do I Know if my Podcast is Successful

Introduction to Podcast Analytics

How Do I Know if My Podcast is Successful?

12.06.19 | FAQ Fridays | By: Resonate Recordings

Success is a highly subjective word in podcasting. But no matter how big or small your vision of success is, you want hard data to measure the impact of your podcast. That’s where podcast analytics can help! 

There are a number of sources for podcast analytics and statistics, including Apple Podcasts Connect, Spotify’s native analytics, analytics drawn by hosting platforms such as Libsyn and Podbean, and third-party platforms like Podtrac and Chartable. 

As the podcast industry continues to grow, new tools are constantly being developed to tap into the immense amount of data that is available in podcasting. 

Why do you need to track the impact of your show? 

  • See how many listeners you have to determine your potential for ad revenue  
  • Learn concrete details about who your listeners are to craft more impactful content 
  • Troubleshoot problem points in your content by identifying where listeners drop off

Analytics are a powerful tool to gain an objective perspective on how your show is performing. But it’s also important to remember that there are many non-tangible metrics of success like how your message is inspiring someone to change their life, helping them through a hard season, etc. 

As you review your podcasts analytics, remember to keep the main thing the main thing: crafting the best content for your listeners. If you serve your audience well the numbers will grow over time! 

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