2019 Black Friday Special

2019 Black Friday Special – Free Amazon Gift Card

Stock Up on Episode Credits for the New Year & Get Rewards!

11.22.19 | Special Deals | By: Jacob Bozarth

2019 Black Friday Special

Give the gift of podcasting! In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, Resonate is excited to offer an exclusive 2019 Black Friday Special!

From Monday, November 25 to Monday, December 2, you can get a free Amazon gift card (up to $400) when you buy episode credits at Resonate. 

How do episode credits work?  

It’s simple: you buy an episode credit at Resonate and use it when you upload a new episode of your podcast.

1 credit = 1 podcast episode.

We offer three main levels of service (Standard, Premium, & Enhanced), so you can buy the episode credit for the specific level of service that makes the most sense for your specific podcast.

Episode credits never expire. So you can buy as many as you need for your podcast. And next week, during our 2019 Black Friday Special, you’ll receive a free Amazon gift card if you buy episode credits in bulk.

Black Friday Special 

Planning your podcast out through 2020? Stock up on episode credits for your podcast and get a free Amazon gift card and some Resonate swag!

  • Buy 10 or more credits to receive a $50 Amazon gift card*
  • Buy 20 or more credits to receive a $100 Amazon gift card + Resonate Mug
  • Buy 40 or more credits to receive a $200 Amazon gift card + Resonate T-Shirt
  • Buy 80 or more credits to receive a $400 Amazon gift card + Resonate Hoodie

Bonus Discounts

In addition to receiving a free Amazon gift card and Resonate swag for this Black Friday Special, you’ll automatically be eligible for our standard bulk pricing discounts if you purchase more than 12 episode credits! 

  • 12 Episode Credits 5% Discount
  • 26 Episode Credits 10% Discount 
  • 52 Episode Credits 15% Discount

Mark Your Calendar

This limited-time offer runs from November 25 through December 2, so get ready to buy more episode credits next week and claim your free Amazon gift card!

We’ve never had an offer like this before, so don’t let this limited-time holiday special pass you by!

*Offer valid from November 25 through December 2 (11:59PM EST). Amazon gift cards will be sent out via email within 8 days of purchase. Resonate merch will be shipped within 30 days of purchase. This offer is only valid on new qualifying purchases and cannot be combined with our friends and partner deal.

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By: Jacob Bozarth

As President & CEO of Resonate Recordings, Jacob leads the team & oversees all sales & marketing initiatives. Jacob can be found recording, producing, & mixing podcasts when he is not spending time with his family. Jacob & his family live in Louisville, KY.