Meet Your Team Mondays

Meet Your Team Mondays – Troy Harvey

Get to Know Your Podcast Production Team

08.05.19 | Podcasting | By: Colby Schemm

Troy’s Role at Resonate

Welcome back to Meet Your Team Mondays, featuring our CTO, Troy Harvey!

Troy is from Mayfield, KY and now lives with his wife and three kids in Louisville, KY. Troy’s new role as Resonate’s Chief Technology Officer points toward a promising future of new developments that will continue to fulfill Resonate’s mission to make podcasting easier!

Why do you care about Podcasts? What’s your favorite one?

“I think I care about podcasts because I’m a curious person and I like learning from experts. I flipped through all the shows I listen to and it looks like Conversations with Tyler is my favorite because I’ve listened to every episode.”

What Do You Do For Fun?

“Abby and I love to travel. We have three kids and this year we’ve been working on a treehouse in the backyard.”

What Is Your Favorite Movie?

“2001 Space Odyssey. Last year I had a chance to watch the Christopher Nolan restoration of it at the Castro Theater in SF where a guy pops up out of the floor playing an organ before the movie!”

Best Purchase of $100 or Less That Has Most Improved Your Life?

“Toss up between electric kettle and Strava membership.”

What’s your favorite kitchen appliance?

“Baratza Encore coffee grinder.”

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Colby Schemm

By: Colby Schemm

As a Content Specialist at Resonate Recordings, Colby creates & curates content on social media, & consults with clients to improve their podcast marketing strategies. Colby is from Roanoke, VA & now lives in Louisville, KY.