Everything You Need to Know About Myspace’s 2019 Rebrand

Why Myspace is Ditching Social Media to Become a Podcast Directory

04.01.19 | Podcasting | By: Colby Schemm 

After 15 years of extensive research and analysis, myspace announced this morning that they are leaving the social media industry behind to become a Podcasting Directory (like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc).

 “Speaking with my lead data scientist, I realized that social media no longer is. It simply was. So we’re rebranding and ready for the future.” said Elon Musk, newly elected President of MySpace.

“Social media no longer is. It simply was.”

– Elon Musk, New President of myspace 

Under Musk’s new leadership, MySpace is developing an environmentally friendly podcasting experience. Through this program, every time you listen to 1 episode of an approved #Green podcast, 2 Tesla Trees are planted on Mars. 


To conclude, although we can’t really get your podcast distributed on myspace, we can professionally mix, master, and distribute your podcast to every single real directory available.

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By: Colby Schemm

As a Content Specialist at Resonate Recordings, Colby creates & curates content on social media, & consults with clients to improve their podcast marketing strategies. Colby is from Roanoke, VA & now lives in Louisville, KY.