Meet Your Team Mondays

Rachel’s Role at Resonate

Welcome back to Meet Your Team Mondays, featuring our New Client Coordinator Rachel!

Rachel earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in with an emphasis in Marketing from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. She has spent 5 years in fashion merchandising and now works in home staging and interior design. She has always loved creative writing and considers herself a podcast-junkie so teaming up with Resonate Recordings has been a perfect fit.

As the New Client Coordinator, Rachel leads the onboarding process and helps facilitate successful podcast launches and provide a seamless transition into Resonates’ various podcast services.

Why Do You Care About Podcasts?

“I love being able to get in my car and have entertainment that I soak up. I feel less guilty about it since I am driving somewhere rather than being entertained by TV when I am just sitting. I can also clean the house while listening to podcasts.”

What’s Your Favorite Podcast?

The RFK Tapes

What Do You Do For Fun?

“Play Settlers of Catan, watch Survivor, watch The Office, try out new restaurants in Louisville (favorite is Seviche!).”

Colby Schemm

By: Colby Schemm

As a Content Specialist at Resonate Recordings, Colby creates & curates content on social media, & consults with clients to improve their podcast marketing strategies. Colby is from Roanoke, VA & now lives in Louisville, KY..