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Podcasting Basics 2018

04.09.18 | Podcasting Basics | By: Jon Street

Podcasting BasicsIt is undeniable that as of 2018 podcasting has become overwhelmingly popular. It seems like every time you blink a new celebrity, life-coach or self-improvement guru is taking to the digital airwaves through podcasting. Not only that, but now the average Joe can also have an accessible medium for his friends, neighbors & co-workers to listen in on their rant about something (or, maybe, nothing at all). Let’s not forget to mention the increase in popularity with varying genres too. This isn’t just daily news or life coaching. It’s not just talk radio or sports. True crime, Comedy, and Storytelling shows have all skyrocketed in listenership in the recent years. We’d like to offer a podcasting basics overview for those of you who are new to the world of podcasting and for seasoned listeners and creators.

Originally called “Audioblogging”, what we now refer to as podcasting actually started as early as the 1980’s, though many reference an early 2000’s date as the timeframe of when it really took off in popularity. So ever since the rise of technology’s use in our daily lives, digital audio has been right there step-for-step. It’s no wonder then that when Apple’s iPod burst onto the scene, the digital audio world took notice. These previously somewhat obscure broadcast programs felt right at home on the newfound iPod & the “podcast” was born. Thanks to Apple’s iTunes & many other directory platforms, podcasts are now as accessible as any other digital media platform. With the tap of a thumb you can check your bank account, make a purchase or listen to your daily intake of digital-talks. Since everything is so accessible these days it’s no wonder that podcasting is a big part of life in the 22nd century.

Podcasting Basics 2018 – The Air We Breathe

For many people, podcasts are their life. At Resonate Recordings, podcasting is not only our life, it’s our livelihood. Every day the Resonate team wakes up with the sole purpose of helping our clients produce & release professional podcasts that share a message that’s important to our clients. And just by looking at diversity of our testimonials page, you can see that our clients are not all cut from the same cloth. Each one has a different message, but it’s something they believe in & want you to hear. And we want to stand behind them. We want to make sure our clients are well-equipped to make good podcasts. But we also want to make sure you as our reader or perhaps even a podcast listener, are informed to make great choices about your podcast ventures. With these goals in mind we are kicking off a 5 part blog series on the “Podcasting Basics”.

podcasting basics

Podcasting Basics 2018 – Questions

Ever since I can remember the basic questions I was taught to ask about anything were: who, what, where, when, why & how. The premise is simple: answer these & you’ll know pretty much everything about anything. So as a way of enabling you to make great choices about your podcasting recording, production or even just consumption, we want to empower you by answering these questions with you. We’ll cover why podcasting is so popular & necessary in today’s digital age. We’ll discuss who should consider podcasting as a creative or intentional outlet. We’ll talk about what the content of your podcast should be about & how to come up with the creative vision for it. Next we’ll review the where & how of podcasting, covering basics about the environment & equipment we’ve found most helpful to make a great sounding podcast. Lastly we’ll cover the practicals of when the best time to release your content might be.

Our aim is to give you a well-rounded approach to the podcasting basics to evaluate whether it might be something you should commit your time & attention to doing if you aren’t already. It’s also our hope that if you are currently podcasting, that you find something helpful in this series to enable your podcast to go to the next level.

podcasting basics

We hope you’ll join us next week as we kick off our series!

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